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  1. Here's mine, currently working on a second one! BCR themed Slaughtermaster:
  2. So it looks like I've neglected this hobby log for some time! Although I have still been working away on my Beastclaw Raiders and some Gutbusters allies/army of their own. Anyway, here's a big dump of pictures of the things I've been working on for the last year, just in time for the new Mawtribes battletome. Count as Frost Sabres: Actual Frost Sabres: Butcher with Cauldron conversion: Mournfang Riders: Huskard on Stonehorn: Huskard on Thundertusk: Hunters: Ogor Bulls:
  3. Big update on quite a few things. Firstly, I've got the Centigors sprayed and ready to paint. I'm really happy with how these have turned out, hoping that the paint scheme doesn't ruin them 😅 Secondly I was looking at the Marauders and it occured to me that, whilst the spears looked good, they didn't look like javelins. I remembered that there were javelins in the Sisters of the Thorn box that I had already used for the Centigors. I'm much happier with how they look now and their weapons are similar to the spears of the Centigors so it ties the force together better. Not sure what I'll put on the banner yet, any suggestions? Finally, I've been working on a Spawn/Doombull/not really sure but thought that it looked pretty neat.
  4. Thanks! I'm a bit stuck for what to do for Helstriders though as I've used all of the parts of the riders on other models I tried the wild riders but they didn't fit well on the mounts. I'm thinking maybe the snake bodies from DoK or using Seeker legs with Wild Rider torsos. I'll have to experiment...
  5. The lord is 90% finished, just a few gems and straps left to complete. Next on the block are the remaining 4 Marauders, then to finish the Centigors and finally onto the Deamons! Let me know what you think!
  6. Hi folks, I'm back, slightly late, for the new battletome but have been making good progress on a mixed force of deamons, mortals and beastmen. I've decided to start a new blog to document my progress as the last one ran in a different direction to where this army is currently and my plans going forward. The force as it stands consists of: Deamons - 60 Deamonettes (unpainted) 1 Infernal Enrapturess (unpainted) 1 Keeper of Secrets - Creature Caster (unpainted) 20 Seekers (unpainted) 2 Bladebringers/Chariots (unpainted - notice a theme?) 3 Fiends (unpainted) 1 Fane of Slaanesh (unpainted) 1 Viceleader? (painted! - needs rebasing) 10 Helstriders (unbuilt, reasons below) Mortals - 1 Chaos Lord on Mount (PiP, pictures below) 5 Chaos Warriors (painted, waiting on weapons) 5 Marauder Horsemen with Javelins (painted) Beatmen - 10 Centigors (5 built, 1 painted, 5 unbuilt) 1 Great Bray Shaman (unpainted) 1 Doombull (unbuilt) As you can see, it's quite the backlog! I'm currently in the process of finalising colour schemes and putting everything together. Anyway, enough rambling, pictures! Firstly, the Centigors which started the revamp: I used the torso's from the Helstrider kit with the mounts from the Wild Riders with a little bit of Milliput to smooth out the join. Going for a fairly simple colour scheme with these guys, I'm thinking of adding patterning to their bodies once I'm a little more confident in getting the scheme down. Then came the warriors, using a mix of Kairic Acolytes and Helstrider parts: The aim for this unit was to experiment with skin tones to create some variation in the force. I've tried to match the colour scheme with the rubble on the base, (the blues more blue, reds more pink etc.) I've decided that this will be a cavalry heavy mortal force (at least initially) but I thought that the marauders didn't really fit the aesthetic. After looking around I settled on the Warlocks from the DoK range. Just a head swap and hand change to the spear from the dark riders from the same box. Finally here's the Lord and Mount. The lord is a chimera of bits. Head and right shoulder are from the Helstriders, torso is Kairic Acolytes, shield is from Sigvald and the weapon and legs are from the Slaanesh Lord on Mount. The mount is pretty much finished, just needing a last few highlights. The lord is in the background of the shot and should hopefully be finished by tomorrow.
  7. Also completed the Mournfangs, there's just a little tidying up that I need to do before I consider them finished. I've also worked on a new rider for the Stonehorn, who is below Let me know what you all think!
  8. Took a few more days than I expected, but that was mainly because I got distracted by painting this fella:
  9. Thanks! I really love the amount of conversion that you can do with these guys. I've seen a few people have converted the scraplaunchers into Butchers with cauldrons, which is definitely something that I plan on adding to these guys. Hopefully I'll have the 3 other Mournfangs painted up by the end of the weekend, then it's on to the stonehorn!
  10. Hi everyone, My paint finally arrived so I have been busy! I've completed all of the riders and am now working on the mounts. The Icebrow Hunter is 90% finished (I just need to add highlights to the captive and paint the twine on his arrows). I've also added some shots of the finished Skalg on his Mournfang. The Mournfang's fur is finished, I just need to wash and highlight the saddle.
  11. Hello Everyone, I'm starting a blog to document my workings on a Beastclaw Raiders Army. So far I have the start collecting box assembled as well as an Icebrow Hunter that I've kitbashed from spare parts. I'm currently waiting for paints to arrive so here are some WIP shots of the models. I felt that the models didn't quite line up with the lore so I sculpted fur cloaks/shawls on all of the riders, as well as a big leather bag for the Hunter to carry his gear in. Also, I'll add a few pictures of the Fimirach that I painted up for fun but that I'll end up using as Allies for the Raiders. And Finally, some Spiderfang Grots from an older army that I built repurposed as Swamp goblins for my Fimir. C+C's are always greatly appreciated! Bores
  12. Hello Everyone, new post! I've completed the first 5 daemonettes, and re-based and re-coloured the robes on the Heralds. These are pretty standard, and I would like to speed up my painting time, which will hopefully come with practice! The pieces for my Chaos Warriors arrived (namely the Kairic Acolytes and Black Lotus Tribe heads from Maxmini) I have currently completed the unit champion as a tester, with the rest of the squad soon to follow. C&C's welcome, Supermunkie
  13. Thanks for the reply @MyGeekyPersona the claw is actually from Spellcrow: http://www.spellcrow.com/pleasure-knights-claws-p-259.html I picked up a lot of their Pleasure Legion stuff for my old 40k Noise Marine force. In other news my box of Kairic Acolytes have arrived, now just waiting for their helmets and I'll soon have a batch of Slaaneshi Mortals/Chaos Warriors
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