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  1. More bits! First there's the Gargant all finished up. Since we know that the Sons of Behemet are coming soon I'm holding off on the base for now incase there's a base size change. I've also been working on my little army of Ironjawz to add to my initial 5 man brute squad. So far I have a Maw Crusha, Megaboss, 10 ardboyz and a Weirdnob painted up or P.I.P. Also started work on a 2nd weirdnob shaman
  2. Ggggargant! Finally slapped some paint on this guy. I'm going for a greener skin for this one and the next step is attempting to texture the skin in an effort to represent age (wrinkles etc.) I'm hoping he'll be finished in the next few days. I had an idea for a gloomspite gitz army from the realm of Hysh that used lots of creams for their robes in mockery of the Lumineth Realmlords. This is also the first time that I've used heavy weathering on a model and really like the effect it gives to the cloth and metals.
  3. Got some greenstuffing done on another gargant and Huskard on Thundertusk. Both of these models have a very 'old dude' vibe. The gargant isn't a new idea, but it's one I've always liked and I'm quite happy with how he's turned out. The Huskard is a refinement of the idea I started with my original Huskard on Thundertusk who was very shamanic. In my mind, this guy is the leader of the Torr, and the first is his apprentice or something. I wanted to give the impression that he's so old, fat and frail that he can no longer even get off of his mount, instead performing his duties from the back of the Thundertusk. The tusks are from the Ironblaster kit as is the platform and supports.
  4. You're right, there is certainly a historic precedent and it will look cool and fit the theme much better!
  5. I had a bit of a dip in productivity as I waited for orders to arrive for my cities of destruction force which I'm currently referring to as Ghurite Wyldwalkers; which seems fairly catchy. The truthsayer is finished up and so is a wizard on Griffon. Alongside these I've got a unit of greatswords, 2 more wizards, some pistoliers and a unit of freeguild guard with spears. These are mostly wip shots while I wait for greenstuff and rattle cans. Let me know what you think. Truthsayer: Battlemage on Griffon: Battlemage 1. Primarily built from the godsworn hunt leader, with a little bloodbowl wood elves and sisters of the thorn: Battlemage 2. This one uses parts from the old ghur battlemage with godsworn hunt legs and untamed beast torso: A pair of greatswords. These are all built using the untamed beasts and marauder horseman kits: Sergeant of the spear unit. The rest of this unit is built from the untamed beasts plainsrunners and ungor weapons. I wanted the unit leader to have a bit more bulk to stand out: Lastly, the first of my pistoliers. I still need to greenstuff saddles for these guys and maybe some reins...:
  6. Truthsayer finished up. Still working on the base but I was excited to show this guy off! I'll be basing him in the same way as the other humans further up in the thread but I might make them a little more swampy/boggy instead of 'lost jungle city'.
  7. Finished up Hrothgorn and his buddies. Moving onto painting up the Truthsayer and hopefully something new and interesting this week.
  8. Thanks! I think the fur needs another highlight and I'm planning to do most of the metals in a dark steel.
  9. The man (Ogor?) himself. I've really tried to rough up the leather on this guy and will carry the style across onto the frost sabre. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get the Metallics finished then it's onto the basing!
  10. More work on the mantrappers, this time on the cat. I've tried to create a snow leopard look which took ages, but I'm very happy with. Now I just need to finish up the straps and paint the base. Tomorrow I plan to paint Hrothgorn, then it's on to the snow.
  11. Gnoblars! And other things... I'm currently working on 10 Bonesplitterz Moarboyz but don't have any pictures of them currently. For now I've got some wips of the gnoblars from Hrothgorns Mantrappers and a few other bits. To differentiate them from my regular grots I went for a blue/grey skin tone as if they have adapted to life close to the everwinter, plus the idea of those beady red eyes staring at you from within a blizzard sounds quite terrifying! They need some touch ups and I need to paint the ice effect on the club. I also need to apply snow, but I'll finish everything else first and do it all in a big batch. Some progress on my human destruction idea. If I progress these guys into an army I'll probably use them as cities of sigmar but for now I'm happy to see where this goes. Still quite WIP I'm also quite pleased with how the bases have turned out and on the next few I'll try to add some more foliage and plants for variety. Lastly, after a little digging in a box under my sofa I found these two! These models are some of my favourite sculpts and I'm looking forward to painting them up. I think I'll use the Dark Emissary as a Fungoid Cave Shaman as he ties in visually with the Fimir. Not sure if I'll use the Truthsayer for anything, but he'll be fun to paint up regardless.
  12. Managed to get a lot painted this week. Starting with ,my repainted and rebased Fimir to match my Giant. I need to finish the Nobles cape as it is currently just basecoated and probably some touch ups that I'll notice once I post this! I also managed to finish up my Orruk brutes. I had a lot of fun painting these and will probably add to this force in the future. Finally I've been working on some Destruction themed humans as a bit of a thought experiment. The one at the back has a wild rider head and the one on the right has a blood bowl wood elf head. Let me know what you think.
  13. Thanks! I'm really pleased with the scheme and can't wait to see how it looks on the larger guys. In other news I've completed a test model for some ironjawz. Let me know what you think.
  14. Thanks! They actually are the beastgrave lair set. I've got a few that are whole but I've cut up one or two to use as extra pillars. Thanks for the kind words! I can't wait to see what the scheme looks like on the bigger giants.
  15. Hey everyone, Hope it's okay to post pictures of our Gargant in this thread? This is a test scheme for my Sons of Behemat force. I'm going for a firbolg/fomorians vibe and basing to look like the Giant's Causeway. I'd love to hear what you all think!
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