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  1. Question, but if I play 1 from the DD, on the horrors, do I recover them from the d6 dead horrors?
  2. Hello, I'm a DoT player, with the release of the etheric war, I decided to start the KO, do you think it's a good start for a new player? Should I add a start colleting? Or buy separate things?
  3. I hope you are right, the models on disk are my favorites, I was hoping for something for them. It's probably just the disappointment.
  4. Yes, but now they also cost 20 points more, from what I have read. I hope the point cost of the skyfires has gone down.
  5. Fantastic, counting the ones I have, plus the ones in the new pack, I have 24 useless tzaangor on disk. 😢
  6. I thought that the thing with the eyes and the tentacles that I saw in the video was the terrain of Tzeentch, instead nothing.
  7. Yes, it bodes well. Hopefully the new hero will make skyfire and enlightened battleline, I've always loved the idea of the skyshoal coven.
  8. I hope the new battletome improves the arcanist part, I'm sick of having only the changehost to compete.
  9. I tried to make a list by adding something from the StD, how about ? I don't have the battletome yet and I'm not sure of the points. Allegiance: Tzeentch Gaunt Summoner - General - Trait: Arcane Sacrifice - Lore of Change: Bolt of Tzeentch Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch on Disc - Artefact: Wellspring of Arcane Might - Lore of Change: Fold Reality Tzaangor Shaman - Lore of Change: Fold Reality Chaos Sorcerer Lord - Lore of Fate: Glimpse the Future 20 x Chaos Marauders 20 x Chaos Marauders 10 x Kairic Acolytes 9 x Tzaangor Enlightened on Disc 6 x Tzaangor Enlightened on Disc Balewind Vortex Umbral Spellportal Purple Sun of Shyish
  10. I read the pdf very quickly. the regulation seems simple and well balanced. as soon as I can I will read it more carefully. Thanks again.
  11. Would be great! I'm really curious to read the rules.
  12. Beautiful models. Beautiful narrative campaign, I follow you with passion, I also steal some ideas, I want to create a narrative campaign also in my club. I have a question, for the warbands, do you use "path of glory" or do you have home rules?
  13. I would unite the two units of tzaangor enlightened on disk, in one of 6, if you can even 9, and I would give the fold reality spell to one of the wizard, so that he can resurrect them. They are a very performing and resistant unit that can keep the opponent engaged while the acolytes shoot him.
  14. I have noticed, that on the warscroll builder, the tzaangors are no more battelline for tzeentch, is it an error or is it official? ?
  15. I'm considering whether to keep it on the list, for 60 points, better the vortex or the cogs.
  16. What do you think about it ? Better 30 + 30 tzaangors, or 30 tzaangors and 9 enlightened?
  17. I meant the points of fate, I'm sorry. However it is the same idea that I had, apart from the charm of evoking a LoC, strategically there is better.
  18. Do you think it makes sense to use the evocation points for LoC, or is it better to use them for something else?
  19. I have some new models, fortunately I have many things from the sixth edition, but I'm going to update my collection quickly. I had abandoned WH and I cried the fall of the old world But the wonderful new models of Tzeentch convinced me to come back.
  20. I'm a new member of the forum, unfortunately my english is not perfect. I will try to be as correct as possible anyway. I recently started collecting an army of Tzeentch.
  21. Alliance: Tzeentch Realm: Chamon Ogroid Thaumaturge General Section: Boundless mutation Artifact: Godwrought helm Lore of fate: Infusion Arcanum Gaunt summoner Artifact: aspect of Tzeentch Lore of change: bolt of Tzeentch Curseling Lore of fate: glimpse the future Tzaangor Shaman Lore of change: fold reality 2x10 acolytes 20 tzaangors 6 skyfire Battallion: alter-kin coven Endless spell: belewind vortex, umbral spellportal, chronomatics cogs Total: 1950/2000 This list, it seems fun, I do not know how competitive. What do you think?
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