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  1. obviously some egypt stuff like i mentioned before. BY Ptra..do we finally get some "Wrath of Ptra" Army led by the Avatar of Ptra, Settra himself
  2. By Ptra, praise the chicken god! Tomb kings confirmed.
  3. My hopes for 3rd editions are that they revisit legecy armies and give them a new pdf or even a book (Forgotten Dynasties; Legion of the wold that was; Settra and the Lady.. choose a name you like). My hope it that they put TK and Brets into Legacy because they were planning to update the warscrolls for 3.0 .. i can only hope.. i loved playing TK's in AoS2.0 Pre General Handboock 2020. Solid army for semi competetive games.. 18 chariots. 6 Necro knights. settra, liche priest and herald.. so much fun. anyway.. never trust a source from 4chan (even though i also use 4chan a lot...)
  4. but if they dont end their movement adjacent to a hero (because out of range by a mile) they do not need to go into a square with another small one, correct? just when they are about to attack.? anyway thx for trying to clarify. You are a hero! like when they just came in from the gate. the first zombie moves 2 squares..then the next one comes in.. does this zombie need to end in the same square or can he go into an empty one as long as there is no fight?
  5. So can anyone with an english copy of the book confirm some of my statements?
  6. german rule book page 29. top right . second paragrahp. "Kleine Feinde beenden ihre Bewegung immer einem Helden benachbart und im selben Feld wie ein anderer kleiner Feind, wenn möglich" If i translate that to english: "Small Enemies end their movement ALWAYS adjacent to a Hero and in the same field as another small enemie, if possible" thats why i was confused myself because on page 25 it says in German "..mit der Ausnahme das kleiner Feind seine bewegung beenden kann, in dem sich ein einzender anderer kleiner Feind befindet" Which means in English "... with the exception that a small enemy CAN end its movement in a field which is occupied by another small enemy.
  7. I have one question regarding small enemies. Maybe my German copy of the game did a weird translation. Do i need to put a small enemie always onto a field with another small enemy? the rulebook in german says something like this at one point: "small enemies CAN end their move with another small enemie in the same field". At another point it says "small enemies MUST always end their movement beside a heroe if possible and another small enemie"
  8. Stormcast Chariots -> "Imperishables" Stormhost
  9. Gama reveals today 8pm PST / tomorrow 4am GMT
  10. looking at the oldblood card.. seraphon lost Deamon keyword?
  11. new rumor plus this: plus this: is this ->
  12. I don't want and need female representation in every army. if the army is pure female (amazons) it is completely fine for me but randomly mixing female warriors inside purely male forces jus for the sake to please SJW goes too far for me.
  13. Settra Claus, the Imperishable on his reindeer chariot
  14. I believe we get a mixed culture skeleton army. Because of the story...the guy going from city to city to collect bones and make probably new soldiers out of it.. so he maybe went over different cultural lands.. asian, european..probably also african/egyptian... i also can see new chariots but not the egypt one but eastern one (like chariots from khand (lord of the rings)). my bet is a revival of Tomb Guard, Sphinx and Snake Kit for egyptian. Chariots , Catapults more like mongolian and elite Samurai skeletons Japanese style
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