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  1. It's bad. That's it, Not likely you would use that many point for a match play game anyway
  2. Chainghast aren't exactly pilling on wounds at range for their points
  3. He wasn't putting the bladegheist in battalions. Just comparing what you can get compared to the grimghast battalion, without using a battalion.
  4. Nice write up, I have always seen them as the poorer Order Draconis.
  5. Ignore me, I can't read. I prefer the bladegheist model, just wish I know when things would come out
  6. Sorry I am not trying to imply that. I guess I read you a little bit more black and white than what you intended. When I refer to strictly better I refer to the use in MTG where Strictly better describes a card which is, in isolation from other effects, superior to another card in at least one respect, while being worse in zero respects, In which case they are not strictly better.
  7. If you read what I said, I wasn't claiming such. The reach is handy even in a group of 10 and their cost is a factor. I just don't see them as being a strictly better unit Not trying to attack you. So not sure exactly why you are coming off as so defensive.
  8. Keep in mind that Chainghasts being around could be easier to remove than the enemy having the unit below 5. The range of the weapon is also 2inches. They are different units at the end of the day.
  9. Keep in mind a few things. -Reapers and bladegheists have different reroll requirements, one needs a friendly unit near them while the other needs a unit above 5. -Reapers have a 2inch range over the 1inch range of the bladegheist. (which is significant ,in my opinion, with the base sizes of them) -Bladegheist have more attacks on the charge and can move around combats easier. -One is obviously battleline
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