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  1. What are the current thoughts on Retributors vs Annihilators with Meteoric Grandhammers as I can see the extra 2 bodies potentially being useful sometimes?
  2. I've been looking at Knorne and the 2 start to play boxes. Are the Bloodstoker and Khorograth of much use as they are only in the Goreblade box. Or is the generic start collecting better as the Mighty Lord of Khorne and Bloodsecrator can be bought separately?
  3. Crumbs, quite a bit of choice then.
  4. Having played Dwarfs in Warhammer Fantasy I'm looking at playing something different in Age of Sigmar. Is it still the usual suspects of Chaos and Undead that are the magical powerhouses or has it all been shifted about with the faction reshuffle and splitting in Age of Sigmar?
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