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  1. Hey Trevelyan, thanks for the earlier advice. I'm not 100% opposed to the revenants, just not sure about the look. I'm going for a Halloween-themed army. Everything painted a dark brown, inked with Seraphim Sepia, drybrushed with progressively lighter shades of brown, add some lichen, give the leaves fall colors and paint the eyes glowing orange. If I paint the spirits as ghosts they could look quite good. Ian, I'm an OK painter and the two things I've found most useful to painting well are 1) good, fine-tip brushes and 2) patience...you can't rush a good paint job (well, maybe the pro painters can but I ain't one of them).
  2. Thanks ShaneHobbes, my brain has trouble keeping all of the different books and allegiance rules straight!
  3. OK, total newb question I'm sure but I've got the General's Handbook and the new Warclans battletome and am confused when it comes to the Weirdnob spells. In the battletome it says the Weirdnob gets Green Puke in addition to the Arcane Bolt and Mystic Shield that every wizard gets. Yet the Handbook lists a number of wonderful spells to choose from (Hand of Gork is FUN!!!!). So, which is it? Am I stuck with Green Puke or do I get to choose from the others. Thanks for clarifying!
  4. Awesome, thanks!!! I don't hate the models but just like the pure walking tree look of the others. From what I've read they are great for objectives.
  5. I've been interested in a Sylvaneth army for awhile in large part because I love the models specifically the Treelords, Branchwraiths and wyches, Hunters and dryads. Not a fan of the tree- or sprite-revenants. Just don't like the models much. My question is can you build a reasonably good list (not looking for something super competitive) without the revenants? Thanks!
  6. Two questions. First, is the Ironfist move considered a Move or a Run? If it's run you can burn a command point to make it a 6 if you really need to (not saying this would ever be the best use of a command point, just wondering). Second, The Hand of Gork spell says the unit can't move in the movement phase. Can a unit that's been moved with the spell use its Ironfist move afterwards? Thanks!
  7. Sweet, and Power of Da Waaagh! looks fun if you're running multiple small units. And Mighty Destroyers is SO much better.
  8. Hi all, back into AoS after a break. What are everyone's thoughts on the new IJ spells in the 2019 GH (apologies if this has been covered in an earlier post). Da Great Big Green Hand of Gork to move a unit close to an enemy unit + Ironfist move looks promising.
  9. Wow...(insert maniacal laughter). This gives me a lot to think about and try the next time I play.
  10. Oh, SO much fun to be had. Thanks everyone!
  11. +13 attacks?!?!??!! I'm guessing this had something to do with the Aetherquarz Brooch or whatever artifact lets you roll to see if you don't lose a spend command point. That's incredible. You mention run on MD and then charge with a second MD. How do you get two MD's? And a run isn't an MD option. Not saying your wrong, only that I'm clearly confused. Thanks for your patience!
  12. Thanks for the replies! Couple follow-up questions. If I have the Ironfist battalion can I also use that in the Hero phase? So 4" MD + D6" IF + 4" regular move + Charge? Can a single megaboss call multiple Waaagh!s assuming I have enough command points? For the double pile-in I can see that being the most useful with, say, large units of Ardboyz as it allows you to wrap more models around the enemy unit. Malakree, I'm not sure I get the benefits of the Hero phase charge other than with the cabbage. I thought if you fail the charge roll the unit doesn't move. Your #4 sounds horrifying...I can't wait to try it!!!!!! Thanks again for your help, it is greatly appreciated! vdog
  13. Hi all, I'm a very noob IJ player with some very noob questions about some of the army abilities. It seems like I'm missing something. Apologies if this has been covered in earlier posts. Regarding Mighty Destroyers you have three options: 1) Make a normal move if >12" away from enemy unit - Question: Since this occurs in the Hero phase does the unit also get to move in the Move phase? 2) Pile-in - Question: What's the benefit of this? Why is this better than waiting until the Combat phase to pile-in? 3) Attempt to charge: Question, Again, what is the benefit of this? Why not wait to move and then charge to get even closer to an opponent? Regarding Smashing and Bashing: The benefit if I understand it correctly is it allows two of your units (or potentially more) in sequence rather than taking turns with your opponent. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  14. Had my first game in a campaign at my college's gaming club. My 1000 pts. IJ vs. his 1040 pts. of Beastclaw Raiders (I got an extra command point to compensate). I had Megaboss Shaman Warchanter 5 Brutes 5 brutes 3 Gore Gruntas 10 Ardboyz (mixed weapons) He had 2 units of Mournfangs (3 each I think), and two of the really BIG models (can't remember...been too long, I need to write this stuff down). I won with four models left on the field. Some things I learned: I have a LOT to learn about playing this army (and AoS in general) It is a VERY fun army to play Megabosses die quickly to Doom Snowballs Brutes LOVE to have so many high-wound models to choose from Warchanters are as amazing as everyone said Ardboyz are an outstanding tarpit unit, especially with Mystic Shield and Inspiring Presence Gore Gruntas are another great tarpit unit, even when they don't get the charge We've got a couple more 1000 pt. battles to play in the campaign but will be ramping up to 1500 pts. before long. Thanks to all of the players who post tips and suggestions, for new players like me it is greatly appreciated!!! velocitydog
  15. Thanks Superninja, that was the one I was leaning towards. I like the idea of trying everything out to see how it plays plus the shaman will come in handy. Good point about keeping the shaman and ardboyz close. The second list was just so I could try out the batallion at 1000 pts. Thanks again! velocitydog
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