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  1. Yeah, I wasn't clear. I indicated four attacks assuming there was another random unit engaged in combat but should have specified.
  2. I think it works as follows. I charge a unit with two demon princes and Lord against a unit that's already engaged with a unit of my knights. The DP's (because they're DP's) and Lord (Helm) go first and then I would get to select my first "normal" unit ( nights) of the combat. Without DP's and Lord charging I'd just get to go with the knights.
  3. Thanks Bloodmoon! So a 3+ save followed by the 5+ save...WOW. The buffs some of the units get are amazing. Knights with re-roll 1's to hit, +1 wound, +1 to-hit and their effect on enemy unit Bravery are a sight to behold. Couple other clarifications. Heroes are affected by the Aura they project, correct? I play a Khorne army so, for example, my Demon Prince gets the re-roll 1's to hit and +1 wound benefit in addition to other units within his 18" bubble. Also, Demon Princes and bearers of the Helm of Many Eyes, assuming they charged, get to attack before you get to pick your first unit to attack in a combat, right? Someone told me that but I want to be absolutely sure it's correct. If so that means a list with 2 DP's and a Lord with the Helm would get to attack with four units before the opponent (assuming anything was left) gets to pick a unit to fight. Thanks again for the help.
  4. I need a quick clarification. Demon Princes have a 3+ save and Sacrilegious Might states DP's negate wounds or mortal wounds allocated to them on a 5+. Does the Despoiler DP get to use its 3+ save against normal wounds and Sacrilegious Might means that the save can't get any worse than 5+ or do you replace your 3+ save with a 5+ save. The latter seems like a huge drawback and I'm assuming is incorrect but I wanted to check. Thanks!
  5. That makes a lot of sense, both rule wise and from what I understood about the two Khorne factions. I agree that a S2D Khorne army could and would have sorcerers, but ones whose altar is a pile of skulls on the battlefield (probably while the battle is still raging...nothing like fresh skulls to keep the magic going!). There is a great description of a Khorne war priest in the novel Blood for the Blood God by C. L. Werner. Pretty good read, too.
  6. Charleston, you are correct good sir! Thanks for getting me properly oriented. I do have a question about sorcerers. It's a bit of an existential dilemma being a Khorne player but some of their spells are pretty good and having a way to unbind spells never hurts. According to what I saw in an older post, they although sorcerers can't have the Khorne keyword but can be included in the list with another mark (say undivided), correct? However, IIRC all units in an army have to have the same faction in order to benefit from faction abilities. Thanks in advance for the help!
  7. I wondered if that might the case, giving you two rounds of combat before the opponent gets one can get rid of pesky problem characters/units. One question about your example, how would two demon princes and the unit all get to attack first? Only one prince can have the artifact, right?
  8. Hi! Noob question here. I'm starting a Khorne S2D army for a local escalation league and am baffled by the Helm of Many Eyes. It lets the bearer/mount fight at the start of the combat phase if they charged but don't you get to do that without the artifact? If you charge during your turn you get to select one of your units to go first so you could just choose your general. I know I'm missing something. Help would be great.
  9. Hey Trevelyan, thanks for the earlier advice. I'm not 100% opposed to the revenants, just not sure about the look. I'm going for a Halloween-themed army. Everything painted a dark brown, inked with Seraphim Sepia, drybrushed with progressively lighter shades of brown, add some lichen, give the leaves fall colors and paint the eyes glowing orange. If I paint the spirits as ghosts they could look quite good. Ian, I'm an OK painter and the two things I've found most useful to painting well are 1) good, fine-tip brushes and 2) patience...you can't rush a good paint job (well, maybe the pro painters can but I ain't one of them).
  10. Thanks ShaneHobbes, my brain has trouble keeping all of the different books and allegiance rules straight!
  11. OK, total newb question I'm sure but I've got the General's Handbook and the new Warclans battletome and am confused when it comes to the Weirdnob spells. In the battletome it says the Weirdnob gets Green Puke in addition to the Arcane Bolt and Mystic Shield that every wizard gets. Yet the Handbook lists a number of wonderful spells to choose from (Hand of Gork is FUN!!!!). So, which is it? Am I stuck with Green Puke or do I get to choose from the others. Thanks for clarifying!
  12. Awesome, thanks!!! I don't hate the models but just like the pure walking tree look of the others. From what I've read they are great for objectives.
  13. I've been interested in a Sylvaneth army for awhile in large part because I love the models specifically the Treelords, Branchwraiths and wyches, Hunters and dryads. Not a fan of the tree- or sprite-revenants. Just don't like the models much. My question is can you build a reasonably good list (not looking for something super competitive) without the revenants? Thanks!
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