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  1. Iemand in de buurt van alkmaar. ik ben op zoek naar tegenstanders. een stuk rijden vind ik niet erg!
  2. I got a store anniversary upcoming this saturday in my city. Only iam based in the netherlands but if your really keen on it i can get it for you?
  3. Painted: The Glottkin Lord of Plagues 5x Putrid Blightkings Horticulous Slimux Poxbringer 20x Plaguebearers of Nurgle 10 Gors - Shields n' 1h weap 6x Nurgling bases Battletome - Maggotkin of Nurgle (Book) Unpainted / Not finished: Lord of affliction Lord of blights Sloppity Bilepiper Spoilpox Scrivener 2x Pusgoyle Blightlords 20x Plaguebearers of Nurgle 10 Gors - Shields n' 1h weap 10 Bestigors - 2h axes 10x Nurgling bases i can buy this army from a friend. Im starting from scratch is there any good in it? to start a 2k army?
  4. Iam about to start a sylvaneth army, Can we expect a few new units soon? Or a new codex this year or some big changes? And whats the way to go with a sylvaneth army?
  5. Goodevening guys, i have been struggling for over a month now with picking an army i want to play. was hoping you guys could help me out over here. i really like sylvaneths but iam reading mixed things about this army, How do you guys think sylvaneths will perform in aos2? and how do sylvaneths perform in competive play? Iam liking almost every army and that giving me the problem right now in choosing what to play. someone got any tips on how i should choose my army? would love to hear from you guys! have a good evening.
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