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  1. I‘ve been thinking about why these aelves bother me so much. So I‘ll share my opinion one last time and then let the topic rest:

    GW teases us with story bits of a new High Elf faction. Then we get to see 3 Units that actually look like really well re-imagined High Aelves (Spearmen, Riders, Eltharion).

    And then we get more Lore about how the Lumineth tried to remake the culture of Ulthuan.

    The next release is suddenly rather weird and very Arabic (Teclis).

    Then the whole faction makes a 180 degree turn and suddenly is tibethan and Chinese.

    And then they build giant Cow spirits!?

    what was that part about Ulthuan? Why are these even called aelves!? Why were we teased with new high aelves just to be shown the middle finger with something that‘s totally not even their aesthetic anymore? Imo that was a pretty mean deception towards us as customers.

    I‘d like the cow spirit in pretty much any other army, it‘s a good model. If they‘d just said: Well, here‘s a new faction and they‘re not even aelves but cow people so we can expand our business more towards the Asian market. That‘d be fine. But don‘t tease your customers with new somewhat high aelves just to show them the middle finger and Kick them out of the door with the final message „High Aelves are dead, fool, what were you thinking?“


    that‘s my last word on this

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  2. 2 minutes ago, Still-young said:

    Yeah, no. It’s your opinion that the different elements don’t work together, but there’s nothing objective about that. 

    There is: Visual cues, silhouettes etc.

    and I‘ll stop right here. Explaining all readings about Design is not what I am here for...

  3. 48 minutes ago, michu said:

    I actually consider it a strength of this design - if unified color scheme can make those two styles work together (and I think it does) then it's a good design.

    That‘s not the case. I can paint old Empire units, dwarves and High Elves with the same color scheme and they‘ll look like they belong together. Yet you can easily see that they‘re too different.

    This range is the exact same. The only good units of this faction are the riders and Eltharion (which look like they belong to the same army). The rest is a mess of a incoherent design. 
    Yet I do not think GW is really that bad at designing to really make a mistake like that, which is why I expect more Tyrionic models with the Rider and Eltharion style and alternative heads for both archers and spearmen. This way you‘d have a equal core for both sub-cultures.

    Though if that is not the case then this design is an objective fail. Yes some might like it, some might not yet that doesn‘t change that it’s technically a bad design of a magnitude GW has never done it across an entire army. It‘d be like Namartii wearing pot-helmets while everyone else wears an almost Corinthian helmet and the king wears a jester‘s cap while the riders atop the Leviadon are using frying pans. - it‘s all European yet it does not work for an army that‘s supposed to look like it belongs together.

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  4. My biggest issue apart from cows totally not fitting to aelves no matter the explanation is:

    the army looks incoherent. Riders and Eltharion have good looking elegant helmets. All of the rest took part in The “who wears the ugliest hat“ contest.


    The army looks incoherent, only held together by the milky color scheme and the somewhat lookalike skirts.

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  5. I was thinking that the split release was done due to Tyrion getting his aelves added which would explain the overall incoherent design (helmets):

    Riders, Bowmen and Spearmen are core units shared across all subfactions

    Eltharion and the Veiled Lady is a hero Shared across all subfactions

    Cow-Blandness (Spirits, Hammerers and the Bad Keepers of Moo) are For the Stone Subculture only.

    So Tyrion would get:

    Tyrion and Heavy Infantry/Knights, a big Monster (Please just be a dragon or some entirely new creature no animal of clumsiness and boredom like a cow...)

  6. 25 minutes ago, VBS said:

    Those massive helmets could easily snap their neck. So goofy. The models vastly improve without the cow theme (below, from reddit/dakka).



    That‘s just the way they should have been.

    put a Wraithknight head. on that ugly cow avatar and it might look good.

  7. 1 hour ago, Beliman said:

    New image from Dakka. Time to guess:

    1. Hysh Aelve? maybe something new? Don't know really.
    2. Lion El'Jonson
    3. Fabius Bile (post above).
    4. Some type of Marine (same backpack). Maybe Noise Marine?


    Eomer - Lion El Johnson (compared the Dilhoutte with the cover of the book) - Fabious Bile - sons of behemat?

    somehow this leaves me cold do far... mhm

  8. On 3/24/2020 at 3:35 AM, readercolin said:

    (also, I have NEVER seen ANYONE ever use this model... ever.  Not in person, not on battle reports, this model might as well not exist, and it is from one of the most "popular" factions out there too...).

    I do. Yet it‘s mostly dead points since all the buffs are too specific and the damage is really meh.

    But it looks cool!

  9. 47 minutes ago, KevenM said:

    So the new Warhammer Old World preview is up on WarCom and its about... Kislev?

    I just went from barely interested to a lot more rather quickly...

    Look at some of concept art.

    P.S. A part of me can't help but think that they are generating updated Kislev art for the third chapter of Total War Warhammer.



    Me 2.

    do you have a Link?

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