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  1. That‘d be nice. What factions are missing? idoneth Daughters of Khaine Nurgle Slaanesh (obligatory SCE Warband xD)
  2. Perhaps an escalation: tentions grow until a battle among Stormcasts and Aelfes erupt. This will be a short outburst of violence until they see reason and a common cause (VS Death/Chaos) maybe even Dispossessed will be the voice of reason.
  3. Why is the town called „Kessel“-> Cauldron? 🙂
  4. But they could merge woodelves with Dark elves and Woodelves with high elves. They were always the middle (also design wise) anyway
  5. Kind of =} (especially the American Extreme Capitalism)
  6. Could we just end the price discussion with: “GW is a company in a capitalist system which will increase the prices by 2Xx % since people will still buy their products and they can easily increase their income by exploiting consumer obsession“. Period. it‘s neither good nor bad it‘s CAPITALISM snd they don‘t care as long as you buy, which you will.
  7. Because Elves need I say more? 🙂
  8. Makes me want to finish my whole undead range... cold, dead, grey plastic of 5k points....
  9. Nice batrep! important vs Idoneth: FLEE out of combat in turn three,m (or if you have the last turn in the 2nd battleground) it counters so much of their dmg potential. =}
  10. Fix one: summoning is restricted to one unit a game. Fix Two: no unique characters. Fix three: no gristlegore for obvious reasons (or simply no additional allegiance boni due to, temple, lodge, city, court, grove, clan etc. selection )
  11. Wound be a neat time for another interactive 40k/AoS event =}
  12. Friedrichshafen here, though we don‘t have a GW, just a Seetroll. well in general I dislike that these models are very expensive, hard to get and some lack quality... 😕
  13. In competetive Play it‘s about winning, no one of the players even thinks about not abusing every advantage they can get #SadWorld 😁
  14. We play a narrative in which you build up your army with each game. It‘s more about decisions in-game than list building. Yet the Eidolons and Levs cost so much that I fall short on Tactical Tools to use since the army becomes ridiculously small and those two units don‘t bring enough to the board to justify even 280 points.
  15. True** I thought that was fluff text
  16. I can‘t find any rule of the dais arcanum that allows a second unbind
  17. I am honestly not talking about competetive play. I am talking about open play/ narrative play with points (ofc)
  18. 30 namartii or 6-8 eels > Leviadon/Eidolons they deal more damage, can tank longer and are more/ equally fast with more bodies to take objectives. 🤷🏼‍♂️ It really feels (to me at least) like you seal your fate by taking one of them IF you do not go eel-heavy
  19. Imo the lev and the Eidolons would need to go down to 300 and the lev perhaps even lower. They‘re a handicap if you pick them 😕
  20. Usually it‘s enough that you re-realise that this is a GAME 🙂 try to tell a story with your games. The ultimate goal is a great battle-story, winning or losing is just an unimportant event in the narrative.
  21. I also played my first meeting engagement vs Khorne. I let him win „narrative reasons“ =D it was fun, quick tactical and Dispossessed are highly viable for this format.
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