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  1. Hello! I am preparing a mutli-layered present box for my brother to get him into AoS. I know he is into Khorne (in 40k at least) but can't afford another army. So far he wasn't hooked by AoS due to my other brother's Stromcast stomping him while he playtested Daughters of Khaine. The box will include 700+ Points worth of Blades of Khorne and the Battletome. Each layer contains several models and the final layer includes the Battletome. I wanted to make this special with each layer being seperated by one or two scorched pages with Khorne Fluff inscribed on them. I want to symbolize how he strides further and further on the path of khorne until he finally serves Khorne utterly with opening the final layer, which is the Battletome. I was looking for hints on short fluff texts I can use but I was unable to find any so far. So I was hoping you could help me out. I am looking for prayers to khorne, short stories and descriptions of the red feast, eight lamentations etc. Any help is highly appreciated!
  2. They only need to add: A Unit that fights at the start of the combat phase can never and by no effect be enabled to fight again this turn. With that gone, the GK on TG is still strong but not brokenly so.
  3. Did you include the 6-12 (2 TG) bite attacks in your calculation? rerollable, that deal 6 mortal wounds, before you get to hit back? I play FeC myself but I can‘t play a TG Ghoulking General of Gristlegore anymore since it‘s unfair towards my opponents and the game is about both parties having fun. As a tournament player this might be interesting for you since the hunt to beat the meta is all there is to tournament games. since I like balanced lists, soft competitiveness and friendly games the hunt for the meta is FOR ME: Stupid, ridiculous and boring. I refuse to have my army and my hobby to be dictated by the currently most broken combo, just because GW is the worst at balancing armies externally and internally properly. I also won‘t buy or quit an army due to powerlevel since I am in for tactics, the visual aspect and mutual fun. also such Solo-Combos destroy friendly games most of the time. And I had more than one player quit the game due to such unnecessary overpowering.
  4. Seems like my new Shapeways Project might be Bits to build Slaaneshi Mortals... this will be s challenge. 😵
  5. Mhm, Perhaps. GW‘s issue with AoS is that they have a nice idea, then they force it upon every new faction while some get it turned up to 11. most of these ideas turn out to be strong, even so much that they‘re no longer fun (which is the sense of this game: fun for all participants). in that sense you might be right, if AfF stays the new „let‘s overdo and ruin it“ rule of GW‘s AoS design. —— in isolation most of These ideas are super cool and fun (MWs, Endless spells, summoning, terrain). But they only stay fun in moderation and if not every army gets them so these rule stay special and make a faction special.
  6. „A way“ as in one mage firing one spell for D3 MWs which can be ignored on a 6? That‘s just not working imo.
  7. I‘d Keep the range but update it like this 2“|1 2“ reach if you decide not to „support“ another model‘s attack. 1 you can attack enemies across one base (has to be the same base size as your own base or smaller) if you are in basecontact with a model which is within 1/2“ of an enemy model. This counts as supporting attack. 1“|2 1“ reach this counts 2 you can support another model which is already supporting a model which is within 1/2“ of an enemy model (your base size has to be equal to or less than the both base sizes you are supporting). This counts as supporting attack. this would also open up new spells and mechanics which reduce an enemy‘s support range or attack range.
  8. I dislike it. For example: you can‘t fight a gristlegore Abhorrant on Terrorgheist, he will kill anything he touches and fight twice before you can harm him. the only way to get rid of them is shooting. Tbh most armies lack shooting except Kharadron and Stormcasts... which leaves most armies helpless. also the rising amount of MW output is getting absurd and unfun (hearthguard, Khorne prayers etc.)
  9. I pretty much asked for: Rules/point updates every 3 months DoK, Seraphon and Sipossessed warband More Terrain Less MW output in general A Battletome for Dispossessed Malerion's Shadow Aelfes and that it pretty much it as far as I remember 😃
  10. The latest Miniwargaming video (vault) shows how 4-10 of the Hearthguard slaughter everything they touch with their MWs. A Gorgon gets oneshotted against 7? Of them etc. they played them as one big blob of 30 and it was absurd. I really want to see more tests with them though. Since the first impression might be wrong though the math agrees on it. @prochuvi Hearthguard deal more dmg and are way tankier (and pretty easily buffed), they hit and wound on 3s etc.
  11. Do you have more Images of your painted Ghouls? (the faces I ordered are great, some have a rough surface on one side but I don‘t know why, I‘ll just paint it gory)
  12. You just confirmed what I said. One point fix a year (especially if they keep slapping points on units as lazily as in the past) simply isn‘t enough. I‘d like to see a batrep though in which s.o. Abuses the hell out of those Hearthguard since I can see no way any army can beat 2 unit’s of 30 (they hold objectives, have a huge footprint so they can actually hold 2 per 30, they cover a big portion of the map, they just don‘t die, they‘ve 60 wounds that are too hard to kill, they have mass, they have absurd damage already if they‘re unbuffed)
  13. GW is Ultra Slow concerning point adjustments. The entire SCE book has been out if balance due to bad point values and GW did not change it. imo the berserkers are actually gamebreaking...
  14. Sry, I thought the Azyr points were up to date. 2x30 and 10 normal battleline dudes. still immortal... the issue is that they‘re jacks of all trades and they excell in it. They‘ll absolutely tear apart any game. They‘re priced like a horde unit while being the Uber-elite. Imo no matter how they cost it the unit needs a rewrite to „ONE mortal wound in addition“ or put their attacks down to 1. edit: It‘s 100 pts for 5, right? 30 cost 480 pts? Fyreslayer%20Test%20.pdf
  15. 30 Hearthguard with polearms 30 Hearthguard with polearms 30 Hearthguard with polearms 1x Battlesmith 1x Auric Runefather on Magmadroth - General 2x Heroes of any kind or a Battalion —-> 2000 Points, 199 Wounds minimum of which 180 will have a 4++ Auto win. they control the board, they cover the board, they kill anything they touch.
  16. Imo he did not mean that way. What he meant was: the Image stands for Grand Alliance Death. GA: Death already received a Battletome which was Flesh Eater Courts.
  17. I think I read that they blind their mounts (physically) otherwise the magic to tame the beasts would dissipate.
  18. 🤔 sounds good. fragile parts (a crown or a Banner pole) would be too fragile (they‘d probably break right after production). A Zombiedragon/TG Helmet might be cool 🤔 I just have to come up with a design.
  19. @Nacnudllah where did you get thebackground and boxed for your rules from?
  20. Put up a website with a nice book animation in which a grudge is added for each time GW does not release Sth. For the Dispossessed =D
  21. Hello! Since all the prints in the store work like a charm I thought I‘d ask you what bits you would like to see next! You can get all current bits here: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/mad-cake
  22. After all the evidence given I think you are right. 👍🏻 But I still find that restriction unfitting from a lore and game play perspective 🤔 (perhaps a hint to AoS 3.0 where allies become more important?)
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