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  1. I'm not sure on the issue to be honest. I can understand the reasons and goals, but especially the restricted list needs to be carefully watched and adjusted as more cards are released and the meta changes. It will be interesting to see how this will work out in the end.
  2. I think it does give you an advantage, depending on your deck construction. If I compare it to my Skaven deck, I run only one Skaven specific objective atm, (Skritch is the greatest). So, if the card on top of my deck has the skaven Icon, I know what it is an can decide if I wand to draw it as it can be scored easily or not. My cards are all sleeved the same: yellow for objectives, blue for power cards. Atm I have plastic boxes for them, but I plan to build a deck for each warband and then store them in the customeeple card inlay for the box. The unused cards will stay in the plastic boxes.
  3. If you have the complete season 1, you should be fine. There are some new cards out there, that are very nice and might finetune your deck, but as far as I can see, there is nothing with an impact like "Earthquake" or "Great Concussion".
  4. My impression is that Orcs are a nice warband to start with as they have a nice playstyle and are forgiving in a way or two. So I would suggest either them or Stormcast.
  5. In the long run, you want to have every set, as they all have some cards you want to have. I personally would advice you to get the warband you like most first, followed by Magores Fiends and Farstriders, as they have some really good cards (Great Concussion is hell for every objective player). As there are so many cards out now, I think you should try to get some games in before buying another one or two expansions. You could have a quick browse on https://www.underworldsdb.com/ to get an impression of which cards are out there and in which expansion they are in, so you can get them in the order of your liking.
  6. Yes, he only inspires after the first activation is completed. So at least for the first activation in the game, you use his uninspired side.
  7. Yes, if the attack has a range characteristic of 3 or more, they don't benefit from those cards, no matter how close the target is. Nighvault FAQ 1.0, Page 2, 3. Question
  8. Spell attacks are regular attack actions, thus they are changed by all cards that target attack actions. So, you can give +1 Dice or +1 damage to a spell attack
  9. You can combine that with sudden growth to get a fanatic with 7 wounds and no downside. With his 3 Dodge defense, he should be quite hard to get out of the way...
  10. The models are lovely, the inspire condition is nice and they look just like a lot of fun. Swarm the enemy and take him down with 1000 little cuts
  11. I personally don't like the Start Collecting boxes, neither of the two. The thunderstrike brotherhood includes 3 Paladins, but you play them in multiples of 5... In addition, the Liberators and the Paladins are okay, but Sequitors and Evocators have more or less taken over. Maybe you can split the Soul Wars box with someone or you can sell the parts of the box you don't like. This appears to me to be the better option.
  12. But there is a difference in the rules. The Stardrakes Jaws are an ability that takes place after the pile in but is not part of the attack sequence (as it isn't an attack and it slays the models outright with no rolls of the attack sequence). Your example with the protectors isn't the same, as the rules state quite clearly on page 232 that you collect all damage caused by all of the unit's attacks and then, in the end, inflict the wounds on the unit. So yes, in that case all attacks would suffer the -1 as there hasn't been dealt any damage yet.
  13. If they didn't roll to attack, they didn't resolve an attack and thus don't get to cause their lightning. But for this to happen, you would have to have two enemy units within 3" and in a pisition that prohibits you from piling in, which seems like a real cornercase to me.
  14. This seems correct to me. Doppelganger cloak is especially strong if you have the last activation in combat.
  15. As the attacking player, you decide the order in which the attacks are made. See pages 231 and 232. Rolling all attacks together is only there to make the game faster. In any case, an attack consists of the to hit, to wound, save and determining damage. So, in your case, if you roll your sword attacks first, the GUO player would have to save the sword attacks first, not knowing if the impaling talon will hit or not.
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