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  1. Read the fanatics warscroll, know they can pop out of a pre-designated unit at the charge phase. That unit will do rng dmg from low-insane. So maybe hit a 60 blob with some chaff first before you throw a sole medusa on foot at it and then watch her die to the fanatics before she can do her shooting attack deep in there. If you kill a unit, on a 4+ they revive at the shrine with half dudes. Pretty crazy so make sure that the opponent isn't feeding you dudes just so he can take back his 'empty' home objective. Consider crippling the unit and not wiping it, like 30 grimghasts. Morathi at -1 to hit is pretty rough be careful when using monster form morathi vs a blob if your intention is to kill a lot of em. Netters(-1) are pretty strong. One of the rider units does d3 mortals on their charge. Make sure you chaff for it and then pile in after your chaff unit dies.
  2. My biggest fear, I'll agree, is that GHB19 doesn't address the power imbalance between temples/stormhosts/etc. As it stands, GW hasn't had a chance to balance those yet(as they were introduced in 2018) so let's just hope that it's a wee bit more advanced than model costs changes. Otherwise the other builds will be even further pigeon hole'd into playing the one temple that rules them all. I love my Kraith and have always repped it with success... that said with enough points increases I doubt I'll be able to be as effective as I am right now. HaggNarr should be something like 'reroll shrugs of 1` or something less impacting. As it stands the existing Khaninite Prayers benefit so much from Hagg Narr R3 and the shrug that the others are blown out the water. Here is to hoping GHB19 balances out stormhosts and not solely model costs~
  3. I've been thinking lately about the influx of new insane melee damaging armies. Gristlegore, 4 Bloodthirsters, etc. and am more now then ever feeling like shooting will come back into the meta. That said, the obvious DoK response is "play Khalibron" but I've been thinking about options a bit more thorough than that. I'm thinking it could* be pretty strong to draft the option to once-in-a-tournament run Morathi as an Aelf mage. Thinking here Balewind, (+1 spell, +1 cover, +6 inches to spells. ) and Pit of Shades can potentially start a ranged damage train. I also think this strat will absolutely not be worth it if I can't kill a 7HP Slaan Starmaster turn 1. That said, it seems her warscroll +1 to cast, hopefully Arcane +1 to cast will open up options for 1) Pit of Shades 2) Arane Bolt ( modified 10+ is d3) 3) Arnzipals Black Horror 4) ??Some Realm Spell?? The problem here is that it seems, on average, I'd only accrue some ~4MWs per turn. Not optimal to say the least... Any ideas from folks on how to further this concept. I feel it has potential, especially if you can erase a Bloodsecrator, Slaan Starmaster, 4 of the teleporting Vanguard Raptors, Arkanaut Ironclad, or anything else as strategically valuable as so by going first turn 1.
  4. I find Kraith Cauldron Guard to be the lowest viable drops we can work with and still utilize Hag Queens and efficient unit sizes. I have Morathi in there as well. For me and my scene, winning drops is very important as having Morathi cripped turn 1 is very detrimental (Nurgle Deluge d3 , Stardrake Shooting d3, Evocator Bomb, Hand of Dust, etc. ) So I've found Kraith Cauldron Guard to suite me quite well.
  5. I run 30 SoS w/ buckler and 30 WE w/ Dual Daggers. It makes the most efficiency sense with the points reduction and for my two Hag Queens' Witch brew to be active on all 60 models. Personally, it also helps my horseracing. I tend to plan on the SoS being the unit that takes more damage so they'll dish it back as they widdle down ( Bucklers, Martyr Sacrifice, Mystic Shield) while still hitting great with witchbrew and 6'' pile in of their own and preying for a Kraith proc. While I use the 30WE with their Mindrazor, Witchbrew and Sacrament of Blood as the obscene murder blender they are (and still preying for a Kraith proc) That said, I'm increasingly seeing that I lose games when my opponent can focus some 1200 pts in one attack against my 30 witches, hag and Cauldron ( e.g. Deepkin, Waagh stacks x 9, Beastclaw) and hit me first with it all. Don't get me wrong, I also lose to shooting armies in Knife to the Heart and any other ranged damage army with chaff in the way while they shoot me the whole time I'm trying to penetrate chaff. Sylvaneth WinterLeaf, Tzeentch Pink Horror heavy armies too.. That's all good and OK, asymmetry is what makes competitive games great
  6. I'm really torn here with my last points in my list now that Kraith hero phase shenanigans is out-the-window. Anyone have opinions either way for 100pt Slaughter Queen on foot ( Khaineanite Prayer, Dance of Doom, Venom of Negendra) 80 pts 5 more Lifetaker to round out a unit of 10. I see many pros and cons for each but don't necessarily have a strong opinion either way. I'm thinking the Slaughter Queen w/ Venom is a Red Herring and takes pressure off of my Hag Queens from hero sniping but left alone can maybe score 2D6 mortal wounds(although her 6 inch movement is rough.) On the other hand 5 more Lifetakers to contest points is excellent and when scenarios are more-models-score that seems pretty invaluable but does then put more spotlight on my Hag Queens. while offering little in the way of damage against armored enemies. Thoughts?
  7. Winter FAQ updates to Daughters 1) https://whc-cdn.games-workshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Core-Rules-and-Bases-Sizes-EN.pdf "Q: If I use an ability that allows a unit to do something in the hero phase as if it were a different phase, can I use abilities that could affect it in that phase in the hero phase? For example, if I was allowed to make a shooting attack with a unit in my hero phase as if it were my shooting phase, would an ability that allowed me to make an extra attack with that unit in my shooting phase apply? A: No to both questions. Abilities that state they can only be used or only apply in a certain phase can only be used in that phase and/or their effects will only apply in that phase. So, if an ability says you can use it in your movement phase, it can only be used in your movement phase, or if an ability said it applied in your shooting phase, you can only apply its effects in your shooting phase, and so on." ~ Orgy of Slaughter no longer procs Kraith Allegiance Abilities. ~ Orgy of Slaughter no longer enables Dance of Doom from your Slaughter Queen on foot. ~ Orgy of Slaughter no longer enables Venom of Nagendra from your Slaughter Queen. ~ Martyrs Sacrifice no longer procs in an enemies round of hero phase attacking(vs. Daughters, Stormcast, Khorne, etc.) 2) https://whc-cdn.games-workshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/age_of_sigmar_daughters_of_khaine_designers_commentary_en.pdf "Q: Do any wounds or mortal wounds inflicted on Morathi at the start of the battle round (by an endless spell, for example), count towards the limit of 3 wounds that can be inflicted on Morathi in the first turn of that round? Can things that heal wounds at the start of the battle round be used to heal wounds on Morathi? A: No to both questions" ~This one is a little illogical but makes sense for GW wanting to nerf Daughters and therefore nerfing Morathi. So the Iron Heart of Khaine ability is only active during the battle round. So therefore we can use Endless Spells to hurt her beyond her 3dmg/turn limit because it's not in the battle round. That said, this update now also states that we can not use Endless Spells to heal her beyond her 0 healing/turn limit even though that it's an Endless Spell and it's between rounds.
  8. Folks really trash on Lifetakers but haven't themselves really tested them in different circumstances. Also, folks have too much of a hard on for Witch Aelves and then wrongfully compare pure damage output and points/cost efficiency optimizations without looking at Lifetakers utility. Lifetakers are fantastic when you consider how versatile they can be for your different matches/opponents/goals. Esp at 80 pts. If they were battleline they'd be OP. Lifetakers make amazing Chaff. They're on 32s, spaced one inch apart, for 80pts. If someone fights one unit as chaff, you can activate the next and 50/50 move your 6'' either over or back towards your models. Preventing your chaff from even dying. At the cost of 1 unit of 80 pts. When I fight IronJawz I use them as a screen for their turn 1 intense alpha strike. It's great, I will gladly sacrifice 80pts of a screen to keep my General and Morathi free from megaboss on maw-krusha turn 1. Lifetakers are amazing Alpha Strike. Start with a unit deployed on the board, the bigger the better. Mindrazor, witchbrew, Catachlysm of Murder, Blessing of Khaine. Move your 14 and Charge em with rerolling 1s. You'll be hitting for 3 dmg, with -1 rend and 6s do more hits AND you'll 50/50 be able to retreat afterwards so on they're turn they are locked in their own territory and have to again fight your wall of damage while you board control. Lifetakers are still solid at Objective Grabbing. Use them like Heartrenderers, Turn 3 and your enemy has left a back line objective open? Free VPs. Or even better yet, they didn't and kept a whole battleline back out of fear of your 80pt chaff unit taking their objective. You've essentially made them sacrifice away one of their own units and chances are it'll cost a lot more than 80pts. That said, you can still attempt to drop in, charge, hit retreat and still own an objective by having more models within 6" even after your retreat. I've done it loads of times. Just make sure it's after R2 for rerolls 1's to charge. Cauldron Guard and Cogs helps loads here too. Lifetakers are good at support hero Assassinations. Use a block of 5 as a character assassin. Go kill the enemy 5pt hero. If they're not properly bubble wrapped, fly over their enemies and charge em. Give em a buff or two and that enemy support hero with no real save go bye-bye ( Necromancer, Hag Queen, Branchwyches, etc.)
  9. Double Blades Witch Aelves are very fragile ( 6+ save ) so it's very common for folks to run Hagg Narr for that 5+ shrug save around the cauldron and then a second set of Double Blades Witch Aelves can additionally re-roll their 5+ shrug with Blessing of Khaine prayer. For those 60 Witch Aelves I've mostly seen the 4 attacks kind ( double daggers being pumped full of witch brew. ) That said they have no rend so the last 30 with a shield isn't a bad option, at all, to consider. If you wanna tie something up with high armor ( e.g. stormcast ) as you'll deal some mortal wounds when those shield witches are attacked with the 6+ save Mortals and the 5+Mortal Wound explosion on model death prayer. Also it's nice to have one unit that OK to let get hit first in Combat phase (imo) E.g. I've crippled a MeagBoss on Mawcrusher with that combo ( he killed some 20+ Sisters of Slaughter ) and then my activation I finished him off with their first sets of attacks. I wouldn't have been able to kill him off if I was using double daggers. His 3+ save and mytsic shield is DoK's bane with no real rend. ( Thank God for Mind Razor .) So ultimately I'm saying while 4 attacks is amazing, in enough circumstances that are realistic I think a unit of 3 attacks because of shields has significant tactical coverage where only 90 Witch Aelves with 4 attacks each wouldn't have the impact they would. All that said, 90 Witches with Double Daggers is the Net List and the more commonly used tournament placing winning list.
  10. A couple different lists depending on what mood ( Temple ) I'm in Kraith Cauldron Guard with lots of Slaughter Queens on foot for Dance of Doom, Orgy of Slaughter lots of opportunity for Kraith Allegiance to pop off. Drachai Ganeth with Cogs, Snakes and Lifetakers and all the charging fun units. Grand Alliance Order with Slaughter Troupe and Tanabrael Shard. I find Hagg Narr and 90 Witch Aelves horribly boring, might as well play Murderhost Khorne. I really enjoy skirmishy movement ( Sisters of Slaughter, Lifetakers, Tanebrael Shard type gameplay, kind of like boxing really. ) So I tend to run lots of those type models as much as I can. Run + Charge Retreat + Run + 6'' Pile in. Retreat + Pile in 6'' ( I can hit you before you can hit me ) Hit then free move (Lifetakers) Kill hero then free move( Tanebrael Shard) My favorite playstyle revolves around controlling the order/pace of what fight happens and what bad decisions I leave my opponent with in the combat phase. (In that regard I do really enjoy the combo ability of Destruction to chain their activations if they kill a unit.)
  11. BloodSisters are no joke. A unit of 10(280 pts) can dish out a solid amount of rend and mortal wounds, something the army lacks. that said, the rough part is that you will need a Wizard general and therefore No Command Ability if you are to Melusai battleline which is the popular way to run a snake army. But, I would encourage you to consider an alternative, keep the Slaughter Queen on Cauldron as General and pay your minimum Battleline taxes in Witch Aelves., 3 x100 pts spent on some chaff Witch Aelves to screen your snakes when BCR is charging you and you'd still have access to Orgy of Slaughter, which is, in my opinion, well worth it's value in points. Plus those 10 person units of Witch Aelves will be rolling 40 dice each unit if they're near a hero. 30 if not, so that alone isn't a bad offensive option either. In the end scoring is about more models so some fodder foot soldiers is never a bad idea. Pro-Tip. Melusai have a 1'' attack range to have all their attacks hits so you will not want two rows deep of models but instead you'll want your front with enough space between your models that your staggered back row can reach in with their 1' attack range. (e.g.~first Google hit I could find ~
  12. After playing 5 months of Hagg Narr(and not running 90 Witch Aelves) I am really wanting to switch temples so I'm not lost in a sea of DoK players at tournaments. That said, its really a shame that if we try and build efficiently we're ultimately mathing ourselves back into Hagg Narr. It's just so incredibly efficient. Some thoughts 1) Kraith and Drachi temples overwrite your Slaughter Queen's artefacts. This alone is why I think those two temples can't be as powerful. The objectives based game (esp Places of Arcane Power and Relocating Orb) favor tanky Wizards/Heroes with Artefacts. The plethora of artefacts to enable are inefficiently utilized with a forced offensive artefact by those temples. Kraith's Venom is twice as effective on a Slaughter Queen on foot(Dance of Doom) but with 5HP it's not smart for any objective based scenario. Drachi's +1 attack artefact for her sword is just awful compared to the hordes of options in DoK book and Malign Sorcery Realms. It really feels like that's why Hagg Narr and Khalibron are more successful, because of flexible and well utilized artefact options that best enable objective based gaming. 2) DoK never really win deployment(by design and that's cool.) So, more often than not we are made to go first and then we're strongly at risk of being double turned. Making Hagg Narr's 5+ shrug bubble so much better than all the other options. Esp if we have the opportunity to buff our army in our first Hero phase before we are double turned. 3) The artefact (+1 to cast and rerolling 1s) is AMAZING and I want to run it but because we're so hurting for objective gaming point scorers. We would be silly to take it as we would be giving up a Cauldron with an artefacts as a point scorer. 4) Missing out on Orgy of Slaughter from not having a Slaughter Queen as your general is a huge disadvantage. That command ability alone outweighs the value of the Medusa. Thoughts?
  13. Has anyone really pushed a Drachi Ganeth build to it's potential, even for an experiment? Based off of +1 to hit from charging alone, it seems like the below will be pretty beneficial Cogs ( +2 charge and +2 move, battleline can run and charge) allows us to get off our Allegiance ability +1 to hit more often. Blood Stalkers ( Crystal Touch, 1 mortal wound per model on a 3+ ) Lifetakers (when they charge they hit on 2s for 2 dmg ) Cauldron of Blood - Mortal wounds on the charge. Bloodwrack Shrine - Mortal wounds on the charge. Slaughter Troupe Retreat and charge, so they can charge every turn. Seems lack luster in giving up the retreat and 6'' pile in on Sisters of Slaughter. Great with Slaughter Queen on Cauldron for mortal wounds every round. Seems valid on HeartRenderers so they can retreat and again do some back lines point sniping instead of being wiped out and unable to get that shoot and 6'' move.) 2 additional Witch Aelves units added to Slaughter Troupe, allowing them to retreat run and charge every round with +1 seems strong. Thoughts?
  14. I see here in the Designer's Commentary about Blood Stalkers NOT gaining their Mortals wounds, even when it specifically says "as if it were the shooting phase." Q: Blood Stalkers’ Heartseeker Bows inflict mortal wounds in the shooting phase. Morathi, High Oracle of Khaine lets units shoot ‘as if it were the shooting phase’. Do the Blood Stalkers’ shots inflict mortal wounds when she lets them shoot? A: No. How to deal with abilities that allow a unit to act as if it were a different phase is covered in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar core rules Designers’ Commentary. That said, I am not confidently finding the section referenced in "Warhammer Age of Sigmar core rules Designers’ Commentary" that they are referring to, What I am seeing is specifics about move restrictions... Can someone point out the section regarding "How to deal with abilities that allow a unit to act as if it were a different phase " please and thank you? I'd like to see about Kraith proc's in the Hero phase. (Shadow hammer, Orgy of Slaughter, Dance of Doom, etc. ) but I'm not confident I understand the core ruling the DoK Designer's Commentary references above to validate if Kraith can be proc'd or not.
  15. Impacts from the July 2018 FAQs 1) Bummer - Morathi cannot double the set-up range of Endless Spells. 2) Bummer - Morathi can be damaged beyond her Iron Heart threshold by Endless Spells, between rounds. 3) Perk - The specific realm artefact that nullifies enemy artefacts cannot affect Morathi's Iron Heart. 4) Confirmation - No matter the battalion, allies do not receive allegiance abilities nor can they generals.
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