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  1. Hi Aaron i have lots of armies on the go I have loads of first edition khorne bloodbound / daemons of khorne that I’m working on for my blades of khorne army I’m also working on Idoneth deepkin so that is going well Sims :)
  2. Hi im sims and i new to AoS (started on this hobby journey late october last year) My favorite army is the blades of khorne with nighthaunts a close second.... hope to hear from you all soon Sims
  3. I didnt rage quit why? Cos khorne loves range and fuels my desires for skulls and blood and violence...... BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! ?
  4. G This is why i use the AoS warscroll builder on the community site.... cant be bothered with Azyr cos i have to wait for a iphone update....
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