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  1. Can anyone measure the size of the acolyte globe for me in mm? Looking to try kitbash some out of plague monks. TIA
  2. @Titcher yeah on street parking out the front or by the sides £3 weekends, 4:50 ish weeknights I think
  3. @Meandering Shade Please do, more the merrier. Always looking to expand AoS player base here
  4. @Walrustaco Tuesdays, we aim to get there after work. So around 5:30pm and Sundays 10am, to get a full day in! Nurgle, hell yes. and last time I played vs gutbusters I regretted it hahah !
  5. hi all, @Titcher , @AaronWIlson , @MrZakalwe haven't been checking my messages on here. merry Christmas all ! Me and a few others play down at Patriot Games in Leeds. We try get there every Tuesday and sunday. by all means join the group in facebook and we will add you to the chat and we can get some games in!!!!! and yes..... SKAVEN
  6. Here's a 2k list I've been running. Thoughts? Allegiance: Chaos Leaders (200) Screaming Bell - General - Has Lord of war command trait (get that +1 to hit easier) - Peal of Doom is great but you take this guy for his command ability ! (220) Verminlord corruptor - Has Sword of Judgement Ulgu artefact of power - every 6+ on hit roll vs hero/monsters = D6 mortal wounds (hero/monster nuker) (60) Pack master with shock prod (Need to poke some rat ogres, or even stormfiends!) (80) Plague priest (for that +1 to wound prayer, opposing player cant dispel/unbind... SUCKER !) Battleline (120) 20x clanrats - (chaff) (120) 20x clanrats - (chaff) (120) 20x clanrats - (chaff) Artillery (180) Warp Lightning Cannon (Because who doesn't love ranged mortal wounds?) Other units (400) 8x Rat Ogors - (Packmaster will stick with these guys like glue provide that buff and double bravery to 10 to these roid users) (290) 3x Stormfiends - (1x rattle rat, 1x mortal wound rat, 1x tunneller rat) (70) Warpfire Thrower Weapon Team - ( D6 mortal wound on a 2+ …… Oohhhh Yeah baby !) (70) Warpfire Thrower Weapon Team - ( D6 mortal wound on a 2+ …… Oohhhh Yeah baby x2 !) (70) Warpfire Thrower Weapon Team - ( D6 mortal wound on a 2+ …… Oohhhh Yeah baby x3 !)
  7. until

    what thread?
  8. There's always more rats to throw at our enemies
  9. Hi can you add me , Tom McPherson player mcpherson.tom11@gmail.com or @mcf33ble on Twitter location: Crossgates, Leeds, UK
  10. I just created a new post asking for roughly the same thing. Maybe some one with app design skills can pop a matchmaker on the App Store/google store
  11. Not sure if this has been a topic yet. But I would love to see a feature where you can put yourself looking for match/game + city + army and other people can search via location or game type etc. Post valid for 28 days or something. For example: I would set up my profile/post with; Game: Age of Sigmar 2nd edition Army: Skaven Pestilens (or multiple if unsure of which army I want to play) Location: Leeds, U.K. Post length: 20 days. So for my opponent, the search would be via; - game type - select Age of Sigmar 2nd edition. or - locations - Select from available locations from current live posts. or - Army type - he/she wants to play against a specific army. or -post age. or - combination of the above. Thoughts on this anyone? I’m aware there’s a club search but that’s not focused enough.
  12. Will do, apparently there’s Leeds night owls club but I’ve had no reply yet
  13. Hello forum, hopefully I’ll be able to find some players in and around Leeds for a few aos games
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