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  1. Thanks! I missed the distinction between beggining of activation and beggining of action phase
  2. Hi people! I have seen someone asked a similar question but it is still not clear to me. Is it allowed to play, in your opponent's power phase, Shattered terrain (fighters that move, or are pushed in the next activation suffer 1 DMG) and equip Trickster charm (you can play a single ploy card at the beginning of each action phase), followed by Earthquake in your activation phase to deal 1 DMG to everyone? One TGA user mentioned that Trickster charm acts as a mini power phase before the activation, but nor the cards neither the rulebook mentions anything like that. Thanks!
  3. I have recently played against the Thorns of the Briar Queen. I won 3 out of 4 games. The one I lost (the first one), I got surprised by the movement of the chainrasps, that were able to surround my inspired Tefk , Fjul and Vol and make dwarf-pulp of them. In the following games I was more careful, trying to keep my distance and looking for gaps in their defense to one-shot the guy that allows all chainrasps to move or the Queen. All games are a tight affair, and I really missed attacks that affect all adjacent enemies. Besides the horrible 2 swords upgrade of Vol, do the Fyreslayers have access to other area attacks? I recently played with SC in a 3 players game. I got Severin surrounded by Fyreslayers and Orruks and with his two swords, 2 damage area attack he was able to almost single-handedly annihilate both warbands. I want the same for my little greedy ******
  4. There are not official rules, only some house rules I found in a forum. I thought they were a lot of fun, so I would recommend anyone to give them a try. I have tried to link directly to the page, but I can't find it anywhere. As far as I remember: The game is 2 vs 2. Activations proceed player 1 team 1, player 1 team 2, player 2 team 1, and player 2 team 2. You can use ploys and upgrades on the fighters of your teammate. You share the glory pool. Teammate's fighters support your attack. And maybe the best rule: "There can be no card duplicates in the team's deck (objective or action cards)". I found it was fun to create two different decks that will support each other, instead of two decks having quick thinker, escalation, twist the knife and so on.
  5. If by a 4 players game to refer all-vs-all*, I don't think any band is in a particularly weak position. I have played several games Fyreslayers, SC, Skavens, and SG, and we all fared fine. With more players, you have plenty of chances of scoring aggro-based objectives (you can choose going against SG and skavens for easy to get glory), but you have also more chances of scoring objectives, for you can choose which enemy board to enter, and sometimes while you are entering the enemy territory, that enemy may be also leaving to fight somewhere else. On the other hand, "weak" bands like SG may be in a slight disadvantage depending on your game partners, mostly because with 2 wounds and such a low attack is the easy pick. Players, me included, tend to avoid going straight ahead against warbands that can one-shot your precious fighters, and instead indulge in breaking havoc among less combat-oriented warbands. As with any board game with more than 2 players, you need to know against whom and when to pick up a fight. Too early, and you may get the unwanted attention of more than 1 player, too late and you won't be able to choose your opponent. And because of that I don't take 4 players games seriously. They are REALLY fun, and everytime I meet 3 of my friends we go for it (instead of 2 simultaneous games). You just need to forget about balancing and competitive gaming. *There are rules for 2 vs 2 that are a whole different story, and the warband election is quite important.
  6. Hello! I am in doubt of the Farstrider's card Zealous defender: "This fighter is considered to have an additional supporting fighter when they are holding an objective." I guess you can use it both attacking and defending, isn't it? Thanks!
  7. Yes, I am aware this is the Farstriders' thread (sorry for hijacking it!). I got his point wrong. I though he was using Ready for action to move into enemy territory in the power phase (and thus the reference to the Chosen axes), but upon a second reading, he is moving out from the Farstriders' inspiring condition before the end of the action phase.
  8. Not sure I understand your reply @Tutenkharnage and may directly impact how I play with the Fyreslayers. Just to make sure, if I play an earthquake in the power step of the last activation to put them into objectives, they become inspired because they finished the action phase on objectives, isn't it?
  9. I am playing a 24 card deck. I tried to shave it as much as I could, sometimes bringing it down to 22, but I am settling down (up?) to 24. The idea behind is to get a deck that is consistent and predictable (by you, hopefully not so much by the opponent ). The problem I encounter with small decks is that opening hand mulligans are more painful (though in contrast, they should happen less often), and they may feel less flexible... stress on the "feel". It is true that in smaller decks you cannot fit the range of ploys and upgrate cards to adapt to different opponents. But it is also true that you always draw the same number of cards regardless of the deck size, thus having effectively the same amount of cards available for each game (not counting dual of wits and so on). In bigger decks you may draw the critical card once in a while that will give you the game, but we overlook the number of times that you simply do not draw that card and all the clutter makes your warband less efficient.
  10. Well, they bring the ethersea wherever they go. Actually, it will be fitting for them entering into Shadespire. Their whole background revolves around souls, theirs and their enemies'. Due to their time in Slanesh's belly, their souls are withering and need to find a cure to it. Where best to find such cure than the city that managed to cheat death and keep their souls far from Nagash's grasp? I can imagine 3 Namarti (the blind ones) and one Akhelian, their pure blood high cast as leader.
  11. I am playing a mixed objectives/aggro deck, with around 1/3 of the ploys and upgrades focused on moving to objectives, swapping them, shadcaller, etc. and the same amount of ploys and upgrades for aggresive playstyle. I try to inspire Grimnir and Tefk in the first turn, and usually leave Mad Maegrim forgotten in the rear to score the keys or another hold objective card that I may get. I found the darts very useful, because bad positioning from your side (or a wise move form your opponent) can leave an uninspired duardin (Vol and Mad) out of the fight way too easily. It may feel overkill, but I think activated runes with flickering image (and maybe also the darts) will make Mad a force to be reckoned with when facing skavens and SG. I have two friends playing these two bands, if I ever pull it out I will let you know
  12. I have been trying to use flickering image in my last games, but never pulled the combo. I am trying to use it on Mad Maegrim with the shadeglass darts (usually him or Vol are back scoring hold objectives). The idea is for him to shoot, trigger Flickering image, and attack in the next activation or simply support Fjul or Tefk, How are you using it, @riddlesworth?
  13. Totally agree with @riddlesworth and @Goblin-King. I would love the warbands to become more distinct, and not just a slight variation of the same aggro type of game. I am sure they can encourage different play styles by introducing new faction cards or universal cards, or by limiting/banning some of the old must-use universal cards (they could release a card-only expansion for season 1 warbands). I would really love to see new ways to use the environment. Something in the direction of the shattered city pack, adding more strategic depth and diversity between games. For example a fountain of youth that heals a fighter (not everyhtign need to be 1 pt damage), possibility of placing blocked hexes or other tiles not just objectives... And then the wording (no more cards with the same effect but different card texts), no power creep (making warbands and whole decks obsolete is a cheap move). Overall, I would go for refinement of the core game, solidifying the rules and windows of opportunity, and build up new mechanics on a more solid foundation.
  14. From reddit: "The Briar Queen - nemesis of the cursed city of Shadespire - is unleashed by Nagash to menace other lands. She is tasked with claiming certain souls that have cheated Nagash. With the aid of her spectral army - the Thorns of the Briar Queen - she visits each of the Mortal Realms, always bringing back her target's soul. Between missions the Briar Queen returns to Shadespire, for her need for vengeance there remains unsatisfied." Being in the new AoS box set, and the cards they showed a few months ago with a castle gate icon, this totally points out at the new Nighthaunt band
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