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  1. And the command ability also stacks! Mostly Im waiting till I can charge everything reliably. Then knight errants are even better then KOTR. Atleast for damage output that turn. Because they can get a 2+ to hit aswell, but also rerolling ones. And dont forget horse also can benefit alot from +2 to hit.
  2. True. Althought the King might be the onlyone with a high chance of oneshotting most main heroes/Mosters. I mostly pump out 4 d6 mortal wounds with +3 to hit. And all the other attacks. Even with +2 to hit, the other attack usually take care of everything.
  3. I run Strategic genius on him for an extra cp. What would mean an extra +1 to hit with the Sword of Judgement so I can oneshot early in the game
  4. Good to hear you finnaly take the Sword or judgement! It makes the king a real Slayer. With it, i’d say he is worth the 400points. Just like some other beatstick heroes. My last tournament I oneshotted Volturnos, Olynder, and some other smaller heroes. The lady was proud! One quick tip, wich you probably figured out: always attack with the grails first. Doenst mather if the king takes a hit first, since his sword isnt bracketed. Are you bringing the Sword of Judgement to Adepticon?
  5. Hi Guys! Keep this thread alive. I’m going to a local tournament next month of 1250 varanguard. Up till now i’ve played seraphon, but just wanted to give my old bretts one more chance. I’ve spend the last months painting the Knights and rebashing the whole army. The old king, MAA and Enchantress I just left it the way I painted it as a child. For nostalgic reasons. I’ve won most of my practice games so far. With the King being an absolute hero/monster killer with Sword of judgement as item. When played right is an easy 3-4 d6 mortal wounds. Below are some pics. Hope I won
  6. Those damb pesky DoK heroes which arent Monsters, but have like 14 wounds. Looking at it, the king in hippogryph also isn’t a monster. Which is nice! But for 400 points, tou could squeze in a lord, some knights and a damsel if you leave the maa out.
  7. Thanks! I was looking at the lord aswell for a more competatice edge. But can you really play bretonnia without the almighty Leoun! Maybe make the lord a Gilles le Breton to fit the awesomeness of a king. Only small downside would be rerolls vs heroes. Which I would like vs Idoneth or DoK
  8. Hi Guys, Just love to see some bretonnia fans here! It was my first and biggest love. I collected them as a 10yo where they where in the box with the Lizardman. After 15 years I recently got back in AOS and was heartbroken they killed out knights. Even more so since I’ve never even used them. So I have been playing some Seraphon in a competative scene. Love those lizard too. But I do feel an itch for The Knights on my next tournament. Especially wanting to use Louen Leoncour! So i’ve come up with the next list. Allegiance: OrderMortal Realm: UlguLeadersKing on Hip
  9. I think they are great, especially their rend and movement combined with 2inch reach. I just dont think they fit their purpose in a unit of 30 as a horde. I'd use a horde for an attrition fight and use Grimghast in units of 10 max 20 to clear small units/heroes. Kill and move again.
  10. i'm used to playing Serpahon, and have 0 experience with death so I might be wrong. But playing the objectives seems hard with your list. What I was planning with the list I wrote, let the KoSoES run around with the hexwraiths, giving them +1 attack (do the horses get +1 aswell?) and having a nice artifact to increase damage or movement. To fly to objectives, harras the backfield or go hero hunting. Use the horde of chainrasps as anvil, with the GoS and Spirit torment buffing and healing them, while getting LoS. Making the unit quite impressive in damage output. And use the 10 Grimgha
  11. You think Grimghast are that good? I love them for their stats, but think you'll maximum get 10 in 2" range. Where getting 20 chainrasps in range would look more easy. I like Hewraiths for their speed, and low model count. So they can move quick and out manouver, and wont get stuck easily. 30 Grimghast just seems like a really huge blob.
  12. Hi Guys, Im going to get the Soul Wars box and was thinking about builing an 1250 points Nighthaunt list (locals are around 1250 points), which I could bumb up to 2000 with playing Nagash. He is just such a badass, that he needs to be played. I've come up with this: 1220 points MoGrief 240 KoS on Steed 140 Gaurdian of Souls 140 Spirit Torment 120 40 Chainrasps 280 10 G.Reapers 140 5 Hexwraiths 160 And for 2k I'll just add Nagash, and switchout KoSoES for some endless spells. Will it be sufficient units? Or switch the Spirittorment for 3 Spirit Hosts? And doubti
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