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  1. I can't recall any Duardin Rumor Engines in quite awhile. Maybe some people thought the Hammers that turned out to be Lumineth were Duardin, but aside from that, nothing I'm aware of.
  2. Tbh Sculpting a face wasn't my first choice, it's just that I couldn't find anything the proper scale for the size of the Wind spirit. I was sort of locked in as I had already sculpted the main body of the creature over an old pewter Wood Elf lord on Great stag that had been heavily filled down. That was me, depending on the size of whatever you might make, there could be tons of appropriate sized faces to turn into mask out there. Think outsside the box!
  3. Sculpted it myself out of 1 part greenstuff, 2 parts Millliput. Took three tries to get the right size, as most were too big.
  4. Awesome model, and a cool earth elemental. It doesn't really sell "wise aelf allied spirit" though, I think you're idea of adding a mage and some aelf runes could help, but the big defining thing so far with the lumineth design language for spirits, and what Phil Kelly mentioned in his interview is that the Aelemetors only come to life because the Lumineth have crafted magical masks to give them form. I think to sell that as Lumineth, and not just a generic Rock monster it really needs a mask ala Celennar or the Mountain spirits. Doesn't have to be a Longhorn I'd imagine there are a wide range of forms they could take, but the mask to me is kind of the defining thing. Either way, I'm looking forward to see what other people come up with, as I've been rocking away on my own with little outside input/inspiration. Can not WAIT for that that to change and the flood gates to open.
  5. I actually love the Alararith mountain Spirit too! I'm definitely going to paint one up, but as of now, without looking towards allies, the Mountain Spirit seems to be the best warscroll within the Lumineth faction to represent a mounted Prince, I had toyed with Eltharion or the Stone mage but they are both too small. Whether or not it makes the most sense from a lore standpoint, I feel using the Mountain spirit, and giving him the Aqshy Thermalrider cloak, will be the best way to represent what I'm going for, it will give him +4 movement and fly, which should let the model I've created make thematic/visual sense to opponents. Plus, Thermalrider cloak seems appropriate to represent a wind spirit!
  6. Great. And in my experience, these sort of things work out well. I mostly play in GWs and in GW tournaments, so all my models need to be 100% GW bits or peices I sculpt myself. And it's a good Idea to shoot for goals like that to focus your creativity (otherwise it is easy to get overwhelmend by models to use as a basis) Make sure what you make fits the warscroll, this is also why I heavily favor conversion over "count as" Now, no one has seen the Alarith's generic warcrolll yet, but based on the battle report and the wounds it took, not to mention it's size there are plenty of educated guess people can make. 10+ wounds, 100mm base (going off tons of reference photos) about 5.6 inches tall from hoof to mountain peak, ect. That gives so much starting info, That's why my lord/mount are on the cloud/mountain to make it approx. the same size as the Alarith, it will rest on the same base as well. Most mounted lords on great beasts have the 9-14 ish wounds so that checks as well, I even made sure to make the creature visually identifiable as a Aelf spirit with the same mask (even the same mountain as the alarith) so that if there are any battletome abilities that effect Aelementors it would make internal logic that they would effect my mount/lord as well. All that said, it's probably a good idea to not run your creation alongside a generic version of the same warscoll, to help fight confusion. For example, I would try not to run my lord next to another base model spirit of the mountain, however different versions/special characters like Avelenor give you a bit more wiggle room, so long as there are no warscroll duplicates using different models, you are normally in the clear. Any time you plop down a lovingly converted model, with good intent, if someone rejects a game with you because of it, they are probably not going to be fun to play against anyways, so it's a self correcting problem in my book! Good luck!
  7. I'm sure we'll get one in time, but I think what we have seen thus far, is it for the immediate release. One of the best parts of the Warhammer hobby is getting creative, I love making characters/miniatures that don't exist and making interesting conversions to fit existing rules, there are tons of existing warscrolls that can be used in novel ways! For my Idoneth, I wanted a dragon mounted character, but since GW never made one, I created one myself, using the rules of an Eidolon. For the Lumineth, I also wanted a mounted hero, so I've decided to do the same thing! I posted some WIP images of the sculpt a few pages back. I'm creating a hero mounted on a Aelementor Spirit, and I'll end up using the Generic Alarith Mountain spirit as his warscroll (that way he can use Lumineth Relics or command traits). When you look at other armies, a lot of "heroes on great mount" have similar statlines/attack profiles to the mid sized monsters like the Mountain Spirit and the Eidolon. If that doesn't work for you, start looking at some of the potential allies Lumineth might have for a suitible warscroll, and then go crazy converting an appropriate Lumineth model!
  8. Likewise, there is an interesting blurb of lore in the Soulbound RPG that said, while some Idoneth are willing to tolerate being soulbound to othesr, and to serve the forces of Order, most make a point of refusing to directly work for Teclis. Page 61, in the Idoneth section:
  9. I am very interested to see what our Allies table looks like and what sorts of options that brings.
  10. Continuing my odyssey to sculpt a wind spirit for my eventual Lumineth, I have been working on what will serve as the creatures base. The primary reason I choose the Kirin/Qilin as the basis for my Aelven Wind Spirit was the Buddhist description of them, being so gentle that they refused to step on living things, including grass. This is why many depictions of them historically, show them galloping on clouds, giving them the colloquial nickname of "windsteed." The mountain is basically done, inspired the GW studio terrain features that accompany the Lumineth in Videos, and the Alarith Mountain spirit. I Think I will eventually add a few of the Bonsai trees to the rock fixture supporting the Spirit. I'm testing out a bunch of different things on the Clouds as they are slowly being built up layer by layer. As I find sculpting tricks that work better, I keep going back and smoothing/altering them. But I think it is in a state that shows the general theme of the Wind spirit and how it will rest when finished. The base size is also a placeholder as this will most likely sit on a 100mm circle base to use in place of the Generic Mountain spirit. I'm loving every step of the this creatures creation and can't wait to begin working on a Lumineth rider.
  11. They said it will release last week of june. It's crazy there are photo leaks this early.
  12. One of the reasons I have been so optimistic about seeing a mounted Lord option within the Lmineth release is that I have been planning/working on a conversion idea based around a mounted character since Teclis was revealed in January. At the time it seemed inconceivable that there would not be some mounted Hero alongside the reimagined High Elves for Age of Sigmar. Since that is looking unlikely, I'm left a bit forlorn and so will have to look at available allies to represent this model in game. That said I've put too much work into the creation to simply abandon it, so I've decided to share it here instead. One of my favorite aspects of the Warhammer hobby, is taking snippets of lore and background and then crafting unique personal characters which fill that niche while still connecting with the broader design language of the faction. Creating things that both "fin in" and "stand out" all at once. With that in mind, This was my take on creating a elemental spirit which would eventually serve as a mount for a prince character. The initial design was meant to play with the Asian inspired design language of the Lumineth and to be representative of a Quilin or Kirin, a Dragon Horse in east asian mythology. Instead of the more traditional deer-like head of the Japanese Kirin, or the Dragon-like head of the Chinese Quilin, I chose to emulate the masks seen on Celennar the Moon Spirit and the Alarith Mountain Spirit. To further tie it in with the Lumineth, I've given it both Moon, and Phoenix earrings to show that it is balanced between Teclian and Tyrionic side of Lumineth Culture. There is still a great deal of work to do, around the head, the mane directly behind the mask needs to be sculpted, and of course I still need to figure out what to use him as. Additionally, the rider is a placeholder for the moment, but I feel it is in a state that is worth sharing.
  13. From the last paragraph, I actually wouldn't be surprised to see the early release collectors box, go up for preorder (maybe one of their 2 week preorder) next sunday the 17th. With the the rest of the army getting slowly released in phases over June maybe into July.
  14. I found it very interesting that Tyrion was basically excluded from the Gods and Religon section of the Soulbound RPG book. All the other gods (and Morathi) get a two page spread, but Tyrion is just a little black side box in the Teclis section. As to your second question, for me, Teclis was always the more interesting of the pair. But it's a personal thing. I dislike "perfect characters" and Tyrion was just too good at everything, on top of that, he ended up cuckolding Finubar with an illegitimate child with the everqueen which always rubbed me the wrong way. Teclis on the other hand was supremely flawed, both physically and socially. Add to that he had a tendency to see big picture problems and try to address them, even by doing morally grey things made him interesting to follow. And best of all, he failed spectacularly on several occasions, despite his obvious power and skill.
  15. I don't think it's correct to say the mountain faction is only from Ymetrica or that the Alarith are the best warriors of the Lumineth. All that the book says is that the Aelementiri of mountainous Ymetrica are warriors without peer. Nothing about them being the best, or the lumineth's warrior caste, ect. Now for some context, in the 1st online preview, Phil kelly said that Avelanor's mountain is in Ymetrica, and that it is the tallest peak in hysh. It seems reasonable to assume that Ymetrica has the most skilled/ numerous Alarith Aelementiri, but not that they are the lumineths best warriors.
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