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  1. So from a handful of games which apparently you won, you can say definitively that an army is auto win. Sounds right to me.... I hate when people say ****** like this, it means I never get to win a game playing this army. If I do defeat my opponent, it's not because of my skill, but because some internet rando said my army was auto win, I didn't win, my army did. If I loose to my opponent, not only have I lost a game, my opponent defeated what was supposed to be an auto win list, meaning I cant win with the deck stacked in my favor, I lose twice. No matter the outcome of the game, I come out the looser. The army isnt even released yet and already you have enough experience playing it to know definitively its OP, and ruining the game for others. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ I'm done with this conversation, as this is the rumor thread, not a place to whine about whichever army you think is OP. Maybe try some empathy before posting like this again.
  2. I've lost two of my first three games with LRL, 1st against Orruk Warclans, 2nd loss against Mawtribes. I guess I don't have half a brain. How many times have you played against LrL, have you lost every time?
  3. You’re welcome to your opinion but we simply disagree on these points. I think it’s perfectly doable for GW to reign in artifacts with some alternate system to what we have now. The current system doesn’t work. I find it hard to imagine there are many people who look at the new realm artifacts in the GHB and compares them to even bottom tier battletomb artifacts and say they are equivalent choices and that’s a shame. But instituting even a wimpy points system with a cap would solve that issue. Of all the points balance complaints people have had about GW over the years, and pretty much all of them are close to valid, I can’t recall much vitriol over the points costs of most WFB items. It’s hard to ****** up things that cost 10-50 points. As to your “won’t” point. You can’t say GW won’t because they want you to spend money on points, you already point out battalions which undercuts your argument, but we also can buy command points and basically buy triumphs with points as well. Going one step further, I have seen plenty of lists back when malign sorcery artefacts were a thing, where people were basically buying cheap battalions simply for the 1 extra powerful artifact, which is basically points cost for artefacts already in game just with extra steps.
  4. Which fits neatly into my next hope, artefacts need points costs again. There is no way that GW can balance all artefacts to be equal, which makes having them be free a balance nightmare leading to either broken or useless items.
  5. I'd like to see a removal of command traits and artefacts being forced on you for taking a specific subfaction. The books are filled with cool command traits and artefacts that will never be used because not aligning your force to a subfaction is handicapping yourself.
  6. The conversion was quite extensive, but there are a lot of wip photos if you search my name through this thread. Of the top of my head these are the bits uses for cloud (but few of them are unaltered/repositioned/sculpted) The legs are based around the OOP metal Imrik model, with Light of Eltharion's Knee pads, thigh armor, and sword sheath. The torso is based around a shadow Warrior tunic with the shoulders and cape cut off and sculpted over, the belt is the belt from Light of Eltharion The arms, are a mix of Namarti Thrall and Wild Rider, with the glove and gauntlet coming from the shadow warrior kit and Eltharion respectively. The sword is a a filled in version of Orion's spear from the old wood elves line, with added ornamentation. The head is the least converted bit, it's one of the female heads from the FW Van Saar necromunda upgrade set, with hair sculpted over the top. Through out there is a lot of pinning repositioning and sculpting, but those are base parts.
  7. Thanks mate, The heads on the pikes come from the old metal Phoenix guard. Probably my all time favorite high elf helm sculpt. I've had 40 of them sitting in my closet for a rainy day project and I just decided to go all out and convert all 20 of my lumineth wardens to use this head. It's funny, I know a ton of people in the community love the look of the wardens/sentinels and Dawnriders, and loath the longhorn heads on the alarith, but I'm the reverse. The only helm I disliked in the Lumineth range were the wardens, who looked altogether too greek-hoplite for my tastes, it just clashed with the asian aesthetic of the rest of the range in my opinion. SO problem solved.
  8. These dice are great. I had a set of cylindrical dice one and they rolled great. Not sure how rolling large numbers will work, but shouldn’t be a problem. these are giving me a serious Mahjong vibe which I love. best of all, despite how outlandish they may look, the pips are still just pips, so these will be easy to read for you and your opponent. GW really seems to struggle with making usable/readable faction dice but between the pre-release set and these dice, I think the Lumineth are spoiled for great dice!
  9. I do too. They are outlandish, and they give me a serious Mahjong vibe, but the best part to me is that they are clearly readable. They may look odd, and have a different rolling mechanic, but the dice pips are easy to read which seems to be a problem for other GW faction dice. Between these, and the box set dice, Lumineth are spoiled for great dice choices.
  10. Loreseeker on Spirit of the Wind complete. From the first tease of the Lumineth in January, I have been excited thinking about what my armies general would look like. I've enjoyed roleplaying through my miniature collections on the tabletop, and one of the best aspects of this hobby sculpting/kitbashing a unique hero to lead your force. My goal setting out was to create something that both blends in with the established design language of the new Lumineth range, and simultaneously stands out as a unique creation. From the spirit mask, to the armor to the basing I believe that I have achieved those goals. This was a labor of love, and I hope to see other hobbyists create unique and fantastical heroes using the fertile background of Age of sigmar and the Lumineth. I hope you enjoy!
  11. This is what I was afraid would happen. That's why I snagged the physical book they produced for this years Adepticon off ebay. I just wanted to have a copy of those great stories, incase they got lost online.
  12. I've now completed and based by first 5 Dawnriders, 10 Wardens, and my converted Scinari Cathallar. The Cathallar is based on one of my favorite High Elves miniatures, the classic Archmage on Elemental base. While I adore that model, it felt wrong to use it as-is, so I went about converting her to more closely fit the aesthetic of the Lumineth Cathallar, most notably by sculpting a veil on a new head for her, and creating a smoke-censor staff to echo the curved language of the official miniatures headpeice. Let me know what you think!
  13. Hey there, and congratulations on making one of the hardest choices in AOS, which army to start with (as so many are amazing) 1) when I start a new army (and as I did when I started IDK a few years ago) I like to plan out 1000, 1500 and 2000 point lists as a goal to collect towards. Don't worry overly much about competitiveness. People will tell you that only eels are competitive, but I've had great success in my local campaigns and tournaments using pretty much every warscroll in the book. My advice when coming up with a "list" to build/collect towards is what models inspire you, which ones you think would be most fun to model and paint. From there an army should start to form and the next choices become even easier. 2) This depends heavily on which models you want to play with, as different enclaves do better with different units, Ionrach is great for caster heavy armies, Morphan for Namartii. However, My personal favorite is Nautillar, its a very defensive enclave and it pairs well with IDK tides of death, and defensive, IShlean Guard Eels. I like it, because compared to many enclaves which are only useful in some niche situations, getting a flat reroll to hits when a unit gets charged is huge, and really is an easy to remember force multiplier. AOS isn't as restrictive as 40k in needing armies painted to match subfactions, paint the miniatures how you like, and they can fit in any enclave. 3) IDK are one of the next books expected to be updated, as they are one of the oldest left currently. (Its Maggotkin of Nurgle, Legions of Nagash, Daughters of Khain and IDK in that order). Considering that Daughters are getting a huge update this fall with the new broken realms book, new warbands and a new hero mini, it seems likely that an IDK update is due within the next year. I wouldn't get your hopes up for a bunch of new models, but a new hero, an Underworlds warband and endless spells seem very likely considering GWs release trend.
  14. My first AoS army was idoneth, and I’ve now started up my lumineth. Neither are particularly new player friendly. Idoneth aren’t really a point and click army. You can’t just throw units at the enemy and expect to win, movement is your most important ability, and correct unit placement, at the correct distance to set up, or deny charges is key. This becomes challenging because if the tides of death table which changes what your army should be doing each turn, you need to be placing units and planning things turns in advance. Not the easiest thing to learn for beginners. lumineth on the other hand have a different type of dificulty. Lots of different abilities, buff, spells, and synergies to keep track of. Even for experienced players, it’s difficult to remember these types of things and use them all efficiently, but lumineth are nearly crippled if you forget to use a key ability at the right moment. Of the two armies, I think idoneth are more straight forward to learn for beginners as you really only need to focus on placing your units correctly. Lumineth require intense micromanagement in comparison. I love both armies but I hope this honesty helps you choose wisely if ease of play is important to you.
  15. @Wyliekyote It's called metal Holographic 2, Its very different from the rest of their colorshift range which I have used a great deal. The best way I could describe the effect in person is that it look like a holographic trading card.
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