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  1. Hello guys ! Just to expand on the idea of fortifications that I talked about before: I didn't say we should be a static army as T'au are, and wait for the enemy to come to us. The idea behind these artillery-fortification was to 1) Allow us to hit enemy long range without deepstriking 2) Force the enemy to move towards our own advancing lines, instead of staying in the back and shooting Also, to get it balanced, we could have a new type of relatively cheap/weak battleline such as engineers/builders. The more units of engineers you have, the more "free" fortification terrain you can have at the beginning of the battle. Or you could get the to build it closer to enemy line if you manage to get your engineers there. Having the Dispossessed being the fortification/building army doesn't mean they have to stay static in the back and shoot until turn 5. On the contrary, it should be an incentive to both the Dispossessed player (who wants to build in the middle) and to the enemy player (who wants to get out of range, under-the-nose of super artillery) to charge in the center.
  2. Reading all your amazing ideas for a new Dispossessed battletome is great ! Though some things are not "crazy" enough to go with the general direction that Age of Sigmar is going for. For exemple, goat cavalry sounds too much like The Hobbit and classic dwarven designs. Some mentioned scenery scenes, which sound amazing. It could for exemple help counter some of the Dispossessed weaknesses. A mining/underground scenery which allows a teleport per turn would help compensate our inherent lack of mobility. A giant anvil that helps dispel magic would counter magic-heavy armies. However, I think that it would be best to leave Dispossessed with these weaknesses, and reinforce our strenghs, thus defining a unique gameplay. What if, for exemple, a unique piece of scenery would be something that forces the enemy to leave their position and come to us ? Something, like, I don't know... A huge cannon on top of a fortress ? That sounds thematic, crazy AND fun. It could have an area of effect, a very powerful attack, but a minimum attack range. Go under the cannon's sight and you are safe. Thus, the enemy is highly encouraged to rush the strong dwarven defensive lines. Writing about this reminds me of the (great but now dead) game BattleForge. There were some very Duardin-like fortresses, such as the Worldbreaker Gun, which would fit the bill for Dispossessed I think -> Or the nameless Fortress, which would be a less crazy and point-heavy investment, for smaller point games -> Maybe a redesign of the Warriors to make them less vikings and more Duardin. A new type of miners/engineers with a token ranged attack and some utility for other troops ? Or a capacity to "summon" a tower/bunker or other defensive structures on the fly ? Some new buildings and building-oriented units are what would really show Dispossessed as expert craftsmen, imho.
  3. Thanks for all the detailled explanations. It saddens me that Grave Guard are simply not playable as a replacement for skeletons. Another idea came to be, though: I could very well keep the Bane Knights models, and just play them as skeletons. Would that allow me to play a competitive list ? Again, I don't want zombies, dogs, or any other "non-elite" unit. I want my force to look like an heavily armored elite army (that just happens to have 6+ saves). Here is a new test list, with only skeletons and Morghasts as units : Nagash (800pts) Necromancer (110pts) 2 Morghasts (220pts) 40 skeletons (280pts) 40 skeletons (280pts) 10 skeletons (80pts) First Cohort (160pts) Spellportal (60pts) Thank you for your help! It's been invaluable 🙂
  4. Thank you all for your answers ! Indeed Sneedlewoods, I didn't know about the free artifact with the battalion, but as you said it might be hard to make two heroes beside Nagash fit in this list. If I were to make some space, what second hero would you recommend ? Also guys, I understand that it is more competitive to take skeletons and dogs, but that is just not the theme of the army. I am not playing to win at all cost, but just because I like the idea of an elite, regenerating undead army. If I can optimize, good, but I won't sacrifice the theme to make it super-competitive :-) Graywater, Captainsoup, thanks for your detailed answers. Even with shields you think 15 Grave Guards are easy to wipe out, and then it is easy to block resurrection ? That is not what I would have guessed, but that is why I ask to the forum. This might change my strategy. Following your feedback, I made a new test-list. What do you think about it ? 1 Nagash 1 Necromancer 30 Grave Guards 2*2 Morghasts Archai First Cohort Battalion Either Spellportal or Chronomantic Cogs This list has a Necromancer to get more spells to Nagash, 30 Grave Guards should hold the middle field pretty well, two units of Morghasts give mobility, and the Spellportal allows me to get Hand of Dust anywhere. Would that be a bit more competitive ? Again, thank you all for your precious feedback!
  5. Thanks for your detailed answer ! I don't mind getting a Necromancer at all. I'm a fluff enthusiast, so he can be the one character for whom I create an interesting background. Except his double-attack command ability, what does he bring to the table ? Can't Nagash cast all the spells a Necromancer can ? I'm no expert in spells (playing Dispossessed) For the Skeletons, yes, I'd rather avoid them. However, I can get behind Black Knights for sure (and use Bane Riders as count-as). Never been a cavalry guy (Dispossessed, remember ahah), but they are summonable and thus can get regen. They sound solid ! What surprises me is the unit of 5 Grave Guards. Won't this unit be wiped out terrifyingly fast, and never be worth ressurecting ? What I like about the 15*3 block is that they can regen around 5 model a turn PER unit, while with this composition only two units will get the regen. Plus, it seems that 2-wound units such as Black Knights are harder to regen with gravesites/legions-innumerable/deathly-invocation. Is that the case ? I've never played against a Death army, so I am really just guessing from the 1D4chan and from the Azyr app. Anyway, thanks again for your answer!
  6. Hello fellow Death Lords! Dispossessed player by heart, I am about to start a LoN side-army. I don't play competitively, but don't want my army to be steamrolled either. I'm about to order quite a bit of miniatures, but before that, I would like to ask you experts before committing. Side note: I love the Nagash model, as well as Morghasts (though spamming Morghasts isn't competitive, i've been told). I don't like Grave Guard models, but I love the Bane Knights from Warmachine. So I'll get some Bane Knights, and make them "count as" Grave Guards. The list is quite simple : Nagash 2 Morghasts with halberds 3*15 Grave Guards (shields or double handed sword?) First Cohort battalion That makes a grand total of 1900pts, with 100pts for endless spells (any recommendation?) What do you think ? I love the idea of this quite elite army, that can still regenerate 5-6 models per unit per turn, and if a whole unit is wipped out, it can be resurrected again for a single command point. I don't mean to go to tournaments and win, just to have fun and a fair chance at winning in a semi-competitive environment. Would that work? Thanks for reading me, and thanks in advance for your messages !
  7. Flame cannons do have their utility, especially against big blobs, but i don't feel that they get their points back against heroes. For a single flame cannon, you can get two ballistae. If you loose a single crew member, your flamer's maximum range is equal to the rapid fire range of the ballista. Plus, the ballista is more durable, having more wounds (not counting crew that's true), but getting a beautiful 2+ save against shooting if in cover. In the end, point for point, and even without including durability, here is your choice => Minimum [2D3] MW, maximum [4D6] MW if you are lucky, or [4} 3+ 3+ -2 1 attack at super long range, or an amazing [16] 5+ 3+ -2 1 attacks at very reasonable range. Just put a Duardin crew for your Ballista and all will be good :)
  8. IMO, if you want a good 1000pts list to enjoy the new Ironbreakers battleline (which is awesome) you should go as follows : Warden King 120 Runelord 100 10 Ironbreakers 140 10 Ironbreakers 140 10 Ironbreakers 140 20 Irondrakes 360 Buff the Irondrakes with the rend from the Runelord, that's your DPS. Erase one unit a turn, while your King and Ironbreakers push back the frontline. Later, if you like the playstyle, you can go with the following for a 2000pts list : Warden King 120 Runelord 100 Runelord 100 Runelord 100 30 Ironbreakers 360 10 Ironbreakers 140 10 Ironbreakers 140 30 Irondrakes 540 Celestar Ballista 100 Celestar Ballista 100 Then you'll have some points to spare. With these extra points, you can either buy another 10 Irondrakes (thus dividing them in 2*20) for a mobile firebase, or add 10 Longbeards and another Celestar Ballista if you want a more fixed defensive position (use the 10 Longbeards as guards for the artillery and the rear of your Irondrakes). Dispossessed seem back in the game :)
  9. Is it really important competitively to use some units with SUMMONABLE keyword ? The only SUMMONABLE unit that could appeal to me are Grave Guards, but I've heard they are really outmatched and a waste of points. Wanting to make an elite Death army, I wanted to mix Nagash with Morghasts and Grave Guards, in a First Cohort. However, if Grave Guards are really that terribly point-efficient, I might as well go with Nagash and 10 Morghasts, plus a Purple Sun. However, this leaves me without any SUMMONABLE unit to benefit from Legions Innumerable, Endless Legions, and Deathly Invocations. Better to have terrible Grave Guards to revive, or to go full Morghasts and forget about summoning ? Edit: I'm not a competitive player. Might play in some tournaments for fun, but I don't intend to win. However, I'm not sure I want to have a battleline full of what some people call the worst unit of LoN (point-efficiency wise).
  10. Can you explain a bit more why you are so enthuastic with Hammerers ? What do you think makes them better than Ironbreakers ? I plan to make a full battleline of Ironbreakers, but before I buy the 5 boxes I'd like to know if I shouldn't mix some Hammerers in there. From what I see Hammerers are less tanky Ironbreakers with a slightly better attack, but attacking isn't what is asked from our melee troops (leave the killing to Irondrakes or artillery).
  11. Hello fellow Lords of Undeath, Joining Age of Sigmar for this new edition, I am considering a small-model-count Grand Host of Nagash army. I simply love the look of the Morghasts. However my heart is torn between two options : More Morghasts or more Grave Guards ? I never played Death, or Age of Sigmar for that matter, so I would love to get your feedback about what is more fun, and (secondary) more efficient ? Thanks in advance ! List 1 (1) Nagash [800pts] (2) Morghast Archai [220pts] (2) Morghast Archai [220pts] (2) Morghast Archai [220pts] (2) Morghast Archai [220pts] (5) Grave Guards [80pts] (5) Grave Guards [80pts] (5) Grave Guards [80pts] (5) Grave Guards [80pts] List 2 (1) Nagash [800pts] (2) Morghast Archai [220pts] (2) Morghast Archai [220pts] (10) Grave Guards [160pts] (10) Grave Guards [160pts] (10) Grave Guards [160pts] (5) Grave Guards [80pts] (1) First Cohort Battalion [160pts] Thank you very much in advance for your answers !
  12. Hello fellow Dawi! With the coming of AoS v2, and Ironbreakers as battlelines, i'm finally coming to collect Warhammer miniatures seriously. Been a long-time fan of lore, rpgs, videogames and such, though. I heard mobility is a big thing in Age of Sigmar. Is it true ? Or is the following list going to be fun to play ? => Leaders (1) Warden King [120pts] (3) Rune Lords (300pts] Battleline (30) Ironbreakers [360pts] (10) Ironbreakers [140pts] (10) Ironbreakers [140pts] Other units (20) Irondrakes [360pts] (10) Irondrakes [180pts] Artillery (allies) (1) Celestar Ballista (converted with Dawi engineers) [100pts] (1) Celestar Ballista (converted with Dawi engineers) [100pts] (1) Celestar Ballista (converted with Dawi engineers) [100pts] (1) Celestar Ballista (converted with Dawi engineers) [100pts] Thanks for your answers ! Looking forward to joining the community :-)
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