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  1. Yes daemon steel contingent is 3 soul grinders +1 to hit + 1 sv , super powerful. In theory is my only answer to fyreslayer heart guard , snipe the sh*t out characters to null the absurd 4+ feel no pain
  2. You could easily make the case for "unit" same rules than "batallion" on ghb2029. Anyway I was thinking on daemon steel contingent but I dont wanna fall for a "sell more models" stunt from GW.
  3. with the current book how we deal with fyreslayers hearthguard , their out-phase combat, D2 weapons and FNP 4+?
  4. yeah... we will have to wait until further clarification on the term "unit"
  5. Anyone knows if deamon steel contingent is still valid on GHB2020???
  6. i did that in a small tourny, 4 units of 5 knights, 3 charriots and some heroes versus mid tiers and lower armies is very powerful, i even won vs daughters of khaine, versus top tier, like fyreslayers, is auto loss, no way of taking objectives , your unit will bounce. against heartguard for example the only way is varaguanrd or somehow snipe the heroes giving the buffs
  7. try 3 soulgrinders with Syll’Esske battalion "steel" something , +1 to hit and +1 SV , thats hedonites od slaanesh but almost all unit in S2D can be used there
  8. Well, our staying power is also a problem, fighting first units or fight in the hero phase are more and more common, I still have nightmares about hearthguard wiping my chaos Knights.
  9. Then why archaon can be taken in all four specific gods books without being in that battletome?
  10. i agree 100% about point reductions army wide, varanguard our most powerful unit is "ok-good" with Archaon, a 800point character otherwise they suck. thats awful given that we really need non-character high damage units. anyway, my next project is going to be Archaon and friends
  11. on charge with ensorcelled weapons 16 3+3+ rend1 d1 is not enough to fight same level units. sure they can wipe chaff but i want my knights on par with , lets say .... HEARTHGUARD
  12. thanks man, my thoughts exactly, we don really have the stopping power and what is worse we don have staying power, 4+ ? , current age of sigmar is full o rend -1 or better im going to try archaon + friends ( greater daemons). its a shame bc i really like chaos knights models but is no use if they are wiped by everything in the game. ALSO 4+ IGNORE WOUND SHOULD BE BANNED , WTF GW, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING
  13. Well I was destroyed by hearthguard , stupid unit attacking twice 3+3+ rend 2 damage 2 my knights dying like flies. Seriously what the ******. Ginger dwarf saving 5+ 4+ . I'm bringing Archaon next time. Sorry for the rant but seriously...
  14. I find daemon prince's strike out of sequence ability insanely powerful. We may not have auto-include troops but our heros are pretty good imho
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