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  1. Somebody played the new Relocation Orb Mission from GHB2019? It really shows the huge hidden potential the double turn has for the game. For people not aware of it: On Relocation Orb the player on first turn gets 1 point for scoring the Orb, the player on the second turn gets 3 points if he holds the orb. This was a blast to think of how to approach your turns and plan ahead. This really needs to be embodied heavily into all missions of AoS (and 40k), as it is a awesome trade off between "let me do the damage" or "let me get the points". I've won the priority roll, had a potential doubleturn, but thought like 10 minutes about it as i really needed the points and i passed the priority, had to take a beating but scored the objective in the end, being able to win on points but got beaten to near death. It was a blast clinging to the objective with all you had knowing you get ahead when you just survive and hold it. Make second turn allways an way better option on the mission (like in relocation orb) and this would add a ton of depth to the game and make first turn (and double turns) way weaker.
  2. Sad how fast this topic derailed into generalizations of "つ ◕_◕ ༽つ SUMMON OP AF NERF NOW ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ". There is about as much armies "summoning"right now as there is armies without "summoning" in AoS. And it's impossible to make generalizations about summoning right now, the mechanics are just way to different. People generalizing and saying slaanesh summoning and gloomspite summoning is the same are completly lost. Someone remembers the warhammer community article leading into AoS 2.0 about summoning being "counterable"? That was, till then, very achievable and it still is. Nurgle? LoN? BoC? Seraphon? Tzeentch? Even Khorne? It all has some very interessting counterplay to it. So lets look at the topic again: "Slaanesh summoning". What is the counterplay to Slaanesh summoning? "Kill all the hereos" and "make whole bubbles around the hereos". This is counterplay to near all summoning mechanics. But else? There is no counterplay to slaanesh summoning, like denying nurgle space, denying graveside markers, dominate the magic phase, try to avoid chaff against khorne etc. Instead, Slaanesh even punishes armies with only multiwound models, e.g. all Orruks or Stormcast. So instead of being an "risk and reward" system (as you risk your allegiance ability getting nothing when your opponent handels it good), Depravity is an "Recycle" or "Flood" mechanic, as there is no real danger in charging two KoS into the army, which regenerate 1/3 of its depravity cost even when not doing anything at all. So my conclusion: Is summoning in general "broken", "op" or "destroying the game"? Not at all Is Slaanesh summoning "broken" or "op"? No, its strong but not broken. Is it fun though playing against Slaanesh summoning? No, its frustating having no way to stop the enemy recycling his scary KoS.
  3. I hate this item so much its unreal. Its so frustating to both players its just stupid. Exactly like the whole Waaagh!-Bomb mechanic. It's like adding another multiplicator based on luck on an allready snowball mechanic. Either you don't get a single 5+, relying on one fat Waaagh!-Bomb and you are mad you bought a worthless artifact (and realm, as hysh doesn't help us really besides the AB), or you get all the CP, make a 10+ Waaagh Chain and roll one whole combat phase dice, while you smash&bash trough their ranks and your opponent looks at you rolling dice for 20min. All games i went for AB i've got either stupid high CP numbers and my opponent is salty because of the 5+ rolls i've made or i get 0-1 CP and hate the low utility of my artifacts, as thermalride-cloak e.g. would be a much more riable pick. And thats the exact feeling of playing IJ pre GHB2019 (the spelllore made them somehow interessting again), either you get those high Waaagh! Numbers and Smash&Bash trough your enemy, or you just whiff. If Waaagh!-Bombs still exist in Orruk Warclans i'm certain my IJ remain on the shelve and my Gloomspite will get all the love.
  4. While this thread heavily derailed into "what is matched play?", i try to give my 2 cents about realm rules and terrain rules. I'm somehow certain that 90% of the playerbase just cuts out Ghur, even GW did on one of their tourneys. Maybe it's because Ghur is extremly weird, maybe its because you may know roll a D6 instead of a D6+1 on the realm table, who knows. So i can't tell you much about Ghur. But the other 6 were frequently used and enjoyed, even when people got hindered through that, but! we allways allowed a re-roll of realm features if it would've too much impact on the game. That way nobody was salty and mostly we forgot about several rules, e.g. the command abilites, cause the realmrules are really bloating the game, while spells are allways a welcome addition and give awesome spice to the games but are coupled with "wheres malign sorcery?! ah! there! waaaait, wheres aqshy... there! okay, let me have a read... so i cast inferno blades" me: Its actually fun and i personally love it. Terrain rules to be quick: never used them, additional unnecessery bloat in my oppinion. Now as far as tournaments go: theres allway the tournament pack, which describes what to use and which rules are in play. If the pack says "full, random, realmrules" you should leave your kharadron at home, get your magma dragon packed up and join the frey or simpley don't attend. The whole "it's in the core" and "it's balanced that way" argument is just weak, as every TO ever who understood GW games somehow house ruled the games to achieve a balanced format, e.g. ITC. Imo people are too focused about "matched play" and "open play", there is no white and black ans especially in tourneys you should agree on stuff beforehand. I allways view most of GW's additional rules (realmrules, malign sorcery, forbidden power, terrain rules, terrain setup, etc.) as a sandbox to create the matched play experience you (or the TO) wants to play. If i would be a TO, i would determine for each game one realm, one specific realm feature and no terrain rules. That way people know what to expect, when to expect it and build there lists according to it. In addition it minimizes the additional rule bloat as you can prepare for those realms beforehand.
  5. Ardboyz, Brutes, Goregruntas, Warchanter, Weirdnob, Megaboss, Megaboss on Maw-Krusha are the available kits to Ironjawz. You are right about the range unit, but it's not a huge issue to shooting being rather niche in Age of Sigmar. Now with Orruk Warclans you've got a new way to play Ironjawz, as in da "Great Waaagh!", in a "Great Waaagh" army you have access to the whole Savage Orruks range, so you add in Savage Big Boss, Wardokk, Maniak Weirdnob, Boarboy Maniaks, Boarboys, Morboys, Arrowboys, Wurrgog Prophet and Savage Orruks. Now you've got 17 warscrolls to choose from, instead of 7. In addition, the forces are rather complimentory to each other, with ironjawz having no shooting, weak magic but tough, hitting hard and elite, bonesplitterz have great magic, shooting, and are more of a horde. But you can still field a very effective pure Ironjawz list with "just" 7 warscrolls in "Orruk Warclans", the recent GHB made Ironjawz quite good again and the new tome should only make them even better, as our warscrolls are ancient.
  6. This is maybe a slight hyperbole, but yeah, based on lore ironjawz should stay slow and incredible tanky. But i dont think we should get an additional save, this should allways be the nurgle or fyreslayer thing. Armor increase or wound increase would be nice, as it should fit being 95% in armor. I have to disagree with that. As you point out we should be able to grind down everything - through our incredible tankiness. Because simply sad, orruks are brutes hitting heavy (2+/3+ to wound, high damage) but slow (low attacks), inaccurate (4+ hit) with improvised and blunt weapons (low rend). What should be the kicker is the Waaagh! As the fight continous, orruks get frenzied, therefor faster, so they murder through anything. But without Waaagh!, they should be just tanky. I hope we get a mechanic represting that, warchanters and shamans building up the Waaagh! making orruks absolutly bonkers, but till that, those guys are slow and tanky and a stormcast - lorewise - should beat any normal Orruk. Its the mass channeling the Waaagh! making them unstoppable and yes - in this state they should be THE melee killer.
  7. I hope they change the whole aesthetic with the announcement of Season 3 being in Ghur. Two seasons in Shadespire was nice and all, but "Beastgrave" really should not be in blue/purple/teal undead/glass tombs. Overgrown temples, dried needle woods, boneyards, heavy brown/orange/olive colourpalette would be awesome!
  8. So for hobby purpose each greenskin lover should be quite happy about 2019 so far. After getting my new Gloomspite Gitz up to 1000 points i can't help but scroll through all the bonesplitterz models... I always imagined Ironjawz and Bonesplitterz in one army, i think it's very thematic, but bonesplitterz and ironjawz are for themselves very coherent, too. So the only task for this book should be to be very coherent for a full IJ or full BS army, but also make it great to field a mixed army in a more epic "total" scale. The name "Da Great Waaagh!" for the allegiance gives hope and shows the lore point of view i think. It seems much more epic. And i'm hyped about sub-factions, theres way more then Bloodtoofs and Ironsunz in the old book, e.g. dethtoofs or bloodgrins. I'm certain Bonesplitterz are similiar. But i'm also a bit scared, gloomspite gitz is pretty much grots + flavour, with flavour being more grots, squigs, troggs or spiders. A real Gloomspite Gitz "conglomerat" is very unsatisfying as the rules are extremly restricted on keywords. 5-6 sub-factions for IJ and BS, allegiance abilities, artefacts, spell lore and command traits for each of the three allegiances, and less restrictive keywords than in gloomspite gitz (e.g. instead of <IRONJAWZ> to <ORRUK>, so you can use warchanter for bonesplitterz for example) would make that tome an awesome book. Edit: Btw, i expect a total rework on at least all Ironjawz Warscrolls (maybe even weapon options on ardboys, as they are absolutly unique right now and dont fit the standard. But @tom_gore's idea with "armed to da teef" is excellent!) and i really hope Waaagh will be rewritten.
  9. After playing/seeing several ME games, i think it's a good first draw on balanced 1000 points games, but right now it still has several issues. All the positive points for ME are very generic, e.g. "it's faster", "it's a good starting point", "it takes less space" and those are true for sure, but those are goals you can easily achieve by saying "let's play 1000 points on a smaller table" and you could already do that. What ME advertised to be is a challanging, fast, balanced and thought-of 1000 point system at the heart of the competetive scene. So what i think so far: Deployment has still it's issues, for example on Rearguard Action a Mainbody of 20 Plaguebearers (32mm) or 40 Stabbas (25mm) + anything else cant legaly be set up as the plaguebeares/stabbas fill out the 12"x3" and any addition to that does not fit - even not with the "wonky tableedge" rule. There is a rule that says "the unit is destroyed if it can't be set up", but you auto-loose units depending on which mission you play? Thats not well thought off imo. The missions are boring. There is no finesse in fighting about one or three points and killing models, especially in a melee focused game as age of sigmar is. Due to the lack of units you can't try to outmanouver your opponent, build screens or use chaff as it feed kill points. All games i've witnessed were "who can hit the hardest on the middle objective, yays!" It's fast, it's lightweighted and ideal for after-work games or quick filler games. All games were played in 60-90minutes. It's a good hobby starting point, as you can focus on a supported 1000 point matched play scheme to start, but i would generate a custom mission for a more thematic feel to it. It will have it's own meta, as you need to kill stuff and have a killerunit on the center objective which is able to get hurt and shrug it off, e.g. hearthguard berzerkers. While on paper only 2 wounds, they effectivly have 3 wounds (+4 shrug), so you deny 1/3 of wounds for scoring the secondary objective, while still dishing out lots of damage. Another point is speed. Some missions play on the same width as 2000 points with 3 objectives spreading out on 48", but with 2-3 (depending on contingent) less turns to score any of them. In Rearguard action my ardboys (4" move) arrived at the end of turn 2 (as Spearhead), and ran 2 turns only to reach the mid objective with 4/10 ardboys, while Slaanesh hits easily ~18" ranges and threats the whole board at all time. It's just as breakable as 2000 points and it has the same issues 2000 points has. If you want a balanced match, both players need to agree to that and balance their armies out. The whole terrain minigame is defined as "must", but it would just destroy the time save of meeting engagement as you need to roll-off, choose, and think of possible terrain locations. In addition there are so many measuring restrictions on terrain, which terrain, scenery rules for unique terrain etc. It would easily add up 10-15min, so we (and every battle report i've seen) skipped this phase all along. Double-Turns are extremly punishing. Each game i've seen - due to ME being a big brawl about the centre - games were decided by the double turn. It's almost guarantees the 2 victory points for kill points as you had two turns to choose your charges and combats, which is huge when you only have several units without screen or chaff on the board, and even if theres screen or chaff, those feed kill points to your opponent. But the score objectives at the end of each battle round mechanic dampens the double turn a bit after all. But right now, each game i've seen/played was heavily influenced by the double turn with no way to coming back, with not a single "giving" up on double turn for tactical reasons right now. ME has similiar issues as the GHB 2017 had with it's matched play missions. Those were the right steps - but compared to the 2019 versions of those missions - still very lackluster. We want to play it several times more but those are points which we'll maybe house rule somehow, but we're certain it's a great addition to the roster. But right now, it's far from competetive in my oppinion and a bit blunt.
  10. It is in fact a pretty big deal, but people are very cautious with the new terrain set-up rules. There's several issues with the current rules, e.g. Skaven Gnawholes being 100% illegal in matched play. Another issues is exactly this post, the sigmarite mausoleum. People are mad that only - and really only - LoN got something in this new, clunky and not well thought of "terrain placement phase" and people will game the Sigmarite Mausoleum. There are several topics on TGA where you can read about the new terrain rules. People even tested the Sigmarite Mausoleum and the 3 primary pieces you can use, easily blocking the whole middle diagonaly, providing you with whole board covarege of gravesite. So, because people waiting for the rules to be FAQ'd, nobody really jumps on that topic yet, as right now, it's considered WAAC and "gamy".
  11. It's amazing how much drive this discussion got just because of some "simple" changes to Ironjawzs in the GHB. Im really excited about the new changes and eager to try them out. But: You guys think that the Fungoid can use the Ironjawz lore? Somehow i wish yes, but i think this lore is just legal for the weirdnob, but i'm not sure? Is there a consensus yet?
  12. In your picture the red model stands - even if just for millimetres - on top of the black models spear. Otherwise it could not stand in such a manner. This should violate "... but cannot be moved across other models ..." as the spear is part of the model. Regarding your 90° rotate example: "Whenever you move a model (which includes its head), it can be moved in any direction or combination of directions, but cannot be moved across other models or their bases." As you can't end your move in both situations legally - as it should violate your stated rule as long as you are on top of another model or base - this situation should not occur.
  13. Do you think those were a miss rules-wise or just balance wise? I'm actually really happy with fluff, rules and useability of those guys, but they are just way to expensive and you are somewhat forced to take the battalion, where you are rocking 350 points. Make it ~250 points (including battalion) and you have an amazing "unit" imo.
  14. Hey mighty TGA Community! I've stumbled upon this Desert Terrain Piece on Warhammer Community. This is the exact type of stone i wish for my desert terrain, especially the very bright, nearly orange type of spots on the stone. Sadly, the article only explains how to do the weathered bronze and i just cant find any colour recipe that immitates this type of "orange" sandstone. The picture and the article is from june 2017 and im eager to achieve the same desert stone effect. Maybe someone here has any ideas how to achieve that? Thanks in advance!
  15. Servus! So i'm a bit in a pickle regarding dem' Gitz. We clearly have a heavy variety of options and it seems that some things should be maxed out to get the most of it, e.g. spiderfang. To make a spiderfang list work i came to the conclusion you go all the way with mostly spider riders, arachnaroks etc. But this is something i don't want to go for, i'm not interessted in an single flavour Gitz army. So i think most the time about a solid core of Gloomspite Gitz, which works allways and you can add stuff onto that. What i've came down to is In my oppinion Skragrott is an auto-include and absolutly bursting with flavour, you just have to love him. 60 Stabbas without any kind of buff are still ok i think, but for 70 points they are some sort of scary. If you don't make Skragrott your general you could swap out the Loonboos for another caster and get one of your shamans the command trait which allows him to "Stab 'em good" Fungoid is just great. We have awesome spells and access to awesome casters, so he is just good and you see him in every list. 60 Stabbas are the anchor every army needs. Even without buffs they are great for screening and chaff is always important in AoS. Even in a Squiglist those 60 man Units have great strategical value imo. Squig Herds are awesome and you could easily pump those up. But i don't think those are really "essential" in any list, as you could swap those out for 20 units of shootas, or spider riders, rockguts, or whatever "main flavour" your going for. 1120 - 1260 (excluding the squig herd) points should be enough points to make any additional flavour work i think. Now i've got several questions for you gentlemen: Do you think 60 stabbas are as essential to any gloomspite gitz force as i do? If so, i would allways be very tempted to take more buffing power for the stabbas, e.g. a cheap unit of sneaky snufflers. Or is the Loonboos enough? Or maybe even too much? How high do you value the Command Trait of Skragrott? Gloomspite Gitz have awesome Command Traits and they make it really hard to make Skragrott your General As mainly Ironjawz player those Gitz twist my head regarding list building and unit options. Love it.
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