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  1. I wouldn't bother trying to maximize the very unsignificant damage shootas deal. Their job mainly is to get onto objectives. Any damage they deal is a bonus. The only reason you take shootas instead of stabbas is that you can camp objectives and still dish out some wounds. Netters are a huge boost to melee survivability - alone the mention of netters in a unit of stabbas let opponents think twice to charge them as the tarpit risk is real. In addition netters have a "good" melee profile - they just outshine any other grot in a unit - for free.
  2. Grotbag Scuttlers is something which gets quoted in most newer publications - perfect excuse for making a shooty destruction force.
  3. New home with a new office for work and hobby stuff and plenty of isolation time really put some drive into my gloomspite gitz project. After posting my finished Loonshrine a week or so ago heres my loonboss on giant cave squig
  4. Weird times... moving houses while being in a global pandemic was interessting for sure, but the good thing is that in my new place i've got a dedicated office which i use after work for my own hobby hole. But not being able to get some furniture makes finding a place for hobby quite interessting. Nevertheless the lockdown got me quite some time to paint, so here is my first finished lockdown project, my desert themed loonshrine for my desert grotties!
  5. Gloomspite actually is an army that generates CP like no other, there are armies out there where making choices between command abilites is far more difficult. You can end up anyhwere between 1 and 4 CP per turn, this is by far more then other armies. You will use the Mangler CP in combat, the Giant Cave Squig CP in turn 1 and/or 2 to get up the board. It will make 2/3 of your army faster and therefore getting them where you need them. If you ever roll close to a two you get the feeling of importance the Giant Cave Squig gives you and on average having 10" instead of 7" is quite huge. Another thing about squigs is that your opponent cant realy account for your movement, as you have very random movement. And you want to be as fast as possible on your enemy with squigs, as you are so very vulnerable to shooting. I would never skip him as soon as i'm running 10-20 boingrots, having 200-400 points moving 2"-4" is game breaking and can really mess up your turn. But those are of course just my experience with him. Also, he can dish out some good damage and is a fast hero who can support your squigs should your mangle get shot of the board.
  6. I like list one and two the most. List two seems to pack a punch and be all about the angry testicles. You got a solid core of 20 Boingrots and the Manglersquig, some casting and CP regenration and 45 squigs to camp objectives or flank. Squig herds can dish out some serious damage, but you need to keep some hereos around them to babysit, to maybe spend a CP on them not fleeing when not in combat ( just 2 wounds let you loose more models on a 3+ dice with the threat of damaging your stuff). List one utilizes our best unit in the book: grots. They are just amazing and you got a huge block of green dudes to cover up your squigs and choose the right turn to pounce. In addition you can make full use of your loonshrine. I'm not a fan of the colossal squig tbh, would always prefer a mangler to a colossal. In a squig based list i love MSU shootas, they can camp objectives, screen, do some support shooting and cover your squigs. Also the Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig is a huge bonus for his points to squigbased lists and does decent damage, +3" move on random squig move numbers is huge. The difference between moving 2" and 5" in the worst is massive. Luckily hes avaliable now from the Looncurse set. My list would be something like this:
  7. I personally love the idea of asymmetrical battle plans. But somehow, in age of sigmar, i've never seen an example of a "good" asymmetrical battle plan. There was at least 5 attempts in our gaming group to find a good, fun looking asymmetrical battleplan which isn't outright whacky and absolute one-sided. Would be really glad if people could suggest me some and where they are printed. In 40.000 (where i've started the hobby) we somehow managed to get a lot of those asymmetrical games in and they were always huge fun. And even when not using the pre-made asymmetrical missions, the Mealstrom of War cards and the objective placement phase made each game very distinct. But, ofcourse, sometimes people got outright unlucky with their draws or their army composition could not handle the mission. But games were always fun where you did the impossible to achieve this one objective card and gain a good laughter out of it. It's the way to go in 40.000 i think to have the most fun. Especially with the new rules for selfmade decks in Mealstrom of War since ChapterApproved 2019. AoS handles symmetrical battleplan much better then 40.000. Eternal War missions (the symmetrical ones) in 40.000 tend to shoot each other up and decide in turn 3 who has more stuff on the board and wins.Tactical decisions are mostly how to split or arrange their firepower to disarm the enemy and meta is defined how good certain rules/weapons handle those situations. Age of Sigmar makes you really think about positioning and movement as engaging/ doing damage isn't as integral to the game as in 40.000. But those AoS games get dull so fast... take and hold objectives, with the only factors being 1)who can hold it 2) where is it and 3) how many points does it give. I agree that playing two games with alternating objectives on a asymetrical map makes a cool competetive experience - but playing two games of AoS to decide one matchup is very time consuming. But it would up list building to another level as you need to keep an eye for good units in the role of the attacker but also in the role of a defender. It can be truely a competetive experience. Armyswap sounds like an competetive experience, but in experience it can get the opposite. If player A wins with army 1 and player B wins with army 1, it only says that army 1 is stronger. But yeah, when player A wins with army 1 and 2 it speaks for player A that he knows both armies well and knows how to play them, impressive if you consider the amount of rules and bookkeeping in play. I would love eternal war cards for age of sigmar, it would probably cause me to only ever play age of sigmar, but currently, while i like the rules and models in age of sigmar the most and we play more AoS games then 40.000, the greatest and most fun games for me, to date, were fought in the far future.
  8. I like the 3rd list the most - but i would swap out the Morkshroom for something different. You will probably always cast hand of gork and squig lure, so you only have one try per endless spell with your deffcap mushroom. Dunno, would be a bit frisky for me with no pluses to cast and limited casting. You want to get up there fast with your squigs i think and the Nukeshroom will only hurt you. The scuttletide could be usefull and allways is a nice tech tool for us gitz for 30 points.
  9. It's not like we starve for cp, it's more about a hero babysitting the squigs. A single lost model causes you to loose additional models on a 3+, with 50% chance per fleeing model to hit your own stuff. I agree that they are single use as soon as they reach combat, but prior to that it's easy to get rid of a lot of squigs if you trigger their bravery. I would always spend a CP (in an army where i have a huge ton of CP generation) if out of combat.
  10. Ruleswise it's awesome, everything pretty much has it's use and purpose and due to the good, near great internal balancing we see several different orruk warclan builds. I've switched off to Gloomspite last year but with the new book i'm pumped to add a whole bonesplitterz force to my ironjawz. Sad that the fluff is really blant and big waaagh is nothing "real". It feels tagged on so you can put ironjawz and bonesplitterz together and the abilities they gain are not what greenskins have been since ages (auto hitting?). But again, i'm very happy about all those rules, it's ridicoulus how much fun they've become.
  11. Woah, this list just has so much flavour. Its literally called "Da Boss Fist" and just has all those beatiful bosses (6!) and brutes, like, super elite stuff, nothing weaker then a brute. I hope so much this establishes itself somehow and works, i can't feel but pure joy looking at such a list. I still think the Footboss isn't as much a tax as we think it is, but I agree the cost of this battalion alone is a bit hefty. I need to know how this list worked for you @Lanoss!
  12. I think so, yeah. They need a bit of babysitting tho, you need to take care of their bravery with inspiring presence. I think as soon as they are in combat they really do some damage and are really point efficient. But they are just extremly vulnerable to shooting with the danger of hitting your stuff. But 48 Wounds, 48 Attacks with 4+/3+/-1/1 on a small base is quite strong. They can get really fast too with squig lure / moon / loonboss on giant cave squig CA. There is a specific competetive build around the Trogg Hag, Stabbas and Fellwater Troggoths to stack as much negative to hit modifiers on enemies as possible, so this combination is not as bad as you think it might be. But from a casual/semi-comp point of view you can't make "horrible" decisions. Rockguts and Fellwaters are really good, so are any flavour of Grots. You can spam those and be real efficient. But you want some fun in the list, so you need to cut out on Rockguts, Fellwaters and Grots: The Troggboss is okay, but nothing impressive. Hes a bit swingy, but hes fun, players literally bite their nails when his big club swings and each could do D6 damage or he just crushes a 5/6 wound character. The arguably most point efficient casters are fungoid, i would skip skragrott when you want to make the troggboss your general (so you get rockgut battleline). The arachnarok spider with webspinner shaman is awesome for his points. So 1-2 Fungoid and 0-1 Arachnarok Webspinner shaman seems plausable. The Trogg hag from Forgeworld is a nice fit in this list, too. The rest is a fine balance of playing to gloomspite gitz strengths (being a horde army) and to give them as much support as possible (snufflers, fanatics, battalions, etc.).
  13. I love it when people like @Marcoangelo33 take a "OMG so garbage, literaly unplayable" faction/warclan/unit/rule and just play it to their strengths and make it work big time. Love it, thanks for the breath of life into Bloodtoofs.
  14. The core FAQ proves that "Mad as Hell" is broken, or am i missing something here? Translated: "At the end of one or more phase, if one or more wounds or mortal wounds are inflicted in that phase on an IRONJAWZ unit that is more then 9" away from one or more enemy units, that IRONJAWZ unit can move D6". This would e.g. allow Ironjawz to move after combat, which would be arguably broken. But please, don't let this develop to a RAW vs. RAI discussion - again. Edit: Let me be clear, i never did and wont use mad as hell when an enemy unit is within 9". It's plain stupid. period. But this topic is NOT about INTENTIONS, it's about WRITTEN RULES. And i was confused due to the core FAQ and how it would work with Mad As Hell.
  15. Any = one or more. So, if one or more wounds inflicted by Da Moon Onna Stikk are allocated to an enemy model and not negated, that enemy model suffers 1 mortal wound at the end of each battle round. It doesn't stack, the most damage you do with this special ability is 1 mortal wound each battle round per damaged unit.
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