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  1. Question: New to Lummineth, and been looking over past several pages for lists involving Teclis, but he seems rather sparce! Any good lists rocking atm that involve Teclis, or is he on the avoid list?
  2. So out of curiousity, what *is* the playstyle of Nighthaunt these days? Still focused on horde lists, or is it a bit more flexiblem
  3. https://imgur.com/a/SmP4iqR I bought a second hand 2k army, and unable to contact owner. I have spent ages trying a combo of various paints to try and replicate the skin (purely because theres around 160 models already painted), namely the GW paints Kislev Flesh, Pallid Wych Flesh, Cadian Fleshtone, and Flayed One Flesh, using both Reikland Fleshshade and Seraphim Sepia Washes, but to no avail. Using the pics in the imgur galley above, do you have any idea at all what paint or shade may have been used? I'm losing the will to live here -.-
  4. Alright bois - Bit out of the loop these days and thought I'd see how Overlords were looking Whats the general auto includes in a 2k list? Do we have some go to lists people are gravitating towards? (No pun intended)
  5. Skink wise, what we thinkin? Blowpipes and clubs, or blowpipes and shields?
  6. So now we've had some time with Ogors being played, are people leaning towards pure gutbusters still, or is the addition of stonehorns still worth it?
  7. So wait, how does Ghoul Patrol play these days? Been out of the loop for a while, so not sure if much has changed with it
  8. As much as I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE for a Skullcracker, I don't see Forgeworld making a new mold for them considering how many parts it consisted of, and given the fact the original mold broke... But add me to the list if theres some hope in hell!
  9. Righto all - Need your help! Nabbed a nice painted BCR army for cheap the other day, however the Stonehorn/Thundertusks are assembled as follows: Frost lord on Thundertusk Huskard on Stonehorn Stonehorn Beast riders Unable to remove/re-position riders or Thundertusk/Stonehorn heads, so stuck with this set up.... Am I screwed, or are these guys usable? (if not the most 100% optimum)
  10. Hey all Planning a 1k Khorne army, probably with Slaughter Priests and the Gore battalion if I can squeeze it in. My question is, if I were rocking a 1k list, what models would you recommend I buy for summons? Naturally everyone will suggest "Everything!", but that really isn't feasible given my budget hehe So what would you recommend?
  11. Hey all Brand new to Seraphon - Looking at a 1k, 1.5k and 2k points respectively, how many of each unit would I need purely as summons? Aka for 1k would 10 skinks, 10 warriors and 5 knights be enough for potential summons? Just planning purchases beyond the list itself
  12. Craven King - Who's got experience with him? Good, bad, worth the points, lackluster, etc...
  13. So new to the game myself, and housemate wants to play Free Guild and bought the Hammerhal box w extra unit of Crossbow and Militia - However he also has the AElves from the Spire of Dawn (ala Island of Blood) box, a Skycutter, AElf chariot, and the Stormcast half of the Soul Wars box So given this, what would you recommend for the best city for such a force? Or based off the different cities, are there any which are 100% a no go? Bit of a newb, so excuse if these are stupid questions!
  14. So with 2.0 I've scoured around for information on the different cities, with only Firestorm returning any concrete tactics or information. My friend wishes to start a Free Guild army, and he's one of the most frugal people I've ever met - So to that end, the Hammerhal box seemed perfect, especially as Stormcast can be nabbed pretty cheap to give a points boost if required, and still fulfilling a good chunk of Free Guild models. So I guess my simple question is, does use Hammerhal at all, or give it a second look when making an army? If so, what lists you rocking!
  15. Hey all - Might have missed a discussion on this, but what are we all thinking about the possibility for a more elite Nighthaunt's army?
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