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  1. Fuuuuh ... for a long time here did not write anything in this forum. It is time to correct this defect! For now, I'll attach here a map of our Path to Glory campaign, which we will start in mid-June. The map is not finished yet, but + - I will post the final version soon.
  2. I went yesterday to a narrative event dedicated to the Age of Sigmar system! This event continues what happened last year, where the battle went on for the Horn of the Beast's world. There was 1 big table for the apocalypse (they played sides of Death + Chaos vs Order + Destruction) 24,000 points from the side: Ghosts + Nagash Legion ,Army of Khorne by the direction of Archaon and his knights ,Bonesplitterz and Ironjawz, Stormcast Eternals and Kharadrons Overlord and several small tables with formats from 1500 to 2500. It remains a mixed opinion on the event, but as a whole I enjoyed it (even losing Archaon on the first turn XD). Led 9 Varanguard, several Bloodthirsters and Soul Grinders, Slaughterbrutes and Skullcannons. Here are some photos from the event! Enjoy ... P.S. On the tree stands the base of one Bloodthirster. removed it so as not to fall
  3. I think about how to paint warriors with halberds in the future.
  4. I haven't done posts in the top for a long time, but honestly (no) I painted all this time. The Firestorm campaign started from our community. So we had to paint the miniatures for the campaign (and the big game for 48000 points on both sides). Very little work remained with Lord Slaanesh: Make the sword more interesting and make the base ... According to the knights, so work has just begun To finish the lord on the manticore, finish the black color, finish the bones and claws with the fangs, seal up the gaps (and tint the bottom spots) and arrange the base. There is still a lot of work on warriors (not as much as on knights, but as much as on Lord on a demonic steed). And a bit of Slaanesh's army I'm working on.
  5. As requested) Finally caught the owner Nagash, but one photo came out bad.
  6. Hey hey hey. Hello. I here along the way with a big bird tried to paint this lady here. It remains to finish a little and will be ready!
  7. Hello everybody! I distracted a little from the staff and began to paint for its owner. Well, for the first time I liked the blue one that I got.)
  8. Good day ! It dawned on me that I was very distracted from what I started to work on. Generally ... a bit of Slaanesh and Tzeentch unit.
  9. Hi guys ! Took a little break from updating this topic. But I came back and brought with me a renewal of my own army! (Namely my own army) ...and just a little more terrain
  10. Hi I brought some new photos) Here is my new work on the alternative Great Demon Slaanesh and GUO. And our great game - Storming the fortress with the rules of the apocalypse!
  11. Heyheyhey I'm bring this new minis The amazing Jagalord and wrathmonger's
  12. Hello ) I'm take some new base for Volturnos and WIP of Eidolon
  13. Hi people ) I bring some khorne army painted by me It only remains to finish a few unit's Mortal Skullcrushers, Daemon Prince ,wrathmonger's and few hero I can soon post a phased guide as I painted the khornites
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