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  1. Just hate the marauders models And love to be kind of "100% true maggotkin" but true 20 marauders could be better as 5 blightkings. Especially because they are cheaper hehe
  2. Hm endless spells going up too: Shackle 40Pendulum 50Cogs 80 Geminid 60 Portal 70Quicksilver sword 30 Portal at 70 now Thrice Fold doesn't work with 5 blightkings -.-
  3. Dropped by 60 points... (for 3 beasts) For me it don't feel that this makes it up for menagerie... If horti and the batallion would have seen some reductions too it would be a cool new way to play nurgle Bloab reduced by 20points getting more and more interesting... But still very expensive in the comparison with e.g. the verminlords for 260. Let's see maybe some of you will come up with some cool new lists with blight lords etc which I can't see currently 😃 Looking forward to your creativity hehe
  4. It's on YouTube. I've heard the same changes. So what do we do with that?
  5. It's still 1000 points for the minimun of the battalion.... For 7 units... Not doing enough dmg to really threaten something even with deepstrike... And again only deepstrike 1. Turn which is limiting too. You will need bodies for the rest 1000 points to have a chance on the objective game. For me the pusgoyle blight lords are more like a expensive speedbumber. Maybe fast objective grabbers if enemy player makes a mistake and you can steal an objective with 16 move plus fly... Best of these changes are the little point increases for the other factions haha I'm so sad that they didnt touch plaguebearers GUOs or the 3 maggot lords
  6. Thx for the insights @sal4m4nd3r I wonder how you could keep up in the slaanesh game? They usually love those tasty blightkings with a lot of wounds to generate summoning points? And of course congratulations for the painters price! Very cool! At least something in which nurgle is still strong 😅
  7. And where are the cool nurgle units/models in this list? There are so many great opportunities to buff some units to bring them more in balance: the maggot lords (the models <3), plaguebearers (reduce the cost, or maybe change the locus), beasts of nurgle which would additionally buff the great model horticulus which again would increase our strategies with trees, contagion etc... Speaking about summoning... They can change that as well XD it's a joke playing nurgle, the God of the circle of life and death and have the worst summoning from all chaos gods... Feels bad haha Let's see what the GH2019 will come up with. I hope for nothing and take everything we get so I'm not too upset if nothing changes. If I could choose, I would choose the buffs for daemons. The GUO and the defensive orientation were the main things which drove me into papa nurgles hands.
  8. As explained by dreadmund there's no chance for double dmg with rampant disease but with the general trait GF Blessing it's great to use it if you are in stage 5 or 7 to turn to 6 and than do your dmg and afterwards turn the wheel back to 5 with foul regenisis spell to have the dmg stage 6 again next round and of course have the sometimes even stronger reroll6 wounds for the enemy in stage 5
  9. It is "wholly within" 3... So I think there is no real chance to get "big" units sped up Also I already missing points in my lists haha so I think for me my movement shananigans will be still reduced to the GUO bell
  10. Sure the combo is very good. For me it only looks like a one trick pony and I like to have more options and give my enemy more to think about What I want to say is if the combo goes off and you can charge the right target and you are not debuffed etc it is devastating. (like 4 buffed drones?) Without active blades on chaos knights, they are OK but not too good besides you invest even more points to support them like harbinger etc.
  11. Hm without drones or monks or mauraders I'm not sure if blades is worth it. I'm planning to play with 2x30 plaguebearers and 1x10 Bks to deepstrike with gutrod. So I have no real worth target for blades... Maybe plaguebearers buffed by GUO command but... Meh That's why Im thinking about the magnificent buboes because I plan to play with Festus and a sorcerer to make the most out of the balewind and portals
  12. Talking about our nice rotbringer mortals spells. What do you think about magnificent buboes? With portal you also would be able to cast it outside of 30 unbind range and give a enemy caster - 1 to hit, casts and unbinds +D3 dmg. Even without portal or balewind the Range is nice with 21'. Sounds not too bad for me?
  13. Hm if you use the balewind base to be nearer to enemy lines you would be again in unbinding range for your rancid spell? So without doing so, it's only the spell portal 18+base size +9 = ~ 29... So no chance to hit something without risking unbinding range. Or did I mess something up here?
  14. There is now a thread to that question in this forum and one referred to a actual FAQ that it isn't a modifier so it probably should work on our daemons... But look yourself:
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