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  1. I read an explanation where someone stated that the munificient wanderers ability is applied at the end of this fight after all attacks are done etc... And therefore is would not "apply" at the same time... Overall I agree that we need a clear faq for that one. Even if I think the intention was that there only can be 1 positive effect at the same time, so no add. Hit and add. MW e.g. They just didn't think about the defensive 6er triggers...
  2. Ouh they exactly hit my current Thryng list... Thanks GW... I mean, I can understand the change with Gotrek but why they don't get the Thryng keyword anymore? The cities like tempest eye still make KO units to tempest eye units... Maybe because they were only lazy and forgot to add that part back in after they changed the specific duardin section XD That hurts my irondrakes
  3. Yeah like I said we will be fine but we won't be S tier anymore. Which is totally fine... So I can bring KO to my friends tables again... The biggest impact will be the many easy ways to get +1save in shooting Phase. (mystic shield or CP) So - 1 rend is litterally nothing anymore, which will hurt KO a lot. No real monster, no caster or Priests are minor nerfs. The big buff to endless spells on the other hand will hurt us sooo much. Due to our ship garrison ability endless spells will often hurt more units and now twice a round and you can't do much about it (besides a trying to dispel). I think there is the chance now to play a lot of different skyports, which I will really enjoy. Looking forward to the new edition
  4. New Triumphs: only 3 - BS immun - reroll charge - +1 wound roll KO will be more fun / difficult to play in AOS 3.0... PS: by the way the official new core rules you can get on the warhammer community side - so no leaks/rumors etc. ust pure core rules. Now we only miss the GHB
  5. It's kind of what you said. Other models I think... Now you can play daemon a little bit better on tournaments but I still think the Blightking spam is strongerand easier to play... Don't forget that you get your summoning in the Blightking list too. So you can add always plaguebearer as model count on your objectives... Still I'll try the daemons because I like to play some other models
  6. You can buff the drones. You just have to be wholly within 14 from your Bilepiper/scrivener at the start of combat with 9 drones running charging forward is kind of not possible even with plus3 bell an D6 run... So at least those buffs I more likely see as a turn 2 strike or countercharge turn1 if u go second. PS: your list is 2 drop due to lord of affliction
  7. Agree but you want a CP for the 6er run of your drones if you trying to alpha and another one for 150 point supp hero left open in the midfield... I dont think it's worth and we lacking CPs in our army anyway. Hm not alone as I mentioned 1 supp is not really enough to buff drones to kill something besides screen reliable... And within 7 for another extra attack wont happen with spoil or sriv turn1. I'm totally fine if people try it and may get away with it in 1 out of 8 times, just wanted to share that it's by far not too easy to use those 2 great warscroll to make up for the points. Not forgetting all the hero snipping out there. On the other hand it's very strong that there is no dice to throw... So it's really up to your plannings and moving to get the buffs off, very low randomness. Besides maybe a required run roll...
  8. I think what a lot of people miss here is the fact that the buff is at the begin of combat phase and with 4' move and 14' wholly within bubble I can't see the support to be anywhere offensive or even like alpha strike (some people here mentioning...). I see the defensive potential to babysit 30 block of plaguebearers and make them even more tanky... But as mentioned "only" for that reason they are little bit expensive. Maybe for countercharging drones... But to make them any worth you'll need both supps for 6er mortals and extra attacks which nets a lot of points and not at all very Mobil which is hurting me the most. I'll try it as a defensive support. Normally I ran a poxbringer with spell favored poxes with a block of 30 PBs. Maybe now a Scrivener or Spoil do the job better/more consistent on the cost of some extra points and no unbind. Let's see what the next week's will bring
  9. First impression was that we get some cool new strategic rules here to get some daemon lists rolling again. But after hearing that point costs I'm honestly disappointed. All 3 updated units should have been around 100 points... For 120/140/150 I can't see them used in competetive lists too much. I was lacking points in my lists before 😅
  10. True, and even more difficult do get all 5 or even 10 tagging a unit and placing 3 away... With only 1 model tagging it's a 4+ for 1 mortal wound... For the point cost and comparison with boingrots they should have something like 4D6 move. I think then they will have a real place ☺️
  11. The whole ventplates discussion sounds to me more like a try to abuse poor rule writing. Not more and not less... deep in your heart you know what the intention of the artefact was And concerning those who still argue about too weak KO and too strong other armys, please guys wait and see the upcoming results. My big fear is, that KO in the right hands is already S Tier... e.g. a nerf to the usage of WLV for KO is really required. In my gaming group I already had to switch the army after like 10 games because no one wants to play against it because after T2 the game is over.
  12. I felt that good players don't let you deepstrike behind them so only at the sides a deepstrike is possible and then without a charge roll of 8 they are lost 1 turn without helping objectives or something. CP for reroll charge is expensive in that kind of list with harbi. So I decided I use pusgoyle for mobility shenanigans and blocking etc. 140 points is so expensive for that kind of restricted deep dive in my eyes. If there were not the board edge restriction it would be great. Edit: in case of KO of course gutrod is a good pick but not sure if he is in a alround list.
  13. Have different lists in tetsint currently most likely a mixed wanderers list with a blight cyst core and LoA and one unit of Pusgoyles to provide the minus rend debuff to support the 25/30 BKs. But in this list no GUO or Gutrod so no real chance to deal with vortex and its a 6 drop
  14. Any ideas how to counter KO with low drop and a Warp lightning vortex first turn? I just can't figure out what to do... If the vortex hits 3/4 of my army Blightkings or Plaguebeaeres don't matter with a move of only 4 without running (vortex forbid running within an huge bubble). Dispel with a 9+ is also very unlikely... Otherwise I need like 2 turns to get out of range with a lot of my army and after that time nearly nothing is alive and I'm way behind objectives... Any ideas? I was thinking about Cogs or maybe epitome to have a reroll for dispel... Don't know it bothers me that I can't come up with a good counterplay besides spread the army as wide as possible...
  15. Hi, as the headline already states: Does Be'lakors ability stop e.g. the Ironclad to use fly high? I know it's not a normal move but INSTEAD of a normal move... Be'lakors ability triggers for move so my friend and I stumpled over this question in our last match The rest about charging shooting etc is obviously clear, also that the garrisoned units are not affected Thanks for some feedback.
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