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  1. True, and even more difficult do get all 5 or even 10 tagging a unit and placing 3 away... With only 1 model tagging it's a 4+ for 1 mortal wound... For the point cost and comparison with boingrots they should have something like 4D6 move. I think then they will have a real place ☺️
  2. The whole ventplates discussion sounds to me more like a try to abuse poor rule writing. Not more and not less... deep in your heart you know what the intention of the artefact was And concerning those who still argue about too weak KO and too strong other armys, please guys wait and see the upcoming results. My big fear is, that KO in the right hands is already S Tier... e.g. a nerf to the usage of WLV for KO is really required. In my gaming group I already had to switch the army after like 10 games because no one wants to play against it because after T2 the game is over.
  3. I felt that good players don't let you deepstrike behind them so only at the sides a deepstrike is possible and then without a charge roll of 8 they are lost 1 turn without helping objectives or something. CP for reroll charge is expensive in that kind of list with harbi. So I decided I use pusgoyle for mobility shenanigans and blocking etc. 140 points is so expensive for that kind of restricted deep dive in my eyes. If there were not the board edge restriction it would be great. Edit: in case of KO of course gutrod is a good pick but not sure if he is in a alround list.
  4. Have different lists in tetsint currently most likely a mixed wanderers list with a blight cyst core and LoA and one unit of Pusgoyles to provide the minus rend debuff to support the 25/30 BKs. But in this list no GUO or Gutrod so no real chance to deal with vortex and its a 6 drop
  5. Any ideas how to counter KO with low drop and a Warp lightning vortex first turn? I just can't figure out what to do... If the vortex hits 3/4 of my army Blightkings or Plaguebeaeres don't matter with a move of only 4 without running (vortex forbid running within an huge bubble). Dispel with a 9+ is also very unlikely... Otherwise I need like 2 turns to get out of range with a lot of my army and after that time nearly nothing is alive and I'm way behind objectives... Any ideas? I was thinking about Cogs or maybe epitome to have a reroll for dispel... Don't know it bothers me that I can't come up with a good counterplay besides spread the army as wide as possible...
  6. Hi, as the headline already states: Does Be'lakors ability stop e.g. the Ironclad to use fly high? I know it's not a normal move but INSTEAD of a normal move... Be'lakors ability triggers for move so my friend and I stumpled over this question in our last match The rest about charging shooting etc is obviously clear, also that the garrisoned units are not affected Thanks for some feedback.
  7. ? Sorry if it wasn't clear in my post before. English isn't my mother tongue. I used them before the new rules with the double FNP. The question before was if nurgle got hit by the new rule which doesn't allow double fnp anymore. And I was stating that it only hit the pusgoyle and maybe LoA very hard for nurgle. As other comments describes I don't think it is too much an issue for marauder/warshrine/harbi combos. Any more questions or comments :D?
  8. I ve played a great tarpit with wanderers host and a unit of pusgoyle Blightlords to tag something. In addition with harbi it was14 wounds 4+ save minus 1 rend in combat and 5+FNP / 5+FNP. I know it was not seen often but I won some great games with that strategie. Now they are 10 points cheaper but without the double FNP not near as good as before. Now you can argue and send them ahead without concerning to be within 7 of harbi but without double FNP they are just too expansive for 190 Bottom line, my list took a big hit. But 90% of the nurgle list not so much I would think.
  9. So the new scenarios with favoring battleline and heros a lot look like a little nerf to KO... Our Heros are so slow without embarked on boats and within boats they don't count for objective taking... Battline could be ok if you play bubble boys battleline or a skyport which gives you battleline which you already play in your list otherwise KO is more or less short on fast moving battlelines. Last but not least I thought the biggest push for us is the lose of realm artefacts especially the ethernal amulet but now after I've seen the chamon artefact "ignoring rend 1" it just feels like every monster will take that instead of ethernal amulet and than we are in the same position with our Rend 1 shooting hehe Triumph reduction we already discussed as a small nerf. Still KO is very strong Armee in my opinion and I already have trouble to play them within my gaming group because most games are over in turn 2 or 3 and so far they didnt find the right strategy vs KO. I'll have to admit we don't have tzeentch, seraphon or Legion of chaos currently in our group. So vs the top meta we have to see how we will do. What do you think about the changes in GHB2020 so far and the effect on our beloved Dwarfs?
  10. Really hope with a new book they adjust the menagerie battalion and our summoning. I don't see how you can do any dmg with such a list. The only ability is a better summoning and blocking with trees and plaguebearers but besides that every offensive army will chew through the list pretty fast I fear
  11. Yeah I totally understand your point. If you don't go first with this list it's hard to win... In my experience I had very few matches with less drops and funnily enough most of them let me begin either way... So honestly speaking they didn't understood the strategy of the list... Last year nurgle was very underperforming and not much played on tournaments, so I think they underestimated me. Another good option is to use belakor ability on the important front objective taking unit. In this case you have a 2/3 chance that you will get that mid objective first even if your opponent decides to begin. Either way, let us know how your tournament went and if you missed the LoB because he is what makes the Plaguebearers really juicy as shield
  12. I've played a quite similar list for the last year even before our new hosts... One advise from my side: try to squeeze a LoB in for his command ability. I know it's an extra drop but believe me in this list with this strategy he is worth it.
  13. I think the main issue with glottkin is that to make up for his points you have to use his CA every turn and same goes for Harbinger who is essential for our mortal lists... These are 2 CPs a turn which we just don't have...
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