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  1. I think pusgoyle will see a buff. Alone because they want to sell the new SC box I would love to see a buff or point drop to the maggotlords. They are so nice models! And of course a point decrease on plaguebearers because Ive got 70 painted 😅
  2. Not vs magic heavy lists or better vs unbind heavy, + to unbinds like arkhan or nagash lists. Without your spells which are not easy to get through and not to plan on, the list is not bad but hardly competitive. That's my opinion.
  3. Hm I understood that the line of the spell is not drawn back to the portal its always back to the casting GUO so no chance to heal himself? U measure 14 inch from the portal that's fine but the line goes back to the casting GUO.
  4. 33 + the base size of a portal model That's the max range
  5. To be fair, I understood you can't change the angle for plague wind with the portal because you draw the line always back to the middle of your Guo. So you increase your range about 32 but not the angle (no line drawing to the portal model). Please correct me if I'm wrong folks
  6. It depends. Glott command Doesnt matter about 6 or 2x3 with good positioning. Still GUO and blades benefit from 1x6 drones but I prefer to be more flexible and maybe flank 3 drones or something. Blades can also go on plaguebearers as well as command. Depends on Situation. With 1x6 drones you are kind of have only a 1 Pony Trick. I like to have more options but again it depends in your play style etc. And 1x6 drones have there benefits for sure
  7. Including Glottkin I would try something like this. Just because drones sync so well with the command ability. With 2x30 Plaguebearers you also have a good objective game. Add . Fleshy abdunance. Drones are flexible and I think the overall synergy in the list is way more flexible and you can adjust ypur gameplan depending on scenario and Opponent. lacking maybe heros for specific maps but at least you have a durable GUO. Great Unclean One (340) - General - Command Trait : Grandfather's Blessing - Bile Blade & Doomsday Bell - Artefact : The Witherstave - Lore of Virulence : Favoured Poxes The Glottkin (420) - Lore of Malignance : Blades of Putrefaction 30 x Plaguebearers (320) 30 x Plaguebearers (320) 5 x Putrid Blightkings (160) 3 x Plague Drones (200) 3 x Plague Drones (200) ENDLESS SPELLS Aethervoid Pendulum (40)
  8. Sloppily worth it in a thricefold? Nahh I mean you get those rerolling 1 anyway with the battalion, so he only gives you charge rerolls. And for 100 points thats a highly overpriced... thats 2 CPs you can reroll anyway or use for other stuff i agree on the rest you have stated but keep in mind all those options are very expensive so mostly you only can go 1 road and not everything at once
  9. I agree with your Statement about nurgle overall. Its still a pretty good army to play with Friends or in some Shops. For tournaments on the other hand it looks pretty scary with every new release it feels like nurgle drops. Currently competetive there are kind of 2 options. Go BK heavy or magic heavy with thricefold. BK are currently countered hard to more and more minus hit tools in the armys. And Magic heavy ... I mean look at those death lists up there... Too many armys with a stronger Magic game and you have to remember even without unbinds our spells are mostly at a 7 which isnt easy to get alone im currently playing my thricefold list because I was gifted with 2 more GUO Sets and Yeah cant see them sitting on my shelf
  10. I hope summoned units are able to capture objectives... Because it would be a huge disadvantage to my current gameplan haha
  11. Never recognized that... ok now Horti makes a lot more sense! Maybe you can help me ist with another question which we had at our gameclub last weekend: Do summoned units capture objectives if you summon them on the objective? The question came up because one stated that the unit must end a move within the objective to capture it and summonig wasnt a "move" even if it happens in the movement phase. Any ideas on that on? Thank you in Advance.
  12. Dont you get the contagion points dir Horti tree starring with second battle round? The points are generated at the start of the hero phase if i remember correct.
  13. His mount is daemon i think... no miss Print But he still has mortal too. Whats your point :D?
  14. I would Love so much to see bloab and the other 2 guys getting little bit adjusted to make them more competetive. They are such great models and you see them like once in 100 games
  15. Jup. I would add Festus instead of Gutrod in an 800 point match and you can use your leftover points for a balewind 2 spells in festus and more range rocks
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