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  1. Indeed they have lots of extra rules with healing , bombs, transport etc. when you break down something like the gun crawler a pure damage dealer without buffs it only averages Just less than 1.5 at -2 and 0.6 at -1 for its shooting and just over 1 no rend in melee. For 160 points that’s terrible damage output. They shouldnt be more than 120 and I could even see them at lower than that. Amusingly they were originally pointed at 220. again I think the issue is the design team over value the special rules. As it has defensive mines and can take damage for other ships. —- however I’m keeping the faith that a new book / update is going to fix the outliers.
  2. Just in a bit of a hobby lull due to not massive amounts of free time. So decided to break out and work on some old unglued KO ships. Once these extra ones are all together will have Ironclad 3 frigates 3 gun crawler Although I would never field them all at once current points put it at 1620 but I’m hoping either GHB or new book gives big reductions. When I was looking at them as a theoretical fleet I don’t see more than 1300 points of value there and that’s probably on the high end. I think 1 -2 ships is normally worth it either to open up a battalion or just for reducing drops and being a character bunker. In terms of damage output though they’re pretty poor. I would love to see the cannons goto 2d6 damage.
  3. Mhornar at small points are great as everyone is around the general. Khemist 10 allied dwarf warriors 20 ark sky hooks 3 riggers with saws
  4. Mhornar is very good as well, really whatever you feel fits you better. If going Mhornar I like to give the general thermalrider cloak for improved mobility and fly to get his re roll bubble where it’s needed. Flip side people often also like to give him a defensive artifact to keep him alive.
  5. If your going urbaz I would drop Brokk for another khemist and either more thunderers or another hero. This means you would get 4 units buffed and a place for the bonus artifact. Or list as is I would probably run Thryng and just pick his one or two scariest things and re roll 1s against them. The FEC fight first General is only if they’re gristlegore although that is the most played. If he is then basically you cannot engage it in melee at all. It’s damage output is insane and it will kill whatever hits it before they can swing. Of course being KO you can gun it down Thryng would help here.
  6. The problem is the math isn’t exact as the mortar has to cause and unsaved wound and with 3 you only average 1 wound with no rend so against any unit with a reasonable save it likely won’t go off. decksweeper is slightly better than buffed rifle with mortar boost or slightly worse without. The re roll on shots isn’t a huge deal (4.5 extra shots per 6 shot rolls) although it does protect you against terrible rolls. The cannon even without decksweeper is fairly much worth it it averages 5/6 damage at -2 per model where as a 3 shot buffed rifle averages 1 at -1 per model once you add in the re rolls from decksweeper the cannon jumps up to 1.46 damage at -2 per model however the issue with all the special weapons is range 12 so any form of screen keeps them from hitting valuable units. For pure damage output and balance then I would probably run deck sweepers, cannons and then rest rifle as the mortar is pretty terrible and it’s buff not that great. Then khemist buff the rifles and the cannons as long as you can get round the 12” range issue. Saying all that as the aim with KO is to kill all models in range every turn I prefer pure rifle longer range as doesn’t need any character support. —- also indeed your right MSU does have downsides not just the activation and retreat game but worse now are endless spells. You have to kill any wizards as a priority as even d3 mortal wounds each over 4 to 5 units is extremely damaging.
  7. Nice list and games! I think your dice must have been worse then you calmly mention vs Khorne game 1. 4 bloodthirsters is fairly much a dream matchup for KO as they’re terrible points to wounds on 4+ saves no shrugs can’t get look out sir and whips have been nerfed (a salty also Khorne player here as one of my too many armies). In the thunderers coming out of a ship I just always recommend multiple 5 man squads these days. As you get 12 shots per 5 you get nearly as many shots without needing a khemist and all the advantages of MSU (multiple mortal wounds vs chargers, ability to only lose 5 models at a time if properly staggered If you have even 20 in an ironclad with Khemist it’s 62 shots where as 25 in the same ironclad coming from the sky MSU is 60 shots but 60 points cheaper (Not including the Khemist shots though! Although as you talk about earlier his 10” range can be very limiting). #voteMSU
  8. Actually I think thunderers are best in 5s you get all the extra champions shots and multiple mortal wounds when people charge you. Then you can screen and just lose one 5 man or possibly even run them away. Also for people asking for a bulky unit we can just ally in fyreslayers as their new scrolls for VB and grimwrath don’t need any support to work. Or maybe even 10 HB (who are amazing now) and a hero to boost their save after save.
  9. The thing is the spear (which I love and is the best model) gets so many attacks anyway either more rend, more damage or maybe just making it the sword of judgement will normally be better.
  10. Not exactly sure on all new points but I think this should get into new 2k if not can switch to a cheaper character. Looking at zero priest instead just MSU mass blood tithe which to me seems far more interesting I really want Khorne to play and have work as a suicide army as it will be so different to anything else (I own a lot of sigmar armies). Skarr bloodwrath Scyla Valkia Mighty Lord Bloodsecrator - thermal rider cloak Thedda- allies Godsworn hunt - allies Magores fiends Riptooth Garreks reavers 3x10 reaver 10 blood warrior 2x5 skull reaper 2x5 wrath monger 18 blood tithe and a whole host of wounds (needed as new khorne are slow as hell now).
  11. Before people get too salty about our slaughterhosts buffing mortal or daemon. This is in a few books so it’s not just anti Khorne . Idoneth Enclaves only buff particular units and some have a really tiny scope. Flesh Eater Courts again their courts are generally just buffing one section of the army.
  12. But their CA are no longer in the hero phase so not much synergy. As I was noting you only take him in the new book for double pile in (which probably won’t be worth 660 points but will be fun to play). Also some nice combo between him adding 2 to enemy battle shock then causing d3 extra to flee with reapers. Archaon skarbrand 2 priest bloodsecrator stoker will probably be the 6 heroes for me with Archaon play
  13. I know the posts are flying thick and fast so not sure if this has already been covered but a couple of interesting interactions. Now most CA won’t work with Archaon now as they don’t activate in hero phase and he can’t get +1 to wound from jugger lord (as it’s been replaced) but he gets two good things. 1) double fight with reapers 2)new bloodstoker allows you to re roll all wound rolls so you can just fish for 6s on his sword. I might try a Archaon, Skarbrand list with just a bunch of supporting chaff and heroes. Try to race up to healing D3 every turn and some extra priests for healing and armour improvement.
  14. It also stops you using the reapers command ability to fight twice with each bloodthirster and use the battalion out of sequence fighting as well. If it wasn’t worded that way and you had the CP you could fight with all 4 bloodthirsters twice before your opponent went. With its wording you fight with 3 in a row first then use Skarbrand last and fight twice with him then pass it back to your opponent who no longer has an army. This seems to be one of the best new strats however as bloodthirsters have terrible defence for their points it straight loses to ranged armies.
  15. One positive I do have for the army is as a lot of the Death Star stuff has been culled maybe a suicide style MSU army can raise from the ashes (which I’m quite interested in playing) especially as the blood tithe table did get better. Wrathmongers although losing a baller ability go down to 140 so instead of throwing them away into big monsters you can now just throw them away into anything. Blood warriors with fists now also can serve can serve a bit more a suicide roll but the no champion plus on glaive is a downer. Will have to look at some form of mass small hero and MSU wrathmonger type list. Although will suck on missions like places of arcane power.
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