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  1. In honour of the nice faq love 6 (7) mancrushers done, now onto the megas. Adding some flavour with tomb kings pieces. Rumour has it that their breaker tribe was hired by Nagash to erase the last tomb king enclaves surviving from the world that was.
  2. Yeah I’m just painting my 6th then onto the two Megas.
  3. I haven’t had the chance to play as only have 3 sharks but I think it could be surprisingly strong. As long as sharks get a 4th bite (easy with the shooting) they put out very similar damage to spear eels charging and massively better in non charge combats. 2 spear eels cost slightly more than 1 shark on the charge both have 4 attacks 3+3+-2 2dmg, eels an average of 8 no rend damage compared to the sharks 6. Once you add in fuethan giving re rolls on the bites and the shooting sharks actually have better damage output even in charge turns. to be clear I’m not saying sharks should always replace spear eels as they have command models and the once per game MW. However I do think the two units now have advantages over one another. you could also run the same list with 6 sharks and an aspect of storm as he gets great utility from the cloud of midnight, scoring in hero missions and makes the shark bites 2+ rr1s to wound.
  4. Saying this won’t change competitive pay is a silly until things are tried. Considering IDK can do things now like. fuethan reverse tides caster 2 scryer 3x10 thrall / reaver 2x3 shield eels 9 sharks can be 36 quality shots to thin out casters and or mortal wound spammers whilst still being very good in melee (their output is exceedingly close to spear eels as long as you get the 4th bite) Double scryer allows reserves and long bomb charges. yes most likely a whole army of sharks isn’t the way to go but still it’s an example.
  5. based on what your going to have I would probably go. King -1 to hit trait, born from agony & cloud of midnight 2x2 sharks (one set with launchers one set with nets) 3 spear eel 3 shield eel will be 980 so a shot at a triumph and gives a bit of a mixture. I don’t Volt is really worth it at 1k losing out on cloud of midnight would be pretty huge.
  6. Yeah something like this. Can also wrap 30 thralls in one unit drop lotaan and run another shark as an alternative. quite different to most lists currently so maybe a nice switchup. I might tweak things to get a second soulscryer as I’ve always found mass thralls really benefit from double scryer.
  7. I know some people are still on the fence for sharks but I really like the new warscroll. I do think they now compete with spear eels as long as your getting the 4th bite which is pretty easy with their own shooting. A bit less damage output compared when eels charge but way better when charged or ongoing combat and only lose damage output every 8 wounds. Losing the monster keyword as long as that’s correct is what really brings them up though. sharks in reverse tide fuethan and an aspect of storm is something I’m excited to try. Something we couldn’t say prior to this change.
  8. The tanky side may well be best again though doesn’t breaker do that better? If you go breaker +5 wounds and 6+++ shrug it takes 48 unsaved wounds statistically to kill him. Also KE & taker have the lowest damage output so the less you kill the more damage your taking in subsequent turns. From what I’ve seen no SoB players are struggling to hold objectives if their models are alive. They struggle when models die so a focus on living longer and blunting the opponents high damage dealers would seem to be the most favourable setups.
  9. Indeed the +1 vs heroes and wizards seems to be generally the best. Also breaker has a good trait in plus 2 attacks and ok item. The other thing with breaker I noted previously is that they essentially have the rule “opponents don’t get +1 save from cover” as people don’t want to give you +1 damage. This is something that your always passively getting which a lot of the time may go unnoticed. Most armies want to sit smaller heroes or elite units in cover. Then it all combines together. Breaker Mega has great ranged attack with +1 to hit vs heroes and that hero doesn’t want to use cover to boost their save.
  10. I think realm lords will actually be an incredibly bad matchup normally. They have two spells that cause units to test bravery anytime they want to perform an action and multiple ways to lower bravery. Meaning 50% of a SoB army will often not be reliably doing stuff. To move then charge then swing you need to make and pass 3 checks at most likely bravery -2.
  11. Deepkin Dom-Hain will be similar with the re roll all wounds vs monsters for eels.
  12. Agreed Also in taker he gets the sandals which massively boost his damage output. From average 4 at -2 on a 3+3+ to 9 at -3. In general I’m not sold that KE taker is the way to go but if you have him then it feels like you need him as the focus to make him worthwhile.
  13. McSkittles pants coming along. Not sure if I can maintain full patchwork for all 6 mancrushers. May go for easier main colour and odd alternate patch on others.
  14. True, I guess best in stompers with d3 command point trait for the summon and cover the lost CP.
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