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  1. The mindstealer can be a great use of a spare 100 points. Combine with reapers, sigil and even the helm artifact for one of the better morale bombs in the game. Can easily have people at bravery -4 with an extra 2d3 running. I wouldn’t have morale bomb as the primary tactic due to bravery immunity and people can always use a CP for non immune units but it can be a handy secondary element in an army.
  2. As per Command Abilities section in the core rules. If an ability doesn’t specify when it’s used then it’s used in “your hero phase”.
  3. The leaked battle report has slightly over 3/4 points in characters. Maybe it is supposed to be Slinging magic and mighty special heroes as you say although that’s not generally the style of play I enjoy. I do enjoy behemoths though so hopefully a multiple cow battalion exists and pair it up with a lot of spear men and archers. I did enjoy back in the previous game playing large amounts of spearmen and archers with their special fight in an additional rank rules. I’m going to wait and see what lists I can build. I really like the models look and plan to try to push my painting limits a bit with them so whatever comes will be a fun project.
  4. I guess the differentiator would be if they’re still only 1 wound. I know a lot of talk is expecting them to be 2 wounds but I don’t think a leak has ever confirmed that (if it has been confirmed and I’ve missed it please correct me). At 20 ppw they can then be very elite but need to see if they will be 1 or 2 wounds. I think the points leaks put most of the units for the faction in a grey middle ground seeming to range 12 - 14 ppw. Meaning none of them can have particularly strong attack profiles without being too good. Spearman for instance expected to have reach maybe even 3” I guess a 4+ save and maybe a defensive ability for less than thralls meaning they should really have a fairly weak attack profile to balance.
  5. The confusion comes from the fact you can play up to 2 shipwrecks and each shipwreck is either 1/2 or a whole. So for maximum competitiveness you should buy 2 but running 1 split into halves won’t make a huge difference. Although two big ones clogging up the middle with a primsmatic pallisade between them and the ritual to remove flying can be a huge tactical weapon but isn’t reliable.
  6. Your stuff is ok and although lacking spear eels isn’t ideal, kings / Volt are actually normally seen as substandard compared to reverse tide tidecaster lists (although I like defensive king lists). Also shield eels are ideal in skirmish units of 3 they blow up chaff, are hard to shift unless a serious unit hits them and messes with opposing shooting. 2 turtles isn’t really going to be worth it but never know what a new book may change. With what you have I would run something like the attached.
  7. Teclis wanted to wipe out the Deepkin before they started harvesting souls and Tyrion convinced him otherwise. Fluff wise can’t really see him wanting his new pure Lumineth associating with them. After seeing them become evil soul vampires he really should want to erase them completely now.
  8. I was just musing on a few things whilst lockdown continues. One thing that came to mind was it would be cool to have a 3 kings list Volt and two regular. The army would fog and block for the 3 kings then on high tide to come out and sweep everyone away. Obviously though kings are not worth 240 unless they’re the general. This is particularly true with Deepkin but does apply to a few units in other armies. Ideally they would have two points values for units that have general only rules. In the the long term it may not matter as I guess with the next Deepkin book the general only restrictions will be removed (in line with more recent books where general only restrictions appear to be on special characters).
  9. On the spear men side of things it will be interesting to see if they have 3” reach. Some of the side photos make the spears look super long. This would also fit in with a carry over from old High Elves when they could fight in 3 ranks. At a 120 for 10 with a possible regiment discount (here’s hoping) units of 30 are very doable.
  10. My guess would be Lumineth win even with a list that’s 3/4 characters in points, 35 models and I’m guessing around 90 wounds. Which isn’t a list composition for winning sigmar in general. Still I think it will be a fun read just to fuel more partial knowledge. Interestingly the points were not what I was expecting. I was thinking they would be around 160-180 for 10 and come with 2 wounds (like Fyreslayers being magically empowered). However at 120 and 140 for 10 that’s Deepkin infantry points so I assume good attack profiles 1w and fairly flimsy maybe 4+ for spears 5+ for bows. Infantry spam maybe a thing thing takes me back to when I used to play mass spearmen fighting in 3 ranks and bows shooting in 2 ranks.
  11. Indeed it would be nice and although I’m fine with the range as we’ve seen without a generic “fighter” hero it also limits worthwhile command traits and artifacts to only defensive or casting ones. EDIT: just realized I’m probably being stupid as the spirit of the mountain are probably heroes so fill the generic fighter so a good target for aggressive traits and items.
  12. I think some people are over hyping how small the range is. Look at fyreslayers and ironjawz. Fyreslayers only have 3 core units and it seems in each edition only 1 is really worth taking. They may have more war scrolls but it’s only due to hero choices. deepkin have more choices but so many are bad that actually only about 5 or 6 warwcrolls see play. As long as the Lumineth warscrolls are all playable the release is 100% fine and varied interesting armies will be available especially with allegiance abilities battalions etc.
  13. I think he may end up being not very competitive (obviously all final judgement reserved till I have the book) As he’s 660 and cheaper than the other big two as such I don’t think he will have amazing defensive stats on top of his magic. This means shooting armies will have an easy time vs lists with him and even things like Tzeentch between lords of change and their other rules they can fairly easily shut down casting rolls of 10.
  14. Not sure about that if you drop Teclis you can get access to another 50 dudes. We will see what his rules are but either will be him plus units and minimal other characters or no Teclis and plenty of dudes. You can’t win Sigmar games vs decent lists with so few models. Especially as there’s a lot of shooting around at the moment that makes big points sinks generally a bad idea.
  15. I was kind of expecting all the infantry to be 2 wounds similar to Fyreslayers due to being infused with magical energy. However after seeing the points they look in line with Deepkin so more likely 1 wound elite infantry. Also with those points and possible regiment discounts if not fielding Teclis can easily be a pretty high model count army if wanted.
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