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  1. What’s the list? I would guess leige, soulmason 2x10 mortek 2 crawler or maybe switch the mason for 10 more mortek I guess your best bet would be stomper tribe using the re roll saves artifact and 3d6 charge trait as that will be pretty resilient vs the crawlers. Then 3 mancrushers. In a game that small not going to be much tactically beyond trying to get inside the minimum range of the crawlers and trying to multi charge units so you can leave a mortek unit still at 10 models to get the bonus damage by putting the impact hits / pickup into a different target one other thing as your lower drop make them go first top of 1. If they move forward to tag objectives you should be in first turn charge range especially with the 3d6 warstomper
  2. No they can run and charge in range of a mega but no run and shoot
  3. I haven’t got up to 9 yet but I have thought about what I would run if I expand to 9 mancrushers. I would go stomper / 3 / 3 and 3 solo. As the singles can still blow up larger screens on their own. maybe controversial but I would run mantle over cestus. Re roll 4+ is only good vs chaff attacks but stomper tribe destroys chaff and the mega is a support piece in the list so sits behind and so will be targeted by quality shooting and or ranged mortals which it doesn’t help against much if at all. The mantle saves you a lot of CP and also is the only way the mega himself gets to reroll charge. I would then run the d3 extra CP allowing the army to run the throw rocks for first few turns and do a big hit with a bubble of re roll 1s. tactics as long as your in range of the shout you have some ok sniping power / range screen killing. If charging a unit of 10 try to see if you can contact something else and put your impact into them so you don’t drop them below 10. Use the solos to tag objectives and kill screens then try to setup a big hit with the larger 3 man units.
  4. It says “wholly within or on a terrain feature”. So as you say similar to gaining cover if a model in the unit has part of a base out it doesn’t trigger. that’s why I’ve said before that a breaker doesn’t really get +1 damage instead it removes the benefit of cover from your opponent (as they will never let it trigger), however that’s still a nice benefit.
  5. Interesting, personally I’m just not sold on the Kraken eater outside taker tribe where it can get the sandals for a big boost to damage output. Maybe I’m not valuing his utility enough though. Also in that list he prefers the triumph to the CP and that’s the choice personally I can never decide which is better.
  6. I was interested to see in the warhammer community Metawatch article the SoB player was saying his current favourite list is what I have been banging the drum for. Although not tooting my own horn that much as theres not that many different choices The article isn’t clear though as to if he means triple gatebreaker mega or just triple mega one of each as commonly seen in taker tribes. I assume though that he means triple gatebreaker all with the +1 vs heroes and wizards as the sniping game is super important. The list I’ve mentioned before is 3 gatebreaker, general with +2 flail trait and 6+++ item and then a unit of 3 mancrushers. After that I’m never sure if a CP or just a triumph bid is better.
  7. Nice reports! Good to see the big guys doing some work even if I won’t be able to play for many more months (smallest violin playing the saddest song for first world problems). Really chomping at the bit to get mine on the table.
  8. The wording is a bit funny but I’m pretty positive you can do multiple kicks just have to be separate objectives. Reason being the last sentences clarifies each objective can only be kicked once per phase. If they only wanted one kick in total the wording would have confirmed that. Saying that I’ve not really seen multiple Kraken eaters considered.
  9. Looking good, I love the rag hide across the face really plays into the desert theme.
  10. Nice one! I think in general breakers are pretty solid vs OBR with all the rend -3. Indeed though not having to face Big K is definitely a boon. As although breakers are my favourite they’re most vulnerable to hit debuffs.
  11. I guess taker could be seen as more the all rounder as it doesn’t care so much about the opponents army and wants to play objectives and quite probably is the most flexible in build. Rarely see lists with duplicate megas in taker and split between 2 big 6 small or 3 big 3 small and then also splits as to if people want to run 3 solo small gargants to try to really leverage the counts as 15 rule. stomper tribe has most potential damage output but will face armies where the damage buff never triggers and due to its rules the warstomper and 9 small build feels the best to me. IMHO though there are a couple of valid trait artifact combos though for some variety then breaker my fav I see a few different builds for. I personally like the triple gatebreaker and unit of 3 with +1 vs heroes / wizards as it’s the list with the most sniping potential and I’ve always found killing key buff heroes is great for objective play armies as it tends to heavily drop the enemies damage output and lower the chances they can table you. Also can give some counter play vs the top lists which focus on shooting.
  12. My other issue with Taker tribe is that I think it has anti synergies. You want to play objectives and double down on that with solo gargants and probably strong right foot for the 3d6 kick. This can be very powerful on certain battle plans. However it increases the drop count which ups the chance the opponent makes you play first. When the kraken eater really wants to play second so he can control the objective in your opponents turn 1 then kick in your turn 1 hero phase. Also not sure about other people but I don’t see running any item except the sandals it’s such a big damage boost from average 4 potential dmg at -2 on a good profile to 9 potential dmg at -3 however that’s just a thought in my mind maybe I need to go and look at common meta builds and see if many fit into the 4-6 drop range and if the increase drops really makes a difference in many matchups.
  13. I agree I think breaker with +1 vs heroes and wizards is best. Horses for courses though if others prefer taker. The other comment above is correct 20-30 isn’t that meaningful but 10-15 can be. However I think breaker ability to snipe key buff heroes swings it. If you kill more and they’re doing you less damage then that aids winning as well.
  14. I just finished painting a sons of behemat and now onto another more theme and “fun” style army of pure Alarith temple. With the lockdown still going on here in Canada I’ve been more relaxed in my hobbying and just working on models and lists I like rather than worrying about how competitive.
  15. I’ve picked fyreslayers as khorne and Ogre wound counts seem way too low and pile in on death VB plus the HGB blob will probably be too much for them. BS again seems to have a low wound count for themselves as BS can often be up around 200 and the shooting Rukk really isn’t what it used to be after all the nerfs. Idol is nice but is the only standout threat.
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