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  1. #alternativefacts not liking thralls and reavers is fine but saying there are no leadership mechanics apart CP is just flat untrue. Command trait Aspect Sea Lotaan Last Lament in other words there’s options in command trait cheap character, expensive character and artifact to help with morale.
  2. I have done theory hammer for a thunderer list but lack the models. I would actually look at Zilfin and Iron Sky Squadron with MSU rifles whilst still having the ark hook fire base to do the heavy lifting Khemist navigator 30/10/10 arkanaut 3 frigates iron sky 5x5 thunderers deploy characters and thunderers in the ships for a one drop army.
  3. Ohhh I like this similar to my idea but with even more bodies! Interested as to why the cats in 4s though and also why the pelt over wraith bow?
  4. Not really sure about staple as such, as KO have various ways to build their lists but I do think with new points it’s very much in the mix. My view is it has lower overall damage output compared to other lists but is better at board control and sniping objectives due to being able to go heavy on MSU and still be 3 drop and beat out any non super battalion armies. My feeling is that current KO lists will be mainly based around either IRon sky squadron (probably 2 frigates but with new points can do 3) escort wing or an ironclad based army ..... the interesting thing with escort wing is I still can’t pick a best skyport from Mhornar, Thryng and Zilfin No matter what you run with KO I still feel a blob of arkanaut with a khemist is required to be the primary damage dealers.
  5. Yeah 1K is a bit of a funny spot really for a lot of armies I find. At 2k I think with new points all ships are viable. 3 and 1 in an escort wing, 2-3 frigates in a squadron or an ironclad with no battalion (normally Barak Urbaz for double artifact and mass khemist buff). As a base every KO list is probably going to have minimum 40-50 arkanaut and 1-2 khemist so that’s a huge chunk at 1k.
  6. It seems to break into 3 main bands I find. 1-2 drop for armies with viable super battalions although it feels like GW are trying to take this out of the game. 6-8 drops for armies with a battalion and extra support heroes / units 10+ drops for any others. So if you can get around a 4 drop that still has a lot of value as you will decide round 1 in all but super battalion matchups. Also if your playing a high drop army you need to have a build that can both survive alpha strikes and also take objectives from hordes who sit on them top of 1
  7. Not really needing to wait for a new book, the ships need to be run in either an escort wing or Mhornar as the plus and or re roll makes them far More reliable. Also yes it’s a cannon and that evokes cool mental images but they’re not really primary damage dealers. Arkanaut, riggers and gun wardens all buffed by khemist are KOs main damage output. Ships are more skirmish units / drop reduction.
  8. I have a great problem with the new points as I can’t decide what to move my list towards. I was always a believer that the best builds were either around a battalion for low drops and 2 artifacts (and with frigates / crawlers / wardens all a lot cheaper escort wing and squadron are both appealing). Or no battalion triple khemist, ironclad Barak-Urbaz which also comes down 100 points just on the 4 key models. I really hate that they nerfed the Loupe or Barack-Nar could actually be a meta foil to the heavy plus to cast armies. When it was 3d6 plus 1 on a model that can unbind multiple times it was great.
  9. Yeah as long as you have a CP in your pocket to auto make the run a six if it’s needed, Yhetees have an automatic 21” threat range (9+6run+6pilein) whilst still being able to use activation order shenanigans. The one down side is that as your not charging you don’t get to make use of the re roll 1s to wound.
  10. Indeed you can retreat / run / whatever and use your 6” pile in. Units with longer than normal pile in as long as they are worded they can be selected to fight also at the longer range (as some can’t) are the most flexible units in the game for Melee tricks.
  11. As above Eurlbad appears to have some legs now and I do want to test a MW list just not sure on ratio of stonehorns to mournfang. Also they made our best unit cheaper in the Icefall Yhetees which kind of makes me want to double down on them now, along with my preferred large Skal. Hunter, General, wraith bow FLoSH, ethereal 3x9 icefall Yhetees 8 and 4x2 cats skal Big old wound count of 160 (although only FL is tough) and a lot of speed and damage output. Plus cats and Yhetees have great synergy when you sacrifice 2 cats to use up your opponents activation then pile in the Yhetees into the same unit from 6” away who now can’t be attacked.
  12. That list looks nice the 2 shot cannons turn one with the ordinator will actually make the ships do a reasonable punch. Then the 40 ark blob does it’s work
  13. To be fair we don’t Know if the battalion will maybe itself get cheaper. The leak I saw was missing some KO stuff. Also prosecutors are down to 90 in the SCE leak. I have looked at it before as it’s a tempting battalion (16 drill cannons in one turn from one unit). Also I don’t believe you get to shoot the star fated arrow every turn the battalion doesn’t override the once per game as far as I’m aware.
  14. Just building on clown car obviously new points helps it. Plus the Zilfin teleport then disembark still works. I always advocate going MSU instead of big unit and khemist now the way the sarge gets extra shots and it allows you to just block people with 5 models at a time for cheap sacrifices also gave lots of separate mortal wounds vs charges if they contact multiple units. ironclad 5x5 thunderers in new points will clock in at 830 (90 points cheaper) if you really wanted to double down you could drop 1 unit add 12 Skywardens and a khemist to boost drill cannons ironclad 4x5 thunderers khemist 12 Skywardens 1280 on the clown car with that loadout and 180 cheaper than now! 20/10/10 ark 2nd khemist 100 points spare either a 3 man warden unit for screening and objectives or could do a 4 man thunderer unit also in the ironclad. Or something I was looking at before and new points makes a lot better is a triple frigate iron sky squadron with min arkanaut and heroes all full of MSU thunderers and again new points means a lot more fit in whilst still being a one drop army. 2 navigator 3x10 ark 3 frigate iron sky battalion 8x5 thunderer need to see finalized battalion points but based on old point for the battalion this list is 1970
  15. Yeah damage output is the big issue with escort wing its more a slow chip away and feed opponent small units style. I think with new points can do a arkanauts fire base with khemsit probably even 30 man if dropping one of the Skywardens units. So that should hopefully provide the needed punch whilst the escort wing keeps them safe and grabs objectives.
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