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  1. Yeah as long as you have a CP in your pocket to auto make the run a six if it’s needed, Yhetees have an automatic 21” threat range (9+6run+6pilein) whilst still being able to use activation order shenanigans. The one down side is that as your not charging you don’t get to make use of the re roll 1s to wound.
  2. Indeed you can retreat / run / whatever and use your 6” pile in. Units with longer than normal pile in as long as they are worded they can be selected to fight also at the longer range (as some can’t) are the most flexible units in the game for Melee tricks.
  3. As above Eurlbad appears to have some legs now and I do want to test a MW list just not sure on ratio of stonehorns to mournfang. Also they made our best unit cheaper in the Icefall Yhetees which kind of makes me want to double down on them now, along with my preferred large Skal. Hunter, General, wraith bow FLoSH, ethereal 3x9 icefall Yhetees 8 and 4x2 cats skal Big old wound count of 160 (although only FL is tough) and a lot of speed and damage output. Plus cats and Yhetees have great synergy when you sacrifice 2 cats to use up your opponents activation then pile in the Yhetees into the same unit from 6” away who now can’t be attacked.
  4. That list looks nice the 2 shot cannons turn one with the ordinator will actually make the ships do a reasonable punch. Then the 40 ark blob does it’s work
  5. To be fair we don’t Know if the battalion will maybe itself get cheaper. The leak I saw was missing some KO stuff. Also prosecutors are down to 90 in the SCE leak. I have looked at it before as it’s a tempting battalion (16 drill cannons in one turn from one unit). Also I don’t believe you get to shoot the star fated arrow every turn the battalion doesn’t override the once per game as far as I’m aware.
  6. Just building on clown car obviously new points helps it. Plus the Zilfin teleport then disembark still works. I always advocate going MSU instead of big unit and khemist now the way the sarge gets extra shots and it allows you to just block people with 5 models at a time for cheap sacrifices also gave lots of separate mortal wounds vs charges if they contact multiple units. ironclad 5x5 thunderers in new points will clock in at 830 (90 points cheaper) if you really wanted to double down you could drop 1 unit add 12 Skywardens and a khemist to boost drill cannons ironclad 4x5 thunderers khemist 12 Skywardens 1280 on the clown car with that loadout and 180 cheaper than now! 20/10/10 ark 2nd khemist 100 points spare either a 3 man warden unit for screening and objectives or could do a 4 man thunderer unit also in the ironclad. Or something I was looking at before and new points makes a lot better is a triple frigate iron sky squadron with min arkanaut and heroes all full of MSU thunderers and again new points means a lot more fit in whilst still being a one drop army. 2 navigator 3x10 ark 3 frigate iron sky battalion 8x5 thunderer need to see finalized battalion points but based on old point for the battalion this list is 1970
  7. Yeah damage output is the big issue with escort wing its more a slow chip away and feed opponent small units style. I think with new points can do a arkanauts fire base with khemsit probably even 30 man if dropping one of the Skywardens units. So that should hopefully provide the needed punch whilst the escort wing keeps them safe and grabs objectives.
  8. As I a glass half full kind of person something else I’ve heard that would favour boat KO would be that new missions are going for increased objective count. I already prefer playing a skirmish style KO so should be good for that. Need to see final points as the leaks didn’t include all units and battalions but it’s looking like I should have 200 odd points spare. So either more sky wardens and thunderers or could go for a khemist upgrade and a 20 man sky hook unit for a bit of a fire base. Still not sure what skyport I like best either with the MSU style. Admiral navigator 3x10 Ark 3x3 sky warden full gun 2x5 thunderer rifles 3 gun hauler frigate escort wing 200+ points extra depending on final points. I might be able to squeeze in a 3rd thunderer unit admiral to khemist and a unit of 20 arkanaut which I think would be a fun and flexible list. Skyport wise I tried Mhornar but with MSU the re roll bubble isn’t great I might just go for Zilfin for teleport frigate, always 1s vs fliers and late game plus 6 runs for the ships to grab objectives.
  9. It’s not minor reductions to be fair. For any balanced style lists your looking at close to 160 to 200 points extra. Plus they are wanting to rein in the more over powered armies DoK between wychs, heart renders and hags will lose close to 200 on a typical list. We will see what the “hot fix” for the new books missed by GHB brings. Thunderers in 5s with rifles are already quite efficient and with lower points are very pallitable. Riggers buffed by a khemist are an amazing Melee unit. Are KO going to be top tier without a new book.... probably not but I do feel they will be able to compete. Also saying KO are a bad shooting army is just wrong. 9 skyhooks +khemist + re rolls. Riggers shoot amazingly and sky wardens with full gun load outs are very good. Plus rifle thunderers do great damage to points ratio. The boats are not the armies main shooting units and yes the cannons need buffing and should be flat damage but even without that I think we will see KO do mixed ships and troops lists that can do ok.
  10. Mine I’m just spraying gold then silver weapons. Probably purple or red cloth then some blue energy glow. With the new paints don’t really need to worry about shade / highlights.
  11. Had some more thoughts on Mor’Phann style lists with new points. Max saving list tidecaster 4 render Lotann 30/20/20 thrall 20/10/10 reaver battalion ——- or maybe drop some heroes and dudes for king and a turtle for some better saves and then have a high tide punch. I think they maybe more viable with the points changes but time will tell.
  12. Talking escort wing my list currently has gone down 130 and they have said that thunderers and sky wardens are also going down (haven’t seen leaked points on those though) so min will be another 50 points so should mean I can probably fit in 10 more thunderers as I was bit under already. doesnt sound like much but it will definitely make a difference. Especially as the list doesn’t play to table by just to cripple opponents major hitters then play objectives. I think to fix boats make them a flat 5 damage for cannons only 1.5 more than the average on the d6 but gets away from the times you roll super low and overall brings their damage output up without it being outrageous and makes them great small hero snipers.
  13. Yeah I think 6 eels is still better but it’s a lot closer now (I was touching on this above). Other aspect to consider is that now shark is our cheapest combat unit so you may have 120 points spare in a list and throw it in as a flank harasser / objective stealer. On the net launcher you take it when you take the turtle battalion as it’s a single dice attack it gets more benefit from the one dice per phase re roll (do it first to see if you need the re roll then turtle shooting second).
  14. If you go full Mor’Phann infantry the list will at least be around 180 cheaper so an extra unit and render might squeeze in. I will be interested to see if thralls still get unit discount including the reduction as 30 at 330 would be quite reasonable.
  15. 3 sharks for 360 or 6 spear eels for 340. Edge will still probably be with eels. Can gain cover, faster and better charge re roll. MW output and greater overall damage. Sharks only major plus is a small amount of range damage and not losing any output until 8 wounds taken. Its defiently closer now though compared to 420 and 320 price tags.
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