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  1. So looking at the mission pack I think savage gains which Iโ€™ll be playing for one round on Saturday can be pretty effectively โ€œhackedโ€ by the Kraken Eater. My plan going in which may change depending on opponent is simple. kick my home objective straight forward and run all my dudes up in a blob in the middle. Auto run one 6 to steal their home objective. SoB will be scoring 6VP and you deny them scoring more than 3VP max and probably just 2VP as you just flood their home objective. Itโ€™s especially powerful as you only score 2VP no matter how many objectives you hold that are in no mans land. unfortunately I think thatโ€™s the only objective in the current GHB that is really open to kick abuse. Although playing the other missions Iโ€™ve found kicking two objectives out of three close together and parking all your dudes between them is a pretty good plan on hold 2 hold more missions.
  2. Indeed none of the good stuff at 1k. This is why in a 2k stomper list your most likely going to want to field at least one extra mega. Then you can get say a 3 blob of mancrushers on 2+ rr1s maybe even 2+ to wound with a triumph and do some serious burst damage.
  3. You murder screens without committing too many resources at once would seem to be the main benefit. If you want to do that I would probably run the mantle for bravery 10 and re roll charge bubble and then 40 wounds on the stomper as you need him to live. If you are looking at 9 mancrushers which I currently am painting my last 3 so will run it at least once, then I would have at least one unit of 3 as a hammer. Plus gives a nice 20 point triumph bid for the possible +1 to wound.
  4. Playing. Taker kraken with sandals and 5+ shrug gatebreaker warstomper 3 solo mancrushers Iโ€™m thinking about for this weekend running the mancrushers in a single unit. Itโ€™s pretty apparent that on the majority of missions you only need to be on two objectives so Iโ€™m going to see if the bigger unit advantages I prefer to the negatives. in general my impression of the new missions isnโ€™t massively positive playing with SoB and my khorne so far. With most missions being 3 or 4 objectives if you can blob up on two and have easy to score tactics and strategy you donโ€™t really need to do much else. To be clear I think the objectives and missions really favour SoB but they make the game a bit stagnant. One game I played we diced โ€œThe Viceโ€ and I just sat deep on my two home objectives whilst completing tactics until round 3 into round 4 it goes to one objective in the middle and I just moved all the gargants in. Immediately that mission would be more dynamic if they had the central objective from the start and the others still moved and disappear.
  5. Well got in two games of AoS3 and itโ€™s been going as expected both wins pretty easily on objectives but not against the best lists. Got a small event at the weekend so will see how those games go. SoB seem so good at primary, secondary and tertiary scoring that it almost feels like unless your facing a list that can one shot a mega that SoB have a pretty easy to follow path to victory.
  6. Not a big deal but isnโ€™t this really a nerf? As he has to use a monstrous action to destroy terrain now and only slightly more efficient than any other monster, previously he could just do it natively. but all in all compared to most armies which had some real shakeups SoB are fairly much unchanged and looking super strong for AoS3.
  7. Just to be clear 3 solo mancrushers doesnโ€™t really give up VP easier than 3 in a unit as the rule triggers off dead monster not the whole unit. Only thing it makes easier is the bring it down tactic but equally 3 solo is an easy way to get 3 VP from ferocious advance turn 1. 4 mega though does have a lot lower chance to bleed VP thatโ€™s for sure. Although I struggle to see a 4 mega build that I want. I donโ€™t really want multiple Kraken, multiple breaker is best but then it only works with dual stomper and ideally I want one of each. I do agree that with new missions a 3 blob of mancrushers has some interesting elements, gives some additional shooting and if you lose two statically rally is quite a good option.
  8. Just to check you know each monstrous action can only be carried out once per phase? Not sure if Iโ€™m misreading but it sounds like your expecting multiple d3 MW stomps. That aside very similar obviously wait to see FAQ but right now I am leaning towards triple solo mancrusher in Taker tribe, one of each mega then shrug and sandals on the Kraken. I love the sandals really brings his damage output up more in line with other megas.
  9. Unfortunately cover is capped at 10 wounds. be interesting to see if Kragnos can work, kind of worried MW will just tear him up. Especially this edition which is introducing better saves bringing MW spam armies seems prudent. It feels like most of the recent armies can just give out MW for fun.
  10. Yeah it wonโ€™t always help, but does give some additional utility that may come up in the odd game.
  11. Actually again a win for the warstomper as he grabs โ€œin the combat phaseโ€ so you can potentially do more shenanigans with it. Break a unit coherency after attacks or pickup a last model to then allow you to activate later and pile in 3โ€ into another unit.
  12. Iโ€™m not really sure multiple Kraken is worth it. They tend to have the lowest average damage output (warstomper is variable) and only one per friendly hero phase can kick no matter how many you have. At full health a warstomper only needs to be in range of 6 to get full damage output or 1 and a monster. They also have potential to have full damage output even at 1 wound remaining so I do think one in a list with correct play should always be getting in good swings. As such I think in taker one of each mega and 3 solo mancrushers will be really good. The 3 mega tank and fight while the smaller ones at counts as 15 are holding or stealing objectives.
  13. I donโ€™t think outside SoB theyโ€™re worth it on the whole. Inside SoB I do think you could maybe try a full defensive list whilst still having a lot of holding power from Taker tribe. Kraken eater with -1 to hit aura gatebreaker 5+ ward warstomper merc for additional-1 aura 3 solo mancrushers. now every mega has some form of additional defence. Is it an improvement, honestly not sure but itโ€™s my best idea for including a merc.
  14. Yeah itโ€™s shaping up to feel like Gargants will be very strong at all elements of new scoring and will only struggle if opponents prioritize killing the mancrushers and maybe a lone mega and then make it hard to score for only a couple of mega left. I think going second turn 3 could be really key for SoB to remove an objective at the point in the game SoB are low on unit number. also savy opponents may just leave some models on an objective a gargant is already on but not in combat . To stop it moving off to claim a second objective without losing the first. All in all playing SoB in AoS3 is going to be very engaging and technical which is funny as by the fluff theyโ€™re very simple.
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