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  1. I still don't get why GW is not clear, i get it that the battalions are out but what about the host itself? Can I play syll'eskian host without taking one of its battalions? Warscroll-builder still has the host to select on the website...
  2. I think i want to bring this list to a coming event. What do you guys think of it? I struggled a lot with taking more characters or have more units on the table. I think we have a tough time on tournaments where the mission needs a character to score the objectives. anyway here is the list:
  3. Selling my Mierce miniatures beastmen army Location: Netherlands There is some minor damage but i have the bits so you can repair them. Everything is sold as seen on the picture. Retail is around € 800 i am selling it for € 300 world wide shipping buyer pays shipping! 1 character on boar resin 3 character beastmen resin 1 gor character with banner metal 1 rhino character resin 1 sealion character resin 2x5 minotaur resin 2x5 rhino unit resin 1 big mino with 4 arms resin 10 small gors resin 10 beastmen metal 3 bags with metal beastmen 1 bag of bits metal 1 OOP Limited edition standard bearer sealed in blister. I have more pictures so if you want i can sent them.
  4. Question, is the sylleskkan host from the WD still a legal list for tournament play after the coming of the GHB 2020 or not? If not my army got even more useless then it already was 🤣 I mean, Why does GW bring out these lists in WD if they can't be used after a while anyway?
  5. Khinerai Heearthrenders both shield and heads, I used those models to make furies in slaanesh theme:
  6. Thanks! Sure thing, its Old copper from scale75 then a dry brush of old copper mixed with Vallejo model air silver then its washed with agrax earthsahde and when thats dry a wash reiksland flesh shade, after that is dry a very much diluted nihilakh oxide. Hope that helps!
  7. Hey all, Cheers for the likes! Here is a Slaanesh army that i painted in the meantime!
  8. Interesting... Can you tell me in witch FAQ you have read this?
  9. Hey all! Since im getting more and more commissions for Age of Sigmar i would like to post the finished models here to share some of my work and give people help and/or ideas. And of course look at other peoples awesome work Finished this Kharadron Overlords army: Stay tuned for more updates!
  10. Its a broken dwarf statue from scibor miniatures
  11. Finished my 80% of my army today wanted to share still 20 arkanauts to go brok and a navigator
  12. I played yesterday VS khorne and won the game turn 2 2 thirsters and 10 bloodwarriors died turn 1 12 riggers with rivit guns are very powerful together with the free move in hero phase of zilfin. I played lightin vortex in the spell in the bottle that i popped turn 2 to wound the blood priests and units around them and finish them off with my remaining force.
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