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  1. After our epic encounter at Heat 2 can you put me and Tom Hewitt down for a grudge please
  2. I don’t come here as often as I should but I heard the Fimir alarm! This is the ‘Fimir’ list that I’ll be running at Heat two of the AoS GT. Everything that isn’t ‘real’ Fimir is converted to look like a Fimir.
  3. Can you add me and Tom Hewitt to your list of grudges please.
  4. Tried posting there, but maybe it needs to be moved by admin?
  5. It’s now on itunes https://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=1370530623
  6. I’ve gone and stated a podcast with my Warhammer wife Elliot. It’s not 100% AoS, so feel free to fast forward through the 40k, Bloodbowl and Necromunda bits. Coming soon to other podcast places when I work that bit out. Happy listening!
  7. Binx

    Fimir Warriors

    @Shearl Thank! Kronor heads were my first idea for the Lesser Fimir but then a friend suggest Genestealer ones instead. Feel free to borrow away, just be aware your sanity may be lost forever!
  8. Binx

    Fimir Warriors

    Hey @Strammefar glad you like them. Heres the ‘reveal’ article I did a little while back. Have a guess where the bits come from and then click the link http://binxshobbyblog.co.uk/operation-not-lizardmen
  9. Binx

    Fimir Warriors

    I wish! And I glad you like the Lesser Fimir. I’ve got some Fimirlings waiting for paint, once the real Fimir and the ‘Thundertusk’ (Fimir type name to come) are done
  10. Binx

    Fimir Warriors

    Yeah follow me! Thanks @Mohojoe No in all seriousness, I’ve been waiting for Fimir heroes for a long time, but as I’m still working through my Fimir army, I’m not in any rush at the moment. I spoke to FW at last year Warhammer Fest and was told they had been put on hold while they concentrated on the new 40k for a bit. The heroes may even be painted which is a plus point. I know FW have been expanding their AoS team so hopefully they’ll make an appearance soon, I have my fingers crossed for the AoS openday or this years Warhammerfest. You can see some of my Fimir work
  11. Sure am! Will hopefully get a practice next week
  12. Not played AoS since Blackout, so fully prepared for this one! Xmas attire is ready to go!
  13. Count me in! I'll pay on Wednesday when I'm back from holibobs
  14. Thanks Paul, good summary. Was a good game and I learnt quickly how good the Khardron guns are! Double turn for you would have given me trouble. Double turn for me after the monster charges and you wouldn't have had much infantry left. Look forward to our next encounter
  15. I literally took the models I had. Once the GHB17 points were available I added 1 Hellflayer and the 2 units of Hellstriders to make up the points I'd gained from the daemonnettes points reduction and dropping a Daemon Prince from my previously played list. Ive heard lots of suggestions on multiple Keepers and bringing in a lord on a mount but after 15 years I have no intention of adding any more models as my OCD means I have to paint any new models to a level I painted back then, when I'd rather be showing off my actual ability. I really enjoyed this build but I'm sure better player
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