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  1. Could you give me the page or a picture of that? I don't find it!
  2. Nothing in the GH2020 say they are not. I'm also working on that Da Boss Fist list, but I don't know about warchanter, I like having a second MK and one drop army...
  3. With this change, I'm thinking about "Da boss fist". A reduction of 50 points at minimum. I wonder if I should forget about warchanter to keep a one drop army. One warchanter is almost a brute unit. And with the battalion buff, they are even more a threat.
  4. I'm just hoping that they'll count as 20 models per giant for controlling objectives... But rules aside, That's awesome ! I want to play against an army of giants soooo much !!!
  5. The boar warboss is "legend" now , right ? If not, I'm playing mine again as soon as possible ! ^^
  6. Well, if we keep him, our battletome is really scary. Keeping the waaagh bomb with all the other buff we got... I don't want to be the new slaanesh.
  7. @PlasticCraic Thank you for your blog, it was a great read ! Especially the part about Ironsunz counter charges happening after slaanesh locus... how could I miss that !!! A list without a MK can put a lot of wounds on the table but that model is so awesome that I want to do something competitiv with it.
  8. The video is really long and I'm not a good english speaker... could you sum it up for me ? Highlights of his list ? And of his gameplay ? @broche is saying that it's a great waaagh army, can you deny that ? It's written Orruk Warclans so ... Thanks, you give me hope ^^
  9. If I remember correctly, you can charge at the end of your opponent's charge phase, not during his hero phase, right ? I have the book in french and we often have mis translation. I really don't understand how to beat slaanesh. In fact, it has become so frustrating to have an army with so much lack of balance that I stopped tournaments/playing AoS and we're having fun playing narrative game with Warcry. Such shame since we finally have a book haha
  10. Okay... So now that the Ironjawz waaagh can only be used once per combat phase... The orruk warboss with waaagh banner is absolutely awesome ! We can still play with him as an ally right ?
  11. With the reduction of points for bloodtooth and the limit for underpoints army, the reduction for ardboyz, increase of fungoid ... I think that your MSU list might work really well in a bloodtooth now !
  12. Another quick info : the general's handbook will harmonize faction terrain rules. Like distance from objectives and from regular terrains. Source : a french YouTube channel (FWS).
  13. I don't know if it was already said but General's Handbook 2019 will be on pre-order the 8 of June (green day for store).
  14. I really dislike wysiwyg. A lot of people say that it's necessary in competitive games, but I never had a problem in other games (like Infinity) . We don't play against an opponent but we play with him. Just ask and play it fair, it shouldn't matter if it's a narrative game or competitive one. But hey, that's just my opinion 😊
  15. Yup, I'm getting a lot of feedbacks like this one... games ending at T2... Honest question for everyone : Did you lose any of your games with hedonites ? Apart against a reapers spam, I'm starting to really dislike this army...
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