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  4. By the way guys, how many kill of "Strength from victory" were you able to stack ? I ended up with a megaboss on foot with 10 attacks recently!
  5. I feel like I'm really lucky. Players in my area are really chill and all about having a good time while playing. I play Ironjawz and I win a lot. I think that Ironjawz is one of the best "average army" and even if my opponent play an army considered as the monster of the moment, they will play these armies without spamming the broken combo of the month. That's why I tend to win. I try to bring unit from Underworlds to tone down my army some times, just so that these amazing models can see the table from time to time. To conclude with, we are not narrative players (I certainly would like so') and try everything we can to win while playing, but we just tend to leave the list building aspect of the game outside.
  6. I feel you! I used a scalpel to remove plastic mostly. Lost a bit of my fingers on that, not gonna lie...
  7. I also dislike arboyz. They don't fit the Ironjawz aesthetic without a lot of work. And they are our best unit. I decided to forget about list building and play with a bit of every unit we have (aka not a lot^^). One of their downside is their weapon range 1" with their base. It's a big issue for me. Or against this new (stupid) allopex rule. It's a reason to try butes with 2" range for me. But even then : their warscroll is easier to read, less different weapons ! Ardboyz are even superior on that aspect ^^ I need to proxy a Boss Fist, maybe there Brutes will have their place ? Edit : my custom ardboyz !
  8. I played a list with a lot of brutes on TTS last night. Against a Jaw of Mork list. It was close but I won. My brutes did the job, with Ironsunz command ability, mighty destroyer and a hand of gork, I moved surprisingly quickly, preventing the charge of boingrot bounderz etc ... And two times, a unit of 5 brutes almost survived a fight phase with a mangler (died at the moral phase without CP). Sooo I intend to try a Boss Fist at 2000 points next time. With two MK. What kind of loadout should I use on the second MK (I don't have the choice for the first one) ?
  9. Could you give me the page or a picture of that? I don't find it!
  10. Nothing in the GH2020 say they are not. I'm also working on that Da Boss Fist list, but I don't know about warchanter, I like having a second MK and one drop army...
  11. With this change, I'm thinking about "Da boss fist". A reduction of 50 points at minimum. I wonder if I should forget about warchanter to keep a one drop army. One warchanter is almost a brute unit. And with the battalion buff, they are even more a threat.
  12. I'm just hoping that they'll count as 20 models per giant for controlling objectives... But rules aside, That's awesome ! I want to play against an army of giants soooo much !!!
  13. The boar warboss is "legend" now , right ? If not, I'm playing mine again as soon as possible ! ^^
  14. Well, if we keep him, our battletome is really scary. Keeping the waaagh bomb with all the other buff we got... I don't want to be the new slaanesh.
  15. @PlasticCraic Thank you for your blog, it was a great read ! Especially the part about Ironsunz counter charges happening after slaanesh locus... how could I miss that !!! A list without a MK can put a lot of wounds on the table but that model is so awesome that I want to do something competitiv with it.
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