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  1. I have photos of my Dark Souls project that follow this idea if you wanna see?
  2. I’m loving these man! Now that I’m not doing all the 12 hour shifts in the world, I might actually be able to work on this now. That Bloodbound/Nighthaunt Force multiplier was what I was aiming for, love your idea for the Queen
  3. You need another unit of Evocators for the Cleansing Phalanx Or is that 2 units of 3 Evocators on Dracolines?
  4. So my dudes, big news. I got talking to my friend about the project, and he got super hyped and has been throwing me Alpha concept art all night! So big thanks to the man who shall currently be known as “Librarius Obscurus”, please let me know what you think, but I’m absolutely ecstatic so far. Also remember that these designs are not final, even if they’re looking damn cool.
  5. I have been exceedingly busy with work lately, but I have taken all the feedback on board and have spoken to a few friends about the theme; so I have decided to go with a more underground, abyss, deep kind of theme. How their magic works is by actually draining magic from the area around them, actually taking life away from the area leaving it useless. Eventually magic returns, but this kind of brings around the plague of locusts kind of theme. A few name changes, Sun-warden (buff priest) is now the Deep-caller Sunscrier (offence wizard) is now the Abyssal Warden Avatar of the Old Age is now Avatar of the Deep Abyss Sunshard Beetles are now called Coreshard Beetles, where the Collective have mined up raw coalesced magic and used it to raise up their war beetles. My friend gave me this as a food for thought for the magic “Core Energy Magic - Magic derived from the realm’s Core Energy that flows through the realm’s natural resources. Using the magic is extremely powerful but completely expends the area of land it is cast in” So I’m thinking that whenever a wizard casts a spell, they can place a “Dead Earth” token, or something to that effect, to get a buff on casting, but spells can’t be cast in a certain range of those tokens?
  6. Some interesting feedback here guys, will definitely have a think on the names a little now. Would have posted some more stuff, but I’ve just worked like two 12 hour days so I’m a little knackered.
  7. I’m thinking Bloodletters for the base of the majority of the standard infantry. The Scarab thing for Alarielle is the Sunshard Beetle.
  8. Damn, the Spyre came from the idea of them all living in massive dirt constructs. Didn’t think about Necromunda.
  9. Some work in progress titles, 19 warscrolls so far. I like this number but if I think of anything else I may add it. The idea is they don’t hit well, but they hit hard, like a big ant would. I feel like a bit of a copycat on the old sun thing, but I can’t think of any other element that works with beetles, as they do tend to thrive in deserts and sunny locations.
  10. I wanted this army to have a load of characters and work around synergy, like Khorne Bloodbound or the new Nighthaunt so I looked at what their count on warscrolls, and they’re around the 20s, so I figured that’s was roughly what I’d be aiming for
  11. So you’ve pretty much just nailed everything I’ve worked on tonight there; the lowest ranking troops are wingless and they’re called the Simiant Hive, and they tend to use spears. An extremely caste based race, there will almost certainly be a Queen in each Collective of Simiants. You’ve got Warloques, who are the sage/caster caste, the Sqaraabs will be the Elite Guard, and the Elite Infantry will be called the Mantys. I’m aiming for early to mid 20s in terms of warscroll count.
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