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  1. The two reveals make me want to collect the army depending on their rules. I also like sentinel archers, but don't really like the current lists making the rounds so I hope these new models change up how they play a bit.
  2. If we take the kraken eat gargant in ionrach does it get the tides ability?
  3. Is there a KO discord? If so can someone pm me it 🙂
  4. Whats the oval base size for the mancrushers? 105/170?
  5. So I thought the kraken eater (named one) can fit in a decent list. Ironsky command Navigator, Endrin in Harness, Khemist. 10 Arko comp 2 x 3 endrinriggers 10 thunderers ironclad Kraken eater This comes to 1980 or 1990 I believe? Basically everything can be in the boat or attached to it, and kraken can roam the board kicking objectives. Might have some play, or could lack a bit of damage.
  6. They lose their obsec ability along with the cp cost too? That's sucks...
  7. I hope so too, I like the look of that version the best.
  8. The list mentioned on the previous page was actually on stream round 4 this weekend. It got wrecked pretty hard though by double turn pure eels.
  9. That's exactly what I'd do too is take a battalion for the extra artifacts and lower drops.
  10. I honestly still like the knight incantor with a second endless spell (or comet, and switch the bottle for vortex or purple sun) better than the prime, and you still save 100+ points to spend elsewhere, like doubling the arkanots to sit on a point better.
  11. Yea I don't know why people still tried to game it like that, seemed pretty obvious that wasn't the intent originally. Happy it's clarified for those people now. I like the arcanite glaives and shields change, and changehost switch is fine, should make it more manageable.
  12. I agree, the winning CanCon list only use 6 flamers, but those horrors in the center objective did work.
  13. Not LVO, old books being used. I haven't really like the armies they were showing on stream for LVO either, wish I could watch CanCon instead.
  14. Have you ran archaon in the new tzeentch yet? If so how did it go? He seems very powerful with tzeentch.
  15. Thanks for the feedback. I thought of infusion Arcanum but the sorc is giving rerolls to him anyways, but it could work if he's given a negative modifier. I'll have to test it. Yea maybe thermal rider or gryph feather would be better on the sorc.
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