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  1. Yea playing for the double seems quite risky for obvious reasons. Keeping the stormfiends off the board and being able to bring them on to reach anything with the launchers definitely seems like a better version of the bridge, which I think is just too expensive and risky now in the magic heavy meta. I like that early threat with the launchers and 6 jezzails being able to snipe off a character or two. I guess clanrats move pretty quickly anyway so it shouldn't be too hard to get them into a screening position by running them up the board.
  2. Have you tried running 2 grinders? I'm definitely going to use one to try with my 6 stormfiends, but I'm worried about them getting caught out in the open. Obviously this can be mitigated by bringing them on close to gnawholes, but I suspect this will be too limiting and hard to pull off. Having a unit of clanrats setup with a grinder team in front of the stormfiends does sound very deadly in theory, but I'm not sure it is worth the points. I feel like those stormfiends will want a screen, I'm just not sure what the best way to achieve this is.
  3. I am very interested to hear more about the warpgrinder. I really love the idea of being able to bring the SFs up to melt something. Skitterleap pretty reliable too if you deploy out of unbind range.
  4. Yea I hope when the battletome gets update (3-4 years maybe?) they do a rework of our shooting so that its not so dependent on buffs or at least, like you said, a better way to protect those squishy heroes. The drop off in power is just nuts. I learnt that my first game when I put them through a gnawhole without an engineer to take out what was left of a unit and did like 5 wounds. Maybe that is how they designed them to be though, high risk and reward. Because I mean when they are buffed they are absolutely bullies. I absolutely love the look of them though, so even though they may not be the best choice for us now, I'll probably continue to take them.
  5. Yea pretty much. I'm time poor with two kids under 3, so don't have the time to practise and paint up a whole bunch of new models. Its frustrating, because every list I make with fiends i just know that any decent opponent with solid sniping (magic or shooting) just has to take off 10 wounds to seriously neuter the output. I wish there was a better way to protect heroes but i guess that would just make buff heavy lists too strong.
  6. Na mate. Plenty of viable options without having to transport and push too many models around.
  7. Haha yea I'm with you. 80 clanrats 40 stormvermin 20 acolytes Too much for me!
  8. This is the list dan brewer was posting in one of the Facebook groups and I think it is a really balanced choice for us, making the best use of our point adjustments. I'm personally not a fan of such high body count lists, as i can't play fast enough. I also think getting the acolytes and stormvermin where you want them will be much harder than our standard stormfiend lists. In the hands of an experienced skaven player though, this list will be very good. Looking at the new secondaries, i think it will do a solid job on objective play as well as dishing out some massive damage if given the chance. Edit: I also like that it won't rely on doing well in the magic phase, which seems smart in the current meta.
  9. @Gwendar how do you feel about the WLV with the point drop. It's one I have been thinking about, especially running thanquol. I keep putting it into lists and then taking it back out. Seems there are quite differing views on it. Dan brewer was on honest wargamer this week talking about it. Although Rob was going on about how the spell is still broken...which I think is ****** tbh, Dan thinks the decreased range means it going to block our own stuff and might be more of a hinderance than benefit, even with the point reduction.
  10. Yea I went off the bridge because it felt like it required too much setup and with the amount of magic around at the moment its even easier for it to be interrupted, and its just so many points. I'm wary of dropping the extra CP because without the screaming bell, it leaves my army open to taking some heavy losses from battleshock on the first turn. Awesome advice though, confirms what i had been thinking, that list 1 would do what i want it to more reliably. There is something appealing to just rolling the dice with the DW WLC though. Just got a new PC so I might give TS a try at some point. I'll hit you up if I do.
  11. With SydGT slowly approaching and the leaks of the new points changes I have been fiddling around with lists. It sounds like a lot of people are thinking along the same lines as what I have been. I have been trying to break down my lists to hit some key objectives.: 1. Have 3-4 threats on the table 2. Have enough bodies/wounds to contest objectives 3. Have some form of battleshock immunity 4. Long range threat to snipe off small support heroes 5. Have ways to deal with hordes, both hammers and anvils. 6. Compete in the magic phase but don't rely on it. I'm there are other things I should be thinking about but so far those points are what I have been working with. So far I have been playing around with a couple of variations, but they all have Thanquol. I think he may JUST be worth his points for what he does in the magic phase and for horde removal, but I do realise he is a big chunk of points. I also kinda want him cos he is the best thing in skaven lore (...maybe after Queek). List 2 is definitely fun with the WLC and DW. I'm just not sure how frustrated I will get in a tournament setting if one of the other clans has decided to meddle with our machinery and they don't end up performing. List 1: Im not sure 6 jezzails is enough to do the job of sniping heroes. I used to run 6 Jezzails but found them a bit hit and miss. Much prefer taking 9 but I just can't fit it in with stormfiends and 2 engineers. I can't justify dropping to 1 engineer either, I think with all the ranged magic sniping and shooting in the meta currently, I feel like the redundancy is necessary to justify the investment on stormfiends. What do you guys reckon, is there something i've missed here? Is this list going to be able to handle at least some of the newer armies? I'm not aiming for top tables, but I at least want to be competitive enough to get some wins or close games.
  12. Been a while since I checked out the thread due to a bit of a hobby slump with Covid, but jeeze there are some interesting list ideas floating around in here. I just finished listened to dan brewer as well as bitchparty's updated review of the book and its got me looking at some other options that I hadn't even considered. I'm glad to hear that there may be a place for Thanquol in the meta, I never quite got the behind the idea of HPA, as any switched on player would knock off a few wounds to drop its bracket and the 2d6 movement was hard for me to get past. 400 points is a lot for thanquol but you get a solid caster, hes relatively tanky, his chaff removable is unbeatable and he is a boss fluff wise and model wise. Looking like i might pull the trigger on this guy. Im really interested in the gnawbomb type lists too. There seems to be a lot of potential for movement shenanigans and objective grabbing even outside of the hey how ya going here's 6 buffed stormfiends, a deciever and 40 clanrats in your flank, combo. Being able to bring on 20 gutter runners on a table edge, having teleport options with two skitterleaps, and being able to have 40 clan rats pop up on an objective, seems like it could be a lot of fun but also great for board control. Even the doomwheel seems to fit into a list like this really well. People are used to the standard meta lists, as has already been mentioned. So I think moving forward with crazy stuff like this could catch people off guard. Can't wait for iso to settle so I can get some games in!
  13. I don't really see the value in taking 3 engineers, so for starters id drop one (-100). Id also look at dropping the 3 stormfiends simply because unbuffed they are not worth their points and your unit of 6 will be taking the buffs (-260) from here you have some considerations. WLC is good for sniping with mortal wounds, but is extremely swingy, too much so for my liking and too much so for a competitive setting. This thing is honestly great or a complete waste of points. If you want to have ranged sniping output, id be looking at taking the WLC out (-180) and replacing it with jezzails. They are less swingy and can still be effective without buffs, meaning you wont NEED to have an engineer with them. With those changes you have 540 points to play with. 6+ jezzails are very good for sniping. Hellpit abomination can be amazing for horde clearing, although I think people are still trying to work out how reliable it is in this role. Plague monks can add some melee threat even post nerf, just not against high armour armies. Or you can looks at adding more clan rats for extra bodies. I like the gwendars approach of trying to have 3 threats on the board. It forces the opponent to make hard decisions and means you have more options by not having to rely on one unit and one strategy to get the job done.
  14. @Gwendar Have you had a chance to try night runners yet? I remember you talking about them to help zone out against deepstriking. I'm thinking of trying my luck with a conversion using clan rats to try out running 10.
  15. I would love for them to do something crazy with the priority roll similar to what they do with warcry where, there are clear benefits for having priority but also for not getting it. So roll multiple dice and double, triples etc. Could be "cashed in" for abilities or buffs. As it stands I don't mind the double turn but I get why people don't like it. There is definitely the potential for bad play experiences. On the topic of tournaments I just signed up for Sydney GT all the way on October! Its in the realm Ghur so we have to bring along a beast. Tossing up between a hellpit abomination or a gargant that has been "skavenised" by clans moulder and skryre.
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