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  1. Been a while since I checked out the thread due to a bit of a hobby slump with Covid, but jeeze there are some interesting list ideas floating around in here. I just finished listened to dan brewer as well as bitchparty's updated review of the book and its got me looking at some other options that I hadn't even considered. I'm glad to hear that there may be a place for Thanquol in the meta, I never quite got the behind the idea of HPA, as any switched on player would knock off a few wounds to drop its bracket and the 2d6 movement was hard for me to get past. 400 points is a lot for thanquol but you get a solid caster, hes relatively tanky, his chaff removable is unbeatable and he is a boss fluff wise and model wise. Looking like i might pull the trigger on this guy. Im really interested in the gnawbomb type lists too. There seems to be a lot of potential for movement shenanigans and objective grabbing even outside of the hey how ya going here's 6 buffed stormfiends, a deciever and 40 clanrats in your flank, combo. Being able to bring on 20 gutter runners on a table edge, having teleport options with two skitterleaps, and being able to have 40 clan rats pop up on an objective, seems like it could be a lot of fun but also great for board control. Even the doomwheel seems to fit into a list like this really well. People are used to the standard meta lists, as has already been mentioned. So I think moving forward with crazy stuff like this could catch people off guard. Can't wait for iso to settle so I can get some games in!
  2. I don't really see the value in taking 3 engineers, so for starters id drop one (-100). Id also look at dropping the 3 stormfiends simply because unbuffed they are not worth their points and your unit of 6 will be taking the buffs (-260) from here you have some considerations. WLC is good for sniping with mortal wounds, but is extremely swingy, too much so for my liking and too much so for a competitive setting. This thing is honestly great or a complete waste of points. If you want to have ranged sniping output, id be looking at taking the WLC out (-180) and replacing it with jezzails. They are less swingy and can still be effective without buffs, meaning you wont NEED to have an engineer with them. With those changes you have 540 points to play with. 6+ jezzails are very good for sniping. Hellpit abomination can be amazing for horde clearing, although I think people are still trying to work out how reliable it is in this role. Plague monks can add some melee threat even post nerf, just not against high armour armies. Or you can looks at adding more clan rats for extra bodies. I like the gwendars approach of trying to have 3 threats on the board. It forces the opponent to make hard decisions and means you have more options by not having to rely on one unit and one strategy to get the job done.
  3. @Gwendar Have you had a chance to try night runners yet? I remember you talking about them to help zone out against deepstriking. I'm thinking of trying my luck with a conversion using clan rats to try out running 10.
  4. I would love for them to do something crazy with the priority roll similar to what they do with warcry where, there are clear benefits for having priority but also for not getting it. So roll multiple dice and double, triples etc. Could be "cashed in" for abilities or buffs. As it stands I don't mind the double turn but I get why people don't like it. There is definitely the potential for bad play experiences. On the topic of tournaments I just signed up for Sydney GT all the way on October! Its in the realm Ghur so we have to bring along a beast. Tossing up between a hellpit abomination or a gargant that has been "skavenised" by clans moulder and skryre.
  5. What happened? I've lost a couple against tzeentch but both times in the last turn and both games could have been won had I not made big mistakes. I think the key to taking down tzeentch changehost is target priority and proper screening. First game i targeted pinks to take them off an objective instead of ignoring them, taking other objectives and sniping off heroes. 2nd game I didn't screen well enough, but target priority was much better. Unfortunately not screening well enough meant my shooting wasnt as strong turn 1 and I couldn't take down his LoC. I also prioritised flamers so in both games they didnt have a huge impact. They are quite easy to kill and if you screen them from your key targets you can nullify them. I would say key things ill be taking into my next game against them are: 1. Making sure I have clanrats deployed to screen out teleporting flamers and deepstriking changeling. Paired with battleshock immunity aura to make sure my chaff doesnt go down in one turn. 2. Making sure i have enough ranged firepower to snipe off characters ASAP to nullify casting. Jezzails and fiends seemed to work great. 3. Make sure I don't get locked into fights with horrors but use clanrats to tie them up retreat and charge to get to other objectives. It's gonna be a tough fight regardless. Tzeentch are top of the meta for good reason.
  6. This list is cool as hell mate. I love it. So different but actually looks quite good. A lot of wounds and 2 heavy hitters with monks and stormvermin. The best bit though is those 3 doomwheels. They are either gonna fall flat or really catch people off guard, but what a fun list, other than having to push so many models around. Such a unique list , cant wait to hear how you go.
  7. @Skreech Verminking that looks great. When is your event and can you share the list? If this is the infamous doomwheel list I can't wait to hear how it goes!
  8. I really do hope we get some playable battalions. As it stands there really aren't any worth taking for competitive play so we never really have the option to take low drop lists. However, I think skaven are in a pretty good place still, with multiple competitive options. I would just worry that if we do get viable battalions it may tip the balance a bit too much. That's no reason not to try though and I really hope we get some love in that regard.
  9. This totally screwed me today when shooting the LoC. Too many 6s not enough 4s and 5s.
  10. I like having two in my deployment so that I can do a switch if i need. I do like having two further up the board though to put a doomwheel through or to move jezzails up.
  11. Had my game today against tzeentch and feel like it was both super fun and frustrating. I only really made one mistake and unfortunately it was in deployment and it probably cost me the game. I thought I had done a good job at screening everything and had deployed all my value units on the table edge out of flamer range. Unfortunately I left a stupid gap perfect for the changeling to teleport in and charge my 9 jezzails. Seriously, it was a gap perfect for him and I cannot explain why i spent so much time screening only to leave space for him to do what i was trying to stop...Oh well, I'll say that I learnt from it. What this meant is that I was forced to take on the changeling with my casters, who did manage to finish him off. But i lost 2 jezzails in the process and on my first turn the jezzails got his LOC down to 3 wounds...he retreated in his next turn and I was never able to get him with enough shots after this. He finished out the game on 1 wound and he spent the game taking apart my army with spell portal casting. On the plus side, my doomwheel did decent again, not great though. He took down 6 flamers and then drew a round of shooting away from my stormfiends. Not MVP but worth it. The greyseer with snoutgrovel robes was good, but I didn't notice it made a huge difference. Wholely within 13 isnt particulalry large so it was a bit hard to cover all my units when they were spread out. He did teleport onto an objective for a turn of scoring before getting blasted by the LOC though. I ended up losing an objective on the last turn which lost me the game. His horrors outnumbered my stormfiends and they couldn't remove them quickly enough to stop them. Overall i was really happy with the list, had I not made the deployment error I likely would have shot the LOC off turn 1, which would have undone his list quickly. He did make a few errors too though so it possibly balanced out. Regardless it was extremely close and the balance went both ways at different times. I did miss having mortal wound saves, as all of my heroes were very squishy and suffered to his casting. I may have to look back to the warpseer or bell. But I'll definitely try the list out again. Endless spells didnt play any part in the game for me. He got all his unbinds and there was never a good chance to get the WLV off. Looking back there was maybe a very small chance of blocking off the objective with vermintide, which may have won me the game, but again he probably would have just unbound it anyway so who knows! Good game but those changehost are tricky.
  12. I pretty much take a doomwheel in every list becauae i love the model on the table,i love its rules, it's fun and because it can be an absolute boss if you roll well. Every game it has made back its points or better. Although it usually only gets a single round of shooting before it gets taken out, the short range shooting really makes it easy to lock down.
  13. Yea I haven't played a list without either a warpseer or bell so not sure how it will go. The snoutgrovel robes will help prevent a nasty battleshock after an alpha strike in the same way a bell would, but very squishy so i need to make sure he is protected. I like the skitterleap options too, because he can skitterleap himself if needed, which i like. The spare points let me take a pseudo 3rd threat. I know the doomwheel doesnt hit too hard, but it can do ebough that the opponent cant ignore it. I would probably prefer a hellpit abomination, but unfortunately i dont have the model.
  14. This is still on my list! Got an ogor army to paint first though.
  15. Got a game against tzeentch changehost tomorrow. Last game against tzeentch I made the mistake of trying to force pinks off an objective. Even with fully buffed stormfiends, this took a turn too long. Any tips against them, do I try and snipe off heroes? The list I plan to run: Arch warlock - deranged inventor, MMMWP Grey seer - snoutgrovel robes, skitterleap. Warlock engineer- MMMWP 9 jezzails 6 stormfiends 3 x 20 clanrats Doomwheel Warplightning vortex Vermintide
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