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  1. And here are some pics I took of the rest of the army after getting best painted at a local (shhhh don’t tell anyone it was 40k ). The project is over now and I’ll try to do regular progress updates as I paint my warcry minis...
  2. I took some final photos of my favourite models in the army today:
  3. Have you seen anything concrete about UK prices? So far I have only seen US and Canada price increases. Would like to know as it might push me to buy a few things earlier.
  4. Looks to me more like a dwarven pile of treasure...
  5. Well Carrion Kings list is on the Honest Wargamers website. In the list rundown section. It’s labelled as the one that won heat 1. https://thehonestwargamer.com/aos-list-rundowns/namartmyheart-heat-1-winning-list/
  6. According to the Azyr app, clanrats, storm vermin and storm fiends are all battline when I have an all skryre list apart from the clanrats of-course. Edit: Also just noticed that 200 of my ally points have been used up by the clanrats. Edit 2: this appears to have been a glitch from using an existing list as the basis, it now breaks the skryre allegiance when in remove and add the clanrats.
  7. I have now assembled my 20 nurgling unit fillers to go with my 40 Plague bearers.
  8. Sorry for the slow response. Base Coat: Vallejo Game Air Gun metal (it's really dark almost a metallic black) Then I added increasing amounts of Vallejo Air Gold to the mix as I airbrushed the highlights. It's a pure fluke but in person it almost looks like I used a colour shift paint.
  9. I'm not an existing Skaven player but I will be kickstarting my collection with 2x Carrion Empire. I like the Magic and warptech so I'm thinking this (I think it is similar to something mentioned on face hammer): Arch Warlock 2x Warlock Bombadier Verminlord Warpseer =or= Thanquol (the warpfire projectors sound nasty) 2x Doom Wheel 2x Storm Fiend Units Either converted Acolytes + allied clanrats or 3 units of Clanrats (waiting to see how the allegiance restrictions pan out with clanrats etc.)
  10. I've been wondering if the the Dankhold Troggoth could be converted into a Troggot Shaman to be a count as Hag. Any one else had thoughts for alternatives to the Hag model?
  11. As I added my pledge to the February thread I thought I would start recording my work here. So to start here are some of my WIP nurgle models:
  12. My Goal is quite simple: finish my Nurgle! Which means: Finishing detail work on 20 more plaguebearers Making Plaguebearer unit fillers out of nurglings Build and paint 3 more flies Convert and paint demon prince Paint 6 nurgling bases Paint GUO magnetised arms Base everything! (only the GUO has a finished base) Most of my work so far (not the best photo):
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