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  1. kreggurree

    Kreggurrees Painting Log: Nurgle

    Sorry for the slow response. Base Coat: Vallejo Game Air Gun metal (it's really dark almost a metallic black) Then I added increasing amounts of Vallejo Air Gold to the mix as I airbrushed the highlights. It's a pure fluke but in person it almost looks like I used a colour shift paint.
  2. kreggurree

    AoS 2 - Clan Verminus / Skaven Discussion

    I'm not an existing Skaven player but I will be kickstarting my collection with 2x Carrion Empire. I like the Magic and warptech so I'm thinking this (I think it is similar to something mentioned on face hammer): Arch Warlock 2x Warlock Bombadier Verminlord Warpseer =or= Thanquol (the warpfire projectors sound nasty) 2x Doom Wheel 2x Storm Fiend Units Either converted Acolytes + allied clanrats or 3 units of Clanrats (waiting to see how the allegiance restrictions pan out with clanrats etc.)
  3. kreggurree

    AoS 2 - Gloomspite Gitz Discussion

    I've been wondering if the the Dankhold Troggoth could be converted into a Troggot Shaman to be a count as Hag. Any one else had thoughts for alternatives to the Hag model?
  4. As I added my pledge to the February thread I thought I would start recording my work here. So to start here are some of my WIP nurgle models:
  5. kreggurree

    The Painting Contract - February 2019

    My Goal is quite simple: finish my Nurgle! Which means: Finishing detail work on 20 more plaguebearers Making Plaguebearer unit fillers out of nurglings Build and paint 3 more flies Convert and paint demon prince Paint 6 nurgling bases Paint GUO magnetised arms Base everything! (only the GUO has a finished base) Most of my work so far (not the best photo):
  6. kreggurree

    Age of Sigmar RPG

    This all sounds very exciting and I look forward to using it as a setting source book, irrelevent of if the rules are my cup of tea. On that, where would you place AoSRPG on the scale for level of crunchiness (rules and technical complexity)? WFRP and the fantasy flight 40k games were all very crunchy, as much as I enjoy the tactical gameplay of a game like pathfinder, wargaming scratches that itch so I prefer to run more narrative focused less crunchy systems.
  7. kreggurree

    help deciding on next project

    Well skinks aren't too bad to paint and I have an airbrush, they are pretty simple, especially after painting 50 odd plaguebearers. I'm with you on Dino-army, and getting to play around with bright colour combinations would be fun. I also think I could take advantage of having and airbrush a lot more with Seraphon.
  8. kreggurree

    help deciding on next project

    Well skaven always fascinated me from way back during my first forray into this hobby (I started in christmas 1996 when I was 10). Seraphon was just the appeal of dinosaurs, but elves appeal to the classic high fantasy reader in me. Your comment has started my brain going with fluffing the rats as more victorian gentlemen scientists with crazy contraptions and are just trying to defend their work. Monocles might be needed... 🐀🧐
  9. My Maggotkin/40k deamons project is about to finish and as much as they were a lot of fun to paint they don't quite scratch the heroic fantasy itch that I have. I want to have a narrative in my head with a bit more humanity, and awesome centerpieces to paint (nurgle had the second for me but not the first). I'm considering Seraphon, Skaven, Sylvaneth and Idoneth (or the outlyer opotion of just enjoying playing with my fully painted nurgle and save the money for the next aelve faction, I love elves ) Seraphon : I have always had half an eye on Lizardmen, great colourful army to paint and use the airbrush on, dinosaurs! Double battleforce gets me a decent army. My fears are that they won't get an update for quite a while and some of the models are a little derpy. Sylvaneth: Alarielle! amazing centerpiece to paint up, the treement and hunters are cool and the dryads look quick to paint with various techniques so I can focus on the other awesome stuff. Might even sub in some wood elves as branch wraiths, and there is an underworlds warband coming. Skaven: crazy scientists and unique, storm fiends are cool, warp lighning is fun and I also love magic and endless spells which I hope skaven will be good at when they get a battletome. Fun models to paint and stormfiends mean I don't have to worry about painting a horde straight away. As much as I love doom wheels and crazy contraptions I have been painting a lot of dirty washes (nurgle) and metallics (ad mech/imperial knights) so am hesitant. Carrion Empire is a tempting purchase though. idoneth: I think the whole range has great models and it would be a challenge and jhoy to paint, I have no desire to eel spam. My main worry is that I would get tired of flying sharks and just feel disapointed I didn't wait for light elves. I know the typical response is to go with what you love but all of these I have love for in some way or another, though writing this out has put idoneth at the bottom of the list. Any input to help break the deadlock in my head would be appreciated.
  10. kreggurree

    AoS 2 - Seraphon Discussion

    I’m considering getting the Christmas battleforce twice over as it seems like I could make a decent army from it if I add a slann. Summoning being a big part of Seraphon what extra units would I want to invest in to be summoned?
  11. kreggurree

    Will there ever be New Human models for Order?

    I'd love to see them try a new direction like they did with the Idoneth, a whole new human range with a strong theme.
  12. kreggurree

    gaming clubs

    Thanks for the tip, I will have to drop by when I arrive.
  13. kreggurree

    gaming clubs

    I know this is an old topic but I am a gamer moving to Doncaster in September. I have a similar question and might even have access to a hall to start a club.