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  1. Because they care less about balance and more about atmospheric games, with pretty models, nice scenery, an army backed up by their own lore, and so on. Balancewise, what I'd find interesting to try out is a "sideboard"-System like in magic. Like a extra mage to dispell with against tzeentch, some more cheap chaff against slaanesh, whatever you think is favorable and exploits the weaknesses of your opponents army. Being abale to adapt to the army you're facing up against might be interesting.
  2. The list is published at aosshorts. https://aosshorts.com/facehammer-gt-2019-report/
  3. I'm under the impression, that at the moment we still do not really have an idea about what is really strong and what is weak. I guess Winterleaf and Harvestboon are always good, Gnarlroot is a more defensive and spell-focused variant. In terms of battleline, Spite-Revs are now a solid choice as well, and tree revs teleportation was buffed. Alarielle isn't a must-include anymore, and Drychas damage output was buffed immensely. So, atm you probably want to go for one of the above glades, get a outcast or forest folk batallion, maybe free spirits (?), and that should be a solid baseline. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. Hi! As I have a Meeting Engagement this evening I just wanted to ask you guys for a quick feedback for my list. I'll be playing Nighthaunt. I'm debating if i should remove 10 of the 20 dryads for an ArchRev. Any other feedback is welcomed.
  5. It is kinda hard to get you a set list, as we don'Ät have much experience by now, with a book that is just on preorder. You can't go wrong with 1-3 Start Collecting, 2-3 boxes of Kurnoth Hunters, and if you want another battleline then dryads, get spite revenents. Alarielle sadly was nerfed quite a bit, but still should be fine to bring in at beer and pretzels-games. She took a hit and lost her auto-include-status, but she is still a force to deal with for effectively 460 points. If you want to play her, I'd recommend a Gnarlroot Wargrove to bolster her defenses with a 6+ ward safe and at the same time make damage more reliable with that reroll 1's to hit. I just clicked together a list. It needs to be staffed yout with artifacts and so on, but might be a start. To all of you: Any ideas, where to put which spells and artifacts, or other recommendations?
  6. If you look at the errata from ghb 2019, you can see there is "wyldwood" offered as a primary terrain feature. So, in my eyes, you are setting up a wyldwood, not an awakened wyldwood, which is required for our skills. I feel the designers intention is clear: you can set up a faction terrain feature; if you happen to like it in particular or it fits your narrative, thats fine. But it does not exhibit the function it would do in your army as a faction terrain feature. As always, GW isn't too precise with their wording, but that's the way I understand them.
  7. From the designers commentary: Q: In a Pitched Battle, can I use a faction terrain feature as a primary or secondary terrain feature choice? A: Yes you can, but if you do so, you must set up that terrain feature under the restrictions that apply as if it were ‘Unique’. In addition, do not use the warscroll for a faction terrain feature that is taken as a unique terrain feature. Instead, you must roll to generate a scenery rule for it. So no free wyldwoods for us. You can use the model but it is not a wyldwood in the sense of a faction terrain feature. Would be too strong, imho, that is ok.
  8. I can ask for the details, but it was a quite high number of ungors and gors, 2 shamans and a big behemoth in the main body long with a beastlord
  9. I just wanted to report back after the game with the list mentioned on the last page. I played BoC and got wiped off the table. This happend due to multiple factors: 1. Battleplan: Borderline 2. Drycha in rearguard, Hunters in spearhead. My mainbody got up first, then the spearhead. Therefor my Wraith and the Hunters went on the field on round 2. A second wyldwood could be placed, but I already missed out on a summoning opportunity. The Hunters were so far in the backfield that they never reached the front line. Drycha being rearguard sounded good, becaus she is fast, but turns out keeping 320 points (~1/3 of the army) out of the fight for 2 rounds is stupid. Effectively, I played the game with 520 points missing. The next time, the rearguard will consist of 1 unit of tree revs and the mainbody and spearhead will have to consist of 3 units each at minimum to cover objectives early and to keep up pressure early.
  10. I don't think the TLA is too useful in the main body. The board might be to crowded turn 2 to even get his wyldwood ability off. I guess I will opt for the following list: With this I can deploy a strong spearhead and try to get a second wood out early. The hunters can already advance to charge turn 2. In the second turn, the ArchRev can hastily go after the Hunters to give them the buff while the bigger 20 dryad block can either defend a nearby objective or get ready to get in the action in the third round. Drycha as the rearguard has quite a high movement speed and has strong shooting, so she might be a good rearguard. What do you think about this? I am not too happy with the Archrev, because with smaller units and not as many hunters his effectiveness is minimized, but I didn't find anything worth more then him. And a buff on Sword Hunters or 20 Dryads should be a good effect as well, especially in Winterleaf. A problem might be, the spearhead is deployed later on, so I am pondering if I should move the hunters to the main body.
  11. Sylvaneth: Don't fight blobs of dryads near the woods. The -1 to hit heavily decreases your damage output against a chaff unit. Also: Hunters that dig them self in the woods have a 3+ rerollable save. Just don't. Instead: try to focus down the big behemoths with mortal wounds to get aroun their 3+ save. Be wary of woods being a spot where units just can pop up. Block them with a small unit or hero, we have to keep 9'' distance when teleporting.
  12. Does anybody know, if all the conditions (like 0 behemoth amd 0-1 leader) have to be met at once? So can I play a leader who is a behemoth in thr spearhead or not?
  13. Useable every turn means one command point each turn as well. It is always a matter of circumstances, but I would prefer a strong effect turn one or two, when most fighting happens and massive amounts of attacks are dished out, over a slow but steady effect, that costs a multiple of that.
  14. You might miss that it is not reroll ALL FAILED wound rolls anymore, just wound rolls of one.
  15. The whole Wargroves sytem changed from superbatallions you had to buy to a system, where you get the boni for free, but the groves were all reworked.
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