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  1. Ruhraffe

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    The rules of the Sylvaneth Wyldwood make clear, that it is a terrain piece, not a unit. And I don't think, terrain pieces can belong to an army, in the sense that they are targettable models.
  2. Ruhraffe

    Sylvaneth Wyldwoods, how many ?

    I had a discussion with a friend about that lately. I my opinion, following set-up fullfil this requirement as well: A star-like triangle, an actual triangle and one vertical with two parallel horizantals. | __ |--- / \ \/ |--- I hope this makes my thought clear
  3. If you want to get just to the near of what Sylvaneth is capable of, you have to. Dryads: Cover bonus, -1 to getting hit if near wyldwood Durthu: +D3 Attacks with the Sword near wyldwood Spites: Interact with Terrain pieces, e.g. wyldwoods Alarielle: Living ram interacts with wyldwoods (often times you dont want it to, but well...) branchwraiths: Their summoning only works with wyldwoods, and they get -1 to getting hit, just like dryads branchwych: +1 to hit near a wyldwood Allegiance abilities: Placing, teleporting between wyldwoods Spell lore: Placing wyldwoods, moving wyldwoods, doing damage around wyldwoods. (2/6 spells iirc) Artifacts: Acorn places a wyldwood Treelord Ancient: Bonus to teleporting, ability to set up a wood, his signature spell targets a wood. Treelord: bonus to teleporting Tree-Revs: Can use a wood for their teleporting ability Every unit (apart from the treelord and tree revs), and every part of our rulebook interacts heavily with the wyldwoods. This army is designed around the woods, and not the other way around. To change this, the whole faction has to be rewritten.
  4. Ruhraffe

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    @Grimbok, that is just not right. I said abouve, I also play 1000 points, and thats where I started when I began collecting. My winrate at 1000 points is way better then at 2000, because we got big behemoths that are hard to deal with at 1000 points, Durthu being the main example, but TLA as well. Also, Branchwraiths with their summoning can be immensly strong if you can keep them protected and hold a wood free for her to summon into.
  5. Ruhraffe

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    I have the feeling, that this gets criticised because of the obvious nature of the woods. It really gets pushed in your face: "And now I shoot you" - "nuh-uh!" "okay, then I charge with my battlelines" "okay, one sixth dies." "At least my big centerpiece can crush right into the midst of your army" - "nope, trees in the way" The trees are a mighty denial tool, I have to admit, but this is the way the army works. It is this way in every kind of game. It is really frustrating to play against a control style, because control decks/armies/... tend to get in the way of your plan and win by not loosing, instead of having a "fair" upfront fight. I can totally understand that this can be hard to deal with, especially for newer players, who might not know their way around that. Recently I had two 1000 point games against someone quite new to the game, him playing Nighthaunt. He really had a hard time, but mainly because he tried to press hard into the woods, instead of standing back a bit, collecting points on his objectives and grind me out with his endless summoning; or letting me come to him. But at the end, that is how sylvaneth rolls. You can play them as a control-style army, they got the tools for the job. Similarly, I have never stood a chance against my friends Tzeentch. Their mortal wound output was just to high. I cannot reach him, he blows up half my units just in his hero phase. This is just how Tzeentch is played, high MW, but not this tanky when you reach them. If you can't get in combat or snipe out the spellcasters, bad luck. In the last few days, I heard many suggestions in this forum, to limit Sylvaneths ability to castle, to teleport, to weaken their board control by giving them less woods or smaller or even just trees or..... But what is left when this gets into effect? We got another melee-focused army, maybe some Bow-Hunters in the back, and some healing abilities, that often come to late because the unit already died. Meh.
  6. Ruhraffe

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    I feel this would have a big impact lorewise. The life grows around the sylvaneth armies whereever they walk, so the growing of woods is a fantastic element. Growing one tree is a bit lame. Also, how do you want to lay out the allegiance ability after this change, without loosing the unique touch of teleporting between the woods? This is what makes Sylvaneth really fun for me. Setting up defensive positions, shifting my troops around whereever they are needed, holding objectives in a grindy defense and striking them in the back. All of this, does not happen without teleporting and the defence of the woods.
  7. If you take the cheap turn 1 from sylvaneth, this is a huge nerf, more drastic then to other armies. Because our woods are this large, we cannot fit them in as soon as the opponent had one turn. Even if he does not try to take spots where we could grow trees, it just happens. So sylvaneth desperately needs turn one, to set up the woods. If this cannot be achieved, our whole allegiance ability is not usable. So, to keep sylvaneth in play, if you do not get the cheap turn one, you either have to make the units strong and resiliant enough, so they can challenge the opponents army outside of the woods, which they can't at the moment; or give them the opportunity to set up more woods from the getgo. Option one takes the army its unique touch, option two is the opposite of what most non-sylvaneth here whish for.
  8. Even if this derails the topic a bit: The reason Treelord Ancient does not get played this often is, that the wyldwood has to be fully within his abilities radius. I feel, as a sylvaneth I need the ability to get out at least two, rather three woods in the first turn, and these wyldwoods have to be in the places where combat happens. If not, the opponent just advances and utterly wrecks the whole point of my allegiance ability, because I cannot place further wyldwoods, or the wyldwoods are so far in my back that they do not give my any advantage. If we expand the radii and give them wholly within, okay, but then the whole change was moot. If there is a problem, it's the wyldwoods base itself. A wyldwood just covers a gigantic area of the field. While I like that style of board control, I can see how it can be difficult to play around, but again that's the point of board control. They could have maybe just taken the tree models and said, that the models have to be within x'' of each other and give the boni in 6'' so something like that. Still board control, but not this much space needed. But thematically, the growing woods are fitting the lore really well, and if we are honest, if there grows a wood, it can't be just 2 treestumps and thats it
  9. Disclaimer: I play Sylvaneth I hope that Sylvaneth keep that style of play. If we can't deploy these woods as freely we loose the ability to do these fancy movement sheenanigans. This is what makes Sylvaneth interesting to play, to build up the fortress and defend it. But a fortress far away from the objectives does not make any sense. If you take this away from the Sylvaneth they are so squishy against MW, are slow by the value on their warscrolls, and loose all the good boni they get when they are at the woods.
  10. Ruhraffe

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    With LVO around the corner I took a look at the Sylvaneth lists present and was surprised. 6 Gnarlroots and 2 without batallions. Was there a change in the Meta? I thought Winterleaf and Harvestboon were the top notch Sylvaneth batallions. Can someone explain this to me, or is this just small sample size?
  11. Ruhraffe

    Restrictions for a small Tournament

    But then, please don't call it semi-competitive. If you leave out vast parts of the gameplay, you cannot call it competitive. Thats like competitive football, but you can't play a pass further then 10 meters and may not shoot harder then 80 km/h. This is not semicompetitive, this is a weird little game for fun. Maybe, if synergies annoy you, this might not be a suitable game for your tournament. Please, do not take this as offensive, but combos and synergies are a biiig part of listbuilding and the reason we don't enter our collection into a program and click on randomize. Even if you reduce the number of points, some army will be imba and some weak. Thats just something thats inherent to the game. My advice would be to make this a narrative only event and really think about a fluffy reason why there are no big heroes on the board, or ask the participants for a fluffy, non-competitive list and let them send it in berforehand, so you can decide if the list may be to strong. But, honestly, thats further and further away from a tournament. Maybe you should call this a gaming night, or something. Sorry for the incoherent rambling. My thoughts evolved while writing and I don't want to go over the text again.
  12. Ruhraffe

    Restrictions for a small Tournament

    You'd loose me as a Sylvaneth player right there. You seriously hamper my ability to take batallions, like I could not play dreadwood because I need conditional battlelines for the Outcast batallion. With your restrictions the only list I can play is dumping 80 dryads on the table and play Winterleaf or Harvestboon. And besides the technical restrictions: I'd be really sad to leave my centerpiece Alarielle I put hours over hours into at home, just because she has a name. Calling this even semi-competitve is a joke.
  13. Ruhraffe

    How to play Slyvaneth? so hard

    I'd definitly cut the spite revs. They are weak alone and outside of the dreadwood batallion. Your list does not really exploit the battleshock modifiers. Also: For a Gnarlroot, you got a quite lame hero phase. Give Alarielle Throne of Vines instead of the second Regrowth. This synergies well with her Metamorphosis. Give the branchwych a silverwood circlet and the reaping, and make her a little bomb behind a dryadline. You have so many spells due to your batallion, but you can't use any because you have so many doubles. You should really think about, what you do with these spells to do damage or hinder your opponent. Maybe endless spells like cogs or shackles could be good, if you play defensive.
  14. And thats where you should start reading the rules. The warscroll of the wyldwood says, that it consists of 3 citadel woods, that have to be put up within 1" of each other. If you make a line out of three elements, the two elements on the side are not within 1" of each other and therefor this is an illegal set up. The woods have to be set up in a triangle shape, a three-pointed star or a |= like clump, or with less then two elements. Between the different wyldwoods there has to be more then a 1" gap, so with some space between the wood edge and the tree you shold have some room to wiggle through with at least medium sized behemoths. So, for a line of 6 bases he has to summon at least 3 woods. The first one geta there from the start, so you know one point of the line before setup, so you can maybe dodge it a bit. The second is most likely a spell, so try to be ready to dispell "Verdant Blessing", normally on a branchwraith. The third probably comes from an Acorn of the Ages, and the wood has to begin within 5" of the hero wearing the artifact. As Sylvaneth is a 1 drop army, you know where the line will be, and where you have to unbind before you set up your second unit. It should be possible to get yourself some space if you set up accordingly.
  15. Ruhraffe

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    It seems like it is a trend in AoS, that every army gets unique terrain. I wonder, if this can be detrimental for us sylvaneth players, because the other races clog up the board with their terrain as well, or if we are at an advantage by being a 1-drop army and setting up a wood before the other can start to drop their pieces, limiting the opponents space.