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  1. The Sylvaneth one could belong to a spite - the small magical critters swirling around the sylvaneth. So probably more of a flavorful decoration rather then a hint to the unit itself.
  2. New Tree-Rev unit? Did I miss some rumor? Or do you mean the Underworlds warband?
  3. 9''(from the spell itself) + 6'' (from circlet) + 6'' (from vortex) = 21''
  4. As we are discussion the vortex: Does anyone of you got an idea on how to kitbash/convert/diy a vortex for sylvaneth? I find it odd to say the least for a Sylvaneth to summon a vortex out of a stone platform with skulls and throne upon a choas symbol and a skull. Quite the opposite of what sylvaneth stands for. Maybe bend some twigs and glue them to a base, with wyldwood leafs on top and a green glow on the bottom of the base or all around the twigs?
  5. I'd like an alternating activation pattern: At the beginning of the battleround: 1 initiative roll to see who starts first in every phase of the round. Hero phase: alternated casting/abilities, 1 spell/ability per activation Movement phase: 1 unit move/run per activation Shooting Phase: Alternated shooting, 1 unit per activation combat: alternate charging, then alternated fighting End of battleround This would deal with the double turn problem, because you get to act with one unit instead of your whole army in the optimal case. And it deals with the hero, movement and shooting phase being boring for the opponent, because all he does in these phases is dispells, save rolls and removing his models and has time to make some tea in between.
  6. Everything is possible, but take nothing for granted. Although it would fit nicely to the release of the Underworlds warband, and my buying habit.
  7. Exhaustive overview over the faction by two tournament players and a podcaster.
  8. I'd doubt that. Can you cite a rule for this please? To the list from above: Definitly not the strongest list you can achieve, but to play as many units as possible: Give it a try. If you want to improve it's strength: Kick the reverends out, try to get a Durthu or even Alarielle in. Or more specific: Kick the Tree Revs and the TLA, and bring in Durthu. He has way more damage potential. The trade-off is that you loose one spell and the command ability of TLA, but I think it is worth it. Further on you might want to change at least one of the hunters to a melee option. I like both of them, the swords are better against bad-save-roll-chaff and the scythes are better against better armored units and have the added bonus of the two inch reach, which make the 1'' pile in when dug in not as painful. But to get your feet wet against a non-tournament list, your list should be fine to find out which units you like. But take notice: The spite revs seem weak, but are needed for the dreadwood batallion, my favorite of the sylvaneth batallions!
  9. So much this. We played some 1000 points Sylvaneth vs Tzeentch when I began playing AoS, and I utterly destroyed my opponent everytime. A Spirit of Durthu just hits too hard and takes too little to be played reasonable in that range. There are just no units with enough rend to keep him in check. The game improves dramatically at 2000 points, because at that point it does make sense to play with batallions, and have some unit synergies in there.
  10. Build a Arena, throw two armies in and sell tickets for enhanced dogfights?
  11. Even if it is probably pointless, I try to sum up everything already said and try to bring you a list why the above is, frankly said, ******. I hope this could clear this mess up a bit. All the abouve points were already mentioned. You just seem to be to lazy to actually read the replies, or you don't want to read it because you had to face, that you were wrong from the beginning. There is no shame in being wrong, but your answers read like a little kiddo not getting his lollipop.
  12. These were the colors in my mind as well. If you line the inside of the frame wit it and then maybe and cautiosly put a small layer of your shade over it then it should look alright, and at least a mile better then the happy little accidents now
  13. Ah, okay, so you primed white or something similar and then gone over it with nuln or nightshade? Well, then your best bet should be to find a color similar to the one on the mini.
  14. I guess the only option is to grab the color the inside of the portal was done with and go over the inside-edges with that. You can't really remove paint when it has dried. When the paint is still wet you can try to remove it with a damp, clean brush, but that does not work always. Btw nice colorfade on the black portals flames.
  15. As we are already at the wyldwood rules: If I put up the wyldwood as a triangle /\ / \ ==== there is a space in the middle. Does this count as wyldwood as well or is it a glade, where the wyldwood rules do not apply?
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