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  1. @Kaleun Slaughter's Strenght: Add result to strength value to attacks with range < 3" Sacrifice to khaine: kill an enemy, other fighters within 6um add 1 Attack for attacks with range < 3" The last one the same as other, bonus attack action with +1S... etc
  2. What about the story continuation of Forbidden Power and the great evil unleashed?
  3. I trully hope its not Black Legion but CSM codex. It would be like having Codex: Ultramarines. On the AoS side... i do t think FEC or Skaven will get expanded so maybe Slaves To Darkness anouncement?
  4. I would say Slaanesh. Since you need Heroes for you faction mechanic to generate Depravity points and have some summoning. And i think Seraphon could be in that bag too.
  5. That DoK Box.... Start Collecting + 2 Khinerai + Melusai. Doesn't look that great
  6. Talking about Movement Trays... can you recommend some? Element Games ones are quite cool since models are base2base....but only 5 minis each and they are not exactly cheap? What do you use?
  7. I'm totally pissed with the chainrasp pricing so, i'll only play 20 of them and invest my money in Reapers. We shouldnt waste a single €/$ on that move, but as you said, people will buy it anyways just for rules.
  8. 1) Can i afford it? 2) Do i have something that do the same role? 3) Is it a real BAD gaming choice? 3') How cool is it?
  9. Already working on some Nighthaunt but i expect to finish this month my "Tormented Spirit Box". And... to finish 10 Witch Aelves and a Cauldron of Blood... they are 50% painted since 3months and i NEED to finish some work!!
  10. Working with mine yesterday. Didnt try to glaze purple over it... but putting it on deepest areas works fine like said.
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