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  1. No that's the opposite of the faq. You don't lose your battleline status if your unit was battleline when you created your army. However summoned units don't get battleline status.
  2. For a chaos spawn, can you see the result of the 2d6 move roll before declaring you will run or do you need to declare it will run before seeing the result?
  3. Did Demonrift go up? it still shows as 80 on warscroll builder
  4. It's not even like that at Warhammer world from my experience.
  5. I don't think its unreasonable for the limited release stuff such as the wd batallions to get retired, it would be nice if there was clarity as to how long the shelf life might be though to inform buying decisions.
  6. Not sure if it was already mentioned but the Harridan max unit discount was changed, its now a 20 point discount so you get 20 for 260. Despite that Harridans now seem significantly better than Grimghasts if you think you can manage the 1 inch reach. A further side effect of this is that the minimum cost to run a shrieker host is 500 points. This gives you a lot of deepstrike flexibility and the battalion ability is likely to wreck some armies.
  7. I'd happily lose the brooch to not have to see etheral amulets on the table against spooks.
  8. Overall it still feels like they are trying to set the internal balance without actually making the faction any better. I think at this point Harridans are looking pretty good and a compelling alternative to the other 32mm options. This with the Kurdoss drop looks to favour legion of grief. Still no GOS with hourglass, really glad I visited a gw store twice to pick that model up...
  9. Black coach, olynder and reiknor all have an asterix but haven't changed points. Any idea why?
  10. Because it qualifies the 25% as being About and Average. It's a beginners guide and the maths is sufficient for what is being illustrated, although i do think some of the numbers might just be wrong.
  11. Which presumably is why the op has written "To give you an idea of how powerful this is, a reduction of 1-to-wound is about 25% less damage on average coming in."
  12. This is an English discrepancy not a maths one. If previously your opponent wounded on a 3+ but now wounds on a 4+ you have reduced the incoming damage by 25%.
  13. I think it would be nice to see Varangaurd be better rather than cheaper. Giving them the mw save that everyone else with runeshields seems to get would be a start.
  14. Its the wording of the abilities on the warscroll. "This unit can be picked to fight for a second time if it is within 3" of an enemy unit"
  15. Thats weird I would swear the Varanguard wording was the same as the chaos lord in that you have to be within 3" to use the ability regardless of pile in range. Edit: No I think i'm right, you have to be within 3 to use relentless killers on the current warscroll.
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