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  1. Its the wording of the abilities on the warscroll. "This unit can be picked to fight for a second time if it is within 3" of an enemy unit"
  2. Thats weird I would swear the Varanguard wording was the same as the chaos lord in that you have to be within 3" to use the ability regardless of pile in range. Edit: No I think i'm right, you have to be within 3 to use relentless killers on the current warscroll.
  3. Does the grasping plate give you 22" threat range? You need to be within 3" to get the second pile in.
  4. I agree with your overall assesment of the new Arkhan, Dolorous guard doesn't make him any tougher though. Unless i'm misreading it the bounce is only on the General, Arkhan can't be a Nighthaunt general.
  5. In case anyone else was considering spire tyrant marauders
  6. Just buy some shields to add to the others, the only three that dont easily take a shield are the bestigor, the two handed chap and the one pointing his sword in the air who should make a decent banner bearer. The two handed dude also doesn't fit on a 25mm without looking daft but the others are okay.
  7. I think the problem with just cranking the Glaivewraith damage up is that they then give us yet another option in the already muddled bladegheist/grimghast/banshee slot. I think giving them something with a little more utility to it might be nice, I had thought of either: Strike and melt away skink style, so when you are selected to fight they can retreat instead. It fits with the ghostly theme but perhaps not with the relentless hunter thing. Or Add 1 to charge rolls for friendly nighthaunt units wholly within 9 of a death beat drummer (if you are feeling generous let it count for wave of terror) I think you then might start to see them crop up alongside our other options and it goes some way to reducing the reliance on cogs for deepstrike heavy armies. I'm not sure that investing more into charging is healthy for the faction though.
  8. So the reasoning behind this is that you can only take artefacts if your allegiance has artefacts. The realm rules then allow you to pick a realm artefact instead. Slaves to darkness the allegiance have no artefacts, they are all baked into the damned legions. So if your neither your damned legion (Host of the Everchosen) or allegiance (STD) have artefacts available to them you cannot choose realm artefacts. I'm not 100% sure its intended but given HotE have no native artefacts it doesnt seem too far fetched that it is on purpose.
  9. I'm not sure its quite so cut and dry. 15 Bladegheists with a Spirit torment come in at 390 points, 12 Myrmourns + A Knight of shrouds on steed and a command point comes in at 380. The damage output of the Myrmourns is greater if you can setup an unbind and a KOS buff, but not massively so unless you are hitting mortek guard. The trade off for this is the reliability and consistency. To get the above damage output the bladegheists simply need to have charged, the banshees need to have dispelled something, be within 18 of the kos and spend a command point. So by definition the banshees cant put out this damage the turn they drop in. Lets assume we are stuck in combat, this time the bladegheists haven't got to charge and the banshees didnt get their attack buff. The Spirit torment is now the only buff still in play, and it makes a big difference as seen below. Obviously the banshees having a whacking great unbind chance brings a lot of power that is hard to quantify but their reliability and lower wound count brings some non trivial downsides.
  10. Maybe worth explaining the logic for that: https://twitter.com/N3RD28/status/1223728997164556290 Also warscroll for the Wurmspat is up, not sure I had seen it before. I don't think they bring much as allies sadly. https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Warscrolls//aos_the_wurmspat_en.pdf
  11. If malign sorcery isn't in play you don't actually get an artefact or command trait whilst being sixth circle anyway. The benefits of projecting their own Aura of chaos, being able to spend command points on the generic abilities and gaining lookout sir are pretty big buffs on their own though. I guess we need to see how subfaction selection works. Edit: Sadly warscroll builder has Fist of the everchosen as their own allegiance entirely.
  12. To be fair I dont think Op was looking to compare the actual gameplay.
  13. I recently Took a bunch of screenshots to try and demonstrate just how good the Infinity Tournament System is. By tying in the ITS login to the army builder and tournament organiser its possible to track not only win rates of the faction, but who was playing them and against whom all the way down to unit level. (not all of this is directly available through the portal). Now I'm not saying its flawless and I'm not sure Cb always get their balancing right but it does make attending a GW event feel slightly quaint with TTO etc. Edit: how on earth do i paste in a tweet like that above? First up is Infinity Army a free army builder that links straight to the rules wiki. From here you can submit your lists straight to the tournament manager used for pairing on the day. Results effect your global elo and gaming style achievements. All that data is then used to monitor the performance and popularity of armies and missions.
  14. Ah I have jumped around the core rules, my mistake.
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