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  1. "On New Year’s Day, we’ll also have a sneaky peek at some of the incredible new models that are coming out in 2021." (from https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/12/27/this-week-in-warhammer-thievin-orks-and-a-look-into-the-new-year/)
  2. We eventually didn't get the "last Friday of the month" Underworlds article. Maybe tomorrow?
  3. Once the Slickblade Seekers are out, do you think that the Hellstriders will go out of print?
  4. Here's the full list of alt-text: "AdventEngine Door Open1cga Silhouette" "AdventEngine Door Open2ob Silhouette" "AdventEngine Door Open3yx Silhouette" "AdventEngine Door Open4nsk Silhouette" "AdventEngine Door Open5uq Silhouette" "AdventEngine Door Open6bbsa Silhouette" "AdventEngine Door Open7jcjas Silhouette" "AdventEngine Door Open8gcs Silhouette" "AdventEngine Door Open9tsc Silhouette" "AdventEngine Door Open10tcgad Silhouette" "AdventEngine Door Open11xf Silhouette" "AdventEngine Door Open12gvgvs Silhouette" "AdventEngine Door Open13tscx Silhouette" "AdventEngine Door Open14ta Silhouette" "AdventEngine Door Open15ychs Silhouette" "AdventEngine Door Open16bcbs Silhouette" "AdventEngine Door Open17tcvsf Silhouette" "AdventEngine Door Open18vcva Silhouette" "AdventEngine Door Open19vbgvsfd Silhouette" "AdventEngine Door Open20jfnvs Silhouette" "AdventEngine Door Open21bcvfs Silhouette" "AdventEngine Door Open22bbvs Silhouette" "AdventEngine Door Open23khjs Silhouette" "AdventEngine Door Open24obkjd Silhouette"
  5. You can either see it in the page's html or if block the pictures from loading. On a mobile phone, if you long-click a picture, it will be on the top of the menu that opens up (at least on chrome on android). I'll try to post the entire list when I have some time.
  6. Have you noticed the alternate-text for each of the advent rumour pictures? Each contains a few letters that might be an acronym for something. For example, some start with with bb which might be blood bowl.
  7. Wasn't it 150 Euros? It'll probably be 120-130 GBP.
  8. AoS core rules are free and Open Play is probably the easiest way to start, so all you need are the models (+some accessories)
  9. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/09/04/know-your-aelves/ I like the hint about Aelves and Chaos....
  10. I speculate that if SoB are successful, GW will release another "giant" army. Possibly a Daemonic one (maybe even something that can be crossed-used in 40K). My vote is to make Malerion's Aelf-Daemons a small army of huge models.
  11. You're probably right, but speculating is fun anyway 😀
  12. The Hammerhal Herald about the Khainite Shadowstalkers implied that they are actually Chaos. If it's a clue, it might mean that Malerion and the Ulgu aelves are indeed a new Chaos faction, and not Order or part of DoK. I still think it might be a deamonic faction composed of mostly huge models like SoB (although it contradicts the regular sized models of the new warband) We might get some answers in 5.5 hours. I'm excited!
  13. I think it's time to open another Stormcast chamber. Or will they wait for AoS 3 to do that?
  14. Is it possible we will see a new WarCry starter set with the Khainite Shadowstalkers and another, yet unannounced, warband?
  15. Maybe Malerion's army will be composed of a few giant deamonic aelf models. Something like SoB. A small army with models that can be allied into other aelf armies.
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