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  1. GW policy forbids UK stores from sending their products to the US. You can find UK shops that ship most products to the US, but not GW products. You might find sellers on ebay.co.uk that ship to the US and keep the UK prices.
  2. A new article is up at Warhammer-Community about the lore for Forbidden Power
  3. There was nothing in Warhammer-Community coverage of Warhammer Fest about the new RPG. Cubicle7has a new website, but AoS is not even on it yet.
  4. The latest update on Warhammer Community ends with "it looks like there's even more news coming, so come back soon to hear the latest". I'm guessing we're going to get one of those 30-seconds vague teasers.
  5. Did they mention if these are going to come in separate boxes or as part of the WarCry box? I really like the look of these models, and would like to add them to a Chaos/Tzeentch army.
  6. I'm surprised they didn't officially announce the new terrain yet. They followed-up on past leaks pretty quickly. Maybe they are saving it for the studio preview in Australia on Saturday, but that would be quite disappointing for the participants to see something that is already on the internet for a few days, and the White Dwarf is out that day anyway, so it'll be public information. I hope they have more than that to show. My guess includes a Sylvaneth BT + endless spells and a scenery piece, and another Warcry warband. Any other guesses?
  7. Unlike most previous events, this time they have separate preview seminars for 40K, AoS, and "other" (and another seminar about paints). So they should have enough announcements for a full hour for each.
  8. In the facebook live-stream they called it something like "Panambural Engine". They said it's a terrain model.
  9. Given that the next studio preview is in ~6 weeks (at WH Fest), I wonder if it means that the Fyreslayers BT, Slaanesh stuff, and the "Looncurse" box(?) are all coming out in the next 1.5 months. On a different subject, I hope that the new Furies and Raptoryxes will be released in their own boxes, and have Mark Of Chaos in their warscrolls so they can be added to any Chaos army.
  10. Believe me, I do. The last update was planned for tonight (as in PST night), about 12 hours from now.
  11. Have you noticed that the last update ends with "And that’s all from GAMA!" ? The Warcry update is probably the one that was planned for tonight. GW might have noticed the general disappointment from the previous updates and decided to give the fans something to be excited about.
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