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  1. Awesome thanks, I'll check it out! Also I meant to ask the other day, I had thought that you could mix races within an army as long as they are in the same faction (ex. Grand alliance)? Are there penalties and restrictions when you do or am I totally off the mark?
  2. Thanks again! That's great advice and I really appreciate the help, I'll likely start with thqt khorne vs stormcast set and see where I end up then!
  3. Thank you TheOtherJosh! Yeah I'm definitely a fan of the look of the vanguard set and my long term goal would be a Mashup army of stormcast, either kharadron or fyreslayers, and a few high elves (because I've always loved them but they don't seem to have much of a presence in aos), I'd also love to have a khorne, tzeencht army as I like the basic khorne units but love the tzeencht monsters! Problem is I have very little money to put into getting into this (first year Uni student haha) and I am undecided on which of those factions to start with. Thanks for the heads up on the way that battalion works and that point system does sound simple enough to jump into fairly fast!
  4. Thank you very much Kramer ! That new set looks like it is going to be super cool! I like the blightwar set quite a bit actually but I think I prefer khorne to nurgle and it's kissing the big guy I love in the vanguard set, do you think the vanguard set would be a better place to start than the stormcast vs khorne one as a beginner? Also do yiu happen to know if they would mesh well with the kharadron overlords or the fyreslayers as both of those starter sets have really caught my eye as well! Thanks for the heads up that is good to know to hold off on that booklet and that open style does sound nice to begin with.
  5. Hi there, I'm a complete beginner and own no miniatures at the moment and have played nothing but the total war games (which I own both of) and have been interested for quite some time now of buying a starting kit to build an army. I've done a few hours worth of research but am finding it difficult to find all the information I need to start in one place so I have some questions! First off, I'm looking at first buying the stormcast vs khorne set as it gives me two armies at a fair price so I could play with a friend. I would like to own two armies eventually and build them consecutively hoping to eventually be khorne + tzeench and stormcast + kharadron overlords. Mostly curious if the khorne vs stormcast set would be the best starting place for that, or if I should buy the individual starting sets first (more interested in the vanguard than externals set) and if those combinations would even work together. Lastly just wondering what all exactly in addition to my starting army I will need to buy to get fully started in a game. Thanks alot for any and all help!
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