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  1. I’m waiting patiently for someone to paint an entire ironclad with contrast.
  2. I have won a lot with my escort wing as well. I run mine as thryng with 2 frigates, and a unit of 6 wardens. I use a navigator and admiral for heroes. Have you tried using drills over cannons?
  3. Against nighthaunt, I would actually consider using skywardens, as the skymines might actually do something against them. To counter the lack of rend go for mass of shots. Having volleyguns on the arkanauts and the volleycannon on the ironclad could be worth contemplating. Using large blocks of thunderers with rifles could also be something to consider (khemist buffed). Since the army is flying, go zilfin.
  4. Barak Thryng sadly doesn’t give you +1 to hit, but you get to reroll 1s to hit and wound against d3 units. If you want to get +1 to hit for the boats you should build towards an escortwing instead. I would also consider teaming your riggers into a single unit. Gives them a bit more punch.
  5. If you are running boat lists, the navigator is really good. The d3 movement buff he gives frigates is important.
  6. I run the Thryng escort wing as well. I've had some successes with it, and it is actually really fun to play. I have started using drill cannons on my gun haulers instead of the normal cannons. I found the greater range of the drills to be more beneficial than the dmg output of the sky cannons. Easier to keep the enemy at bay that way. My current iteration of the escort wing list is this: Thryng: Extra footnote: - There's no trading with some people. General: Admiral - Grudgebearer - Grudgehammer (Because Thryng!) Navigator: - Aethersight loupe Battleline: 10 Arkanauts with skyhooks 10 Arkanauts with skyhooks 10 Arkanauts with volley guns Elite units: 5 Thunderers with rifles 3 wardens with 1 volleygun and 1 drill cannon 3 wardens with 1 vollegun and 1 drill cannon Artillery: Gunhauler with drill cannon Gunhauler with drill cannon Gunhauler with drill cannon Behemoths: Frigate with heavy sky cannon - Last word Frigate with heavy sky cannon Battallion: Grundstock Escort Wing. I´ve had moderate success with 6 skywardens with pikes and grapnel, but they usually survive longer when they are split up and only shooting. I'm also thinking of using the the magnificent omniscope on a frigate for d6 extra movement. My play style with this list is very similar to how I play 40k drukhari; always staying mobile, gunning for objectives, and sacrificing key units.
  7. I’m having loads of fun with my KO. I still get a lot of wins. Sure, there are some bad match ups, but if you play friendly matches, you can play a scenario that puts you on an equal footing, and not play the realmscapes that cripple your shooting. Are any of you playing boat heavy lists? The escort wing is actually working for me.
  8. Putting allies in my army gives me a bad taste in my mouth. No, The Thrungrim Mercenary Co & Yacht Club Society keeps theirs clean. Exclusive membership only! You must be under 1,50 meters tall to ride and your (untangled) beard must touch your belt. No exceptions.
  9. The grapnel nerf is nothing compared to what they just did to zilfin. No more move, disembark, move with "theres always a breeze"
  10. Im very exited for the point decrease on the boats. Arriving with a fleet on the table will be awesome. I’m a bit sad they increased the points on the skywardens, though. Other than as a tax for using warscroll battallions, they most likely will not see any play.
  11. Hi, hello, good day! This is my first post on this forum, so be gentle. Now questions! Has anyone tried playing with the leaked pointcosts yet, and have anyone tried out the warscroll battallions yet? I’m currently list tinkering with a grundstock escortwing, 3 arkanaut company and an ironclad. Think this could be an interesting combination with the ironclads command abilities, but I’m uncertain on what heroes I should bring. Since the point leakes were super grainy I think the escort wing should put us back between 130-150 points, so I’m thinking navigator spam, but an admiral could also be nice as the ignore combat shock ability had helped me bigtime in previous games. Sky port wise the escort wing should go really well together with Barak Mhornar, and "who strikes first, strikes hardest" has been crucial for getting my arkanauts out of CC in the two 2.0 games I have played. Thoughts?
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