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  1. In no specific order: Legion of Sacrament, Legion of Night, Nighthaunt
  2. Fell Bats Archaon Grot Wolf Riders + Chariot Bat Swarms Chaos Warriors Orruk Boar Chariot Night / Gutter Runners Zombies Blood Knights Stormcast Eternals (whole range) -- No, I don't miss WHFB and/or hate AoS (on the contrary, I love the new setting and rules), but I think the SE's basic design concept is boring as hell.
  3. Threads like this one are the reason for why I registered as a member a couple of days ago. Simply brilliant!
  4. That's the Glaivewraith's ability. Grimgast re-roll against units of 5 or more models, which is is even better against most armies imho. ? I think they are pretty great for the reasons you mentioned and am truly looking forward to the bt.
  5. Excellent conversion in here. Makes me want to start with Skaven as well. Keep up the great work!
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