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  1. Torgur FellCrust Gargler of Da Realmz, Hair Troll King. Love this model, but wanted to make him troll like to fit the rest of the force. Also love the macromat from table war 🖤.
  2. The Trogherd grows! Finished up the trogboss and another hair troll. Also bought way too much stuff at LVO, including the models to build a realm of death order army...More on that soon 😁.
  3. To be clear I haven't played most of the scenarios, but from my small sample size Scorched Earth has been really fun. Figuring out which turn to burn the objective or just continue to sit on it. Also, like @wilddog said the varying movement speeds of armies and the fact that most of these scenarios are detrimental to armies who are too static make it really fun and engaging most of the time, unless your on the receiving end of a blob of witches buffed to hell lmao.
  4. Got my first half troll done. Rhazin All-Seeing, hair troll and snail whisperer. Definitely looking forward to converting some Lotr goblins into more half trolls, as well as another urghul or two into hair trolls. Also, got Mollog and his boyz done for LVO underworlds Grand Clash this next Friday!
  5. That’s a great idea, I had seen them in the past, but had not thought of taking them that direction. Howver, here is my first half troll type, based off an urghul from blackstone fortress. Will represent a madcap shaman in game. W.I.P of Rhazin Allseeing, the ghoulish troll known to brood in the darkest depths of the grey water swamps. Whispering to his pet snail and always by the feet of oskog, professing his admiration for the trogbosses leadership and forewarning him of the forces that lay outside their swamp home.
  6. Super excited to get back into sigmar after a few months focusing on some other games. However, with the concept of armies comprising of entirely trolls I couldn’t pass. Other than an entire army of gargants or a fleshing out of the darkoath range this was high on my list of armies I dreamt of doing. So, I present the start of this force. Led by Oskog Sleepseeker, a trogherd is rising in the realm of life stirred awake in their caves by the deforestation of the swampland surrounding Grey Water Reach. Now they wish to storm out of their caves and bash the heads of those foolish enough to awake them. One thing I want to do with this force is for any grot unit I have I want to convert them into half troll types in order to keep that theme of a true trogherd. I have some ideas and have converted one shaman so far, but ignore zarbag as I just had him painted and threw him in there for fun. So far I got a unit of each trolls done, a gargant and some progress in Oskog himself. Let me know if you have any ideas on halftroll types for the army!
  7. Hey man, I really love the way you have reposed and converted the gargants. Could you give some tips on how to repose their legs, arms, and what other kits synergize well with them from a kitbashing standpoint?
  8. Super excited for all the revealed warbands. Especially the grots, troggoth + little buddies, and the barbarians.
  9. I was leaning towards binder at first, but i went for this instead https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0007N7P8K/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1. I separated all the cards by faction and just keep the cards that I regularly use sleeved since it fits sleeved cards too. So far it has been great and holds the entire set of available cards well. Not sure what the total of cards will be after the complete nightvault release, but I will probably just buy another one.
  10. Was talking to someone at GW today about this and he’s speculating that he’s a 5-7 wound model. Super excited to see the other warbands.
  11. The fanatics haven't been reboxed the same way the grot box has like most AOS unit boxes have and they do show their age a bit more than the standard grots IMO.
  12. That's fair. I just want people who are speculating to be excited on sure things. Especially for people who like me are unsure of starting that new army in situations where they are unsure of what will or won't happen in the future.
  13. Moonclan Grots are coming, not sure what the timetable for the release is. New fanatics, characters, squig hoppers, troggoths, and a few other squig type things. The theme is very much based on the Fungoid Cave Shaman and overall they are a lot darker and grimier than their previous iteration. I am almost positive they are sticking with the same grot models for this line too (the 20 man battleline unit). I believe a lot of those rumor engine photos are from the new line.
  14. Hey everybody, thought this would be a cool thread to discuss potential ideas, questions, and just generally collaborate on armies on parade entries for this upcoming October. I am thinking about doing my night haunt army that comes from the realm of life that is based around a fallen prince trying to take back his kingdom in the forests of Ghryan. I just have some general questions going into it though. 1) What do you guys think is the best base for an armies on parade board? A realm of battle tile, a d.i.y, or something else? 2) Do you have any terrain ideas for my theme? Right now I am thinking of forests and probably a nice centerpiece homestead surrounded by a graveyard. 3) What are all of you thinking about doing?
  15. I appreciate it and I think that would be a cool idea. Maybe i'll do it with Reiknor when I pick him up as he is a special character and will probably be my centerpiece model. I do get what you mean though, I like the colors together, but its not a scheme that necessarily pops off the table.
  16. I'm interested in running the UK Games Expo winning deck as its already similar to mine, but with more movement ploys than mine. It is a pretty interesting build and makes use of pushing all your dwarves into enemy territory and getting Grimnir inspired. I will probably switch out a few cards, but it looks super fun to play in the aggro meta.
  17. wow great job! Loving the blues and the rusty metal.
  18. @davariel I appreciate it! I thought the boneish color would stand out more than doing everything in the purple wash.
  19. @riddlesworth I threw in Tyrant's Command for your same reasons, Commanding Reach for a sneaky one shot with Grimnir without having to necessarily charge or by simply attacking from 2 hexes away, Inspired Command for the versatility of either a push or a putting a fighter on guard to score an easy change of tactics , and finally the objective shining example because its so damn easy to score as a passive.
  20. Big photo dump on the way! Was able to get through the soul wars box plus 4 extra glaivewraiths and 4 of the hard to find banshees. Honestly tried to do them quickly so I could get playing with a painted force and I have had a blast with the 2 games I’ve been able to get in. Well here’s what I got so far. I’ll probably look to pick up Reiknor, the two easy to build horse dudes and the Black Coach in the near future.
  21. @Desidus In regards to fitting trap into your deck I would drop Rebound. As devastating as it can be sometimes its effectively a 5+ roll and I would not rely on that as much as I could rely on a ploy you know for sure will give you that extra damage you need.
  22. Ya a 9 inch charge is less than a sure thing I don't know what his thinking was doing that with basically his whole force @Kirjava13. All the regeneration is so awesome too and you are right that +1 wound buff can be super effective.
  23. Played a fun game of 1000 point matched play against my buddies Maggotkin of Nurgle. We played the mission out of page 58 of the generals handbook, I can't remember what it is called. Basically 6 objectives (scaled down to 4 for our game) with 2 in each of our territories and you can choose destroy the objectives at the end of each turn for a certain amount of points depending on how many turns you held them. This was only my 2nd game of Sigmar, but it was a blast. My List was basically the soul wars box plus 4 extra glavewraith stalkers, 6 spirit hosts, 4 Banshees and excluding the 4 grimghast reapers. His List was a Great Unclean One with the bell, 10 chaos warriors of nurgle, the lord of decay on horse, 10 blightkings and 1 of those nurgle trees. 1st turn we both sat back seeing what the other would do and cast a few spells. he moved up tentatively with his blightkings near the tree so he could try getting off the run+charge if I moved up for next turn. At the end of his he destroyed one objective for one point so he did not have sit back on both of his in his territory. 2nd Turn he goes first and run charges into my 20 chainrasp with the blightkings and whiffs pretty hard killing only 7. I swing back and am able to kill about 1 or 2 back. In my turn I charge the blightkings with my Spirit Hosts putting all my buffing character sin range to help them out and they roll an 11 on the charge letting me attack right then and there. Between my out of sequence attacks and their normal attacks I'm able to kill off the blightkings to like 2 models. I fail my charge with my stalkers who drop down near his back objective. I drop the banshees down on my other objective that the spirit hosts had left to go fight. I destroy one of my objectives for two points as his force is pushing towards it. At the end of turn 2 we are sitting 2-1 me. 3rd Turn I am really hoping to double turn so I can mop up the blightkings and tie up his other stuff before they get to my other objective . Unfortunately he goes first again killing my chainrasps and 2 spirit hosts with a mix of mortal wound out put and lucky rolling. He then summons in 10 plague bearers near my banshees and the GOC is sitting mid board ready to support as well. Unfortunately this is where my luck runs out. The stalkers charge into his back line warriors and whiff hard then get annihilated by the warriors and lord of decay. I'm able to revive the dead spirit hosts, but it doesn't matter at this point as he will be able to destroy his objective next turn and will wreck my banshees as well stealing my objective. The next two turns go like that as I made mistakes early in the game not effectively buffing my banshees and stalkers to be more survivable and killy. I end up losing 6-2 as he destroys his objective and mine. However we played it out and my spirit hosts almost kill his GOC lol. All in all super fun game . Biggest takeaway was that the auras and keeping those characters in range to buff your guys will make or break the game for this force. Good to know for next time though as it was a super fun mission. I really enjoy how sigmar missions are really played around objective play more so then 40k.
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