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  1. I’m saving for the ork release; that’s why I’m not buying this set. Making the decision easier (though it is tough to watch it pass by) is the look of the hobgrots, the duplicate spearmen, the fact I can barely play 40K let alone an AoS game these days, and I just cleared out my plastic backlog via selling so to bring in another swole box of plastic just seems counterproductive. it’s a great looking set and all the hubbub on social media for release day is making it hard, but like I said I have hundreds in the hopper for the upcoming Orks release. I just can’t justify an extra 200$ FOMO or not edit: if I’m worried about anything it’s GW seeing the lack of sell-outs and saying “welp, guess the CC and Indomitus sales models really were the right ways to go”.
  2. Not sure if this has been debated already but, I really don’t like the new big vampires. The ones that are half normal, half bat beast. Granted, I LOVE both halves of both Lauka and the generic version, but I HATE how the top half seems slapped on. I can’t understand for the life of me why they decided to go that route in designing the model that way. Why couldn’t it be a two-fer like Morathi, where there’s a specific shape change, or put the wings on the creatures back and have more of a traditional transformation while keeping a noble looking upper body half. It’s honestly bothered me so much it’s turned me off to the faction. That and the knowledge the vampires I like are probably going to be in the Old World rather than AoS. I am keen to see the fluff parts of the book. Glad to see Lore of the Vampires is back too. Best sounding magic lore ever.
  3. Ok, so I don’t know how to spoiler tag in a post, feel free to add one lol. Here goes. spoiler!!! Very basically, days after Radukar is defeated, Hysh fails to rise over Ulfenkarn and plunges the city (or realm?) into a perpetual night of unknown provenance. This has in-game effect leading to the ability to play into level 5 and beyond, apparently. is this the work of Ulgu and Malerion? Something to do with Soulblight? Does it affect every realm? Is it related to BR: Teclis or Be’lakor? Is it just Cursed City narrative? If this is bigger picture lore wise I’d say it’s fairly significant, no?
  4. Let me preface by saying I will not immediately spoil my envelope, unless we can start a discussion on its contents. If the mods deem this topic too incendiary or danger to spoilers, please feel free to nuke it. That said, I have read mine, has anyone else? Unless I’m looking far too much into it, it may have story ramifications for at least 2 upcoming army books and possibly the new edition. Part of me is giddy and I have no one to talk to at present about the meaning lol. It could also simply be self contained to the story of Cursed City. Do we want to talk about it yet?
  5. I’m pleased with the decision. It stinks Gravelords and 40K releases are being delayed, sure, but can’t even order basic troopers or army books how it is now. This was necessary and hopefully they make good use of the pause.
  6. I for one would rather a SBGL release after 3.0. It’s cleaner and you know the book was made with a new edition in mind and there will be less out of date and less errata to cluster the book up.
  7. I can’t see them doing away with a whole book and endless spells for a faction; there’s money to be made there. I CAN see SGs getting access to ghouls though.
  8. People, some of ya’ll really need to calm down lol. When the Soulblight book drops, all these warscrolls for Cursed City and the Crimson Court will change. It’s how it works, and especially so because these things were supposed to release much earlier than the SBGL book due to COVID. It’s all gonna work out. Edit: not to mention any magic items and spells and such that are offered in the book.
  9. Anybody else think it’s weird that each new reveal, like Kritza rat prince and the masked vampire, are mentioned as being from Ulfenkarn and related to Radukar? It may just be typical generic WarCom speak I hope there are other bloodlines and areas for vampires to come from in the AoS and the new army book.
  10. As long as vampire lords have high strength and speed reflected in their rules I will be satisfied. Differing bloodline powers and upgrades would be icing on the cake, a la 5/6th edition Vampire Counts book. The soulblight vampires as they are now are kind of underwhelming; they have to be updated in the new tome, they just have to be haha. I think the Cursed City units will be substantially altered as well. Black stone Fortress and even 9 edition 40K box set rules prove this as a precedent. The necron rules for the Gauss Reaper and Canoptek Reanimator were completely changed in the month between that release and the codex. We shouldn’t be concerned with the rules of this box.
  11. I never really intended to run the Cursed City models as anything but ‘counts as’ anyways, so the requirement to run them together or not at all doesn’t impact me. Unless they don’t give us like units in the new book, but I can’t see us not having skellies, zombies, and bats of some kind.
  12. Both. There is no half going into death lol. Get you yourself Cursed City, the 4 underworld Vampires and the book and whatever goodies come with it. That’s the Sylvania way. That’s how you get Soulblight.
  13. Yeah I can see both sides and arguments. It will definitely be interesting to see what direction they go. Starving for information here haha. Started reading Vampire Wars, with Mathias Thulmann on deck for a reread to prepare lol
  14. Why can’t a vampire count have ghouls or spirit hosts like the old days? I will be disappointed if the corpse cart and Black Coach aren’t in the book. The coach carries a vampire after all, yet its distinctly nighthaunt, yes? Also, I noticed dire wolves are off the website. New kit or just repackaging you think?
  15. I mean death just is. Nagash needs to take a more wait and let life come to him, rather than being a moustache twirling conquer the world because ‘Nyah’ type villain. Hades in mythology was ‘evil’, but he was content running his own realm knowing everything would go there eventually.
  16. “All will be settled. Hah. Hahaha. “ - Vampires to puny elves
  17. I picked up a box of Grave Guard, the Start Collecting Skeleton Horde, a Wight King and Necromancer. I wanted a box of the zombies but those are already gone online so I wanted to pick up the old skeletons before they go away forever. They will be good as alternative poses for the new skellies coming out. Mannfred and the knights will always be useful too.
  18. This release is everything I ever wanted lol. I’ve loved vampire counts since 5th/6th edition. I hope there are more models in the book than what we’ve seen. I’m also glad our vampires have hair again haha
  19. On the bright side it means there’s no 300$ new Bret army box that I have to buy lol I think logistics and diversity were the biggest reasons for their being axed. Logistic wise no one can really know other than GW; we don’t know their money numbers, mould status, licensing issues etc. Diversity wise, an army of only cavalry, arguably ineffective Lady magic, and poor foot troops may not have translated well into the AoS roster and those things can be and are done effectively in small doses in other armies. Just my 2 cents; Brettonia was my first army back in ‘98 and I’d love a re-release.
  20. Is anybody worried that when the next waves or Tyrion’s nations come out, the current 4 paint schemes might be out of date or different than what one might want? If I paint my spear men and horses ymetrican blue, and Tyrion comes out with an awesome green nation.... see where I’m getting at? how are you all planning for this or is it kind of cross that bridge when we come to it?
  21. Sorry if this was addressed but ; I’m assuming there are more models coming down the pike for the faction. Will there be another codex released at that time as well? Seems very odd to me they’d have an incomplete book and make us buy a new one when phase two releases. apologies if this doesn’t make sense but I’m on two hours sleep haha
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