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  1. So the horde is gathering nicely, and I thought I'd post a mini-army shot of the models I've finished so far. I'm now over halfway towards having a completed 1000 pt Vyrkos dynasty force to start playing some games with. This is the list I'm working towards as my first milestone: - Radukar the Beast - Belladamma Volga - 2 units of 10 dire wolves (+1 extra unit summoned by Radukar's command ability) - 5 Blood Knights This comes to 980 pts total. Of this, I now have 2 Blood Knights and 15 wolves still to complete.
  2. What self-respecting force of bloodsucking wolfkin is complete without a wizened old dame riding a spurned ex-lover to lead them? I generally hate painting fur (Nagash knows why I chose a wolfy faction for my army), so last knight I sat down with the intention of forcing myself to get the wolves on this model started. 7-8 hours later I found that I'd basically finished the model. It's such a good sculpt full of nice hidden details and I literally couldn't put my brush down. Like Radikar, I love the composition of this model so much and it was an absolute joy to paint - the crispness of the detail on the sculpt really helps.
  3. I've finished the first tester model for my blood knights scheme. I went for a similar overall scheme to the studio army but with purple barding. I'm still not 100% sold on it so I'd be really grateful to hear some feedback before I commit and paint the other 4. I may go for a very dark red/brown colour for the barding instead.
  4. The first battleline unit for my new force is now complete; a unit of 10 dire wolves. These little critters were a really quick paint, which is a relief as I have to do 30 of 'em for my 1000 pt starter force. To keep things simple, I followed the suggested recipe from the battletome painting section, with a couple of tweaks: Fur: Chaos Black undercoat, drybrushed with Skavenblight dinge and Stormvermin fur. A final very light drybrush n the manes and tails with Celestra Grey. Wounds: Wazdakka red, highlighted with Tuskgor Fur. The skin around the wounds was Knight Questor Flesh highlighted with Cadian Fleshtone, and the whole thing was finished off with plenty of Blood for the Blood God technical paint. Bone: Morghast bone, Skeleton Horde, Ushabti Bone, Screaming Skull.
  5. I have a rules Q about Radukar the Beast’s command ability. Interested to know what others think. I’ve tried scouring the core rules and FAQs but can’t find anything that clarifies this (unless I’m just being blind). So he uses the ability on himself at the start of the combat phase. The sentence I’m not clear on is this: “Add one to the attacks characteristic of melee weapons used by friendly Soulblight Gravelords units within 18” until the end of that phase”. I can see this being interpreted in 2 ways; 1) the bonus attack is instantly applied to all units within range as soon as the ability is used. They then all gain the extra attack until the end of the phase, regardless of whether Radukar is subsequently removed from play in that phase. 2) The affect applies to Radukar and is lost when he is removed, so units that have not yet attacked in that phase before he is removed won’t benefit. Obviously 2 is better, so I’m hoping that’s how it’s supposed to work, but I’d love some clarification. It could be a frequent issue in messy combats with lots of alternating activations. what do you guys think? If I’m missing a general FAQ about these kinds of aura abilities somewhere, I’d be grateful if anyone can point me in the right direction.
  6. I haven't done much hobby for a while now but the new(ish) sculpts for the Soulblight Gravelords have stoked my bloodpaintlust and encouraged me to brush the cobwebs from my hobby cupboard and give them a go. I've decided to document my progress with my new army project, so here's the first entry of what I hope will be a regularly updated painting and gaming log. As with any of my army projects, I've started with the model that's provided the muse for the whole undertaking; in this case Radukar the Beast. I love the pose and composition of this model so much; he looks so feral and menacing. It was an absolute joy to put together and paint. I wanted to keep the colours quite dark and desuturated for this army, with mainly browns, greys and slate blues contrasted with pale skin and blood effects. For the skin I followed something very close to the suggested recipe in the army book - Rakarth Flesh, a wash of Guilliman Flesh contrast paint and Lahmian Medium, and then layered up with several thinned glazes of Rakarth Flesh and Pallid Wych Flesh. I shaded the feet down with glazes of Snakebite Leather, Mechanicum Grey and Wildwood contrast paints. I've found contrast paints thinned with Lahmian medium (rather than contrast medium) to make excellent glazes for tinting flesh tones and creating decent blends quite quickly. The metal is Leadbelcher for the steel, and Liberator Gold for the gold parts with more contrast paints glazes (mainly Mechanicum Grey, Black Templar and Snakebite Leather). The wolf pelt was Grey Seer, with Apothecary White, and Mechanicum Grey glazes, Nuln oil on the darker parts, and then highlighted up with Dawnstone and Celestra Grey. The blue cloth was Dark Reaper, Nuln Oil, and highlights with Dark Reaper mixed with Thunderhawk Blue, and finally an all-over glaze of Terradon Turquoise for a bit more saturation. I followed a similar recipe for the blue gauntlets, but mixed a bit of Waaagh Flesh into the Dark Reaper and left off the final glaze to give a green-grey tone. The facial markings and scars are Screamer Pink washed with Barak Nar Burgundy and lots of Lahmian Medium, and the streak markings on the forehead where highlighted with Mephiston Red. Any comments and critiques are welcome - I'm always open to suggestions to improve my painting, so please let me know what you think.
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    General for my new Soulblight Gravelords army
  8. Hi there. Here’s my tester model for my next unit. Please let me know what you think. Such great models, but you need microscopic hands and an engineering degree to put these b****ds together!
  9. I found Kaaras's slaanesh plog. Here it is:
  10. 1) A general rule is that if any rule or ability applies to any units with a specific keyword, the keyword will be written in ALLCAPS. Otherwise it only applies to a specific warscroll with that name. 2) Yes. Units always count as being “within range” of themselves for any rules that use that wording.
  11. I'm so glad I stumbled across this blog. Excellent work! I love your conversions and bold colour choices. I think the orange tones with the dark colours on the auralan wardens works particularly well. Each unit seems to have its own colour palatte which is quite contrast-y but works really well.
  12. Thanks very much! I started work on some Chaos Warriors. Just finished the test model for the scheme. For their armour, I went for a similar dark green to the marble effect I did on the Fane, but once I’d finished I found the overall look too dark and the main points of contrast (the gold accents) drew the eye to weird parts of the model. I’m not sure why because I think black armoured chaos warriors usually look pretty awesome, but for some reason it didn’t quite look right, so I decided to try a stark white helmet to attract attention more to the face area. Here’s the test model. Please let me know what you think.
  13. Just finished the most recent addition to the army after a long hiatus. Lovely model and really fun to paint.
  14. It’s been a while. Here’s the latest addition.
  15. Thank you very much! Here’s the recipe: Chaos Black undercoat Sponge on Incubi Darkness (I used a bit of the black sponge that comes with the citadel carry cases, but I guess any sponge will do). Make sure you dab most of the paint off on a tissue first and build it up in successive layers, almost like dry brushing (dry-sponging?). Mix 50/50 Incubi Darkness and Ulthuan Grey, and sponge it on in the same way, but more lightly. Mix 30/70 Incubi Darkness and Ulthuan Grey, and do it again even more lightly. Mix 20/80 Incubi Darkness and Ulthuan Grey and paint on thin random veins with a small brush - as thin as you can. Cover with gloss varnish.
  16. It’s been slow progress lately but I’ve finally managed to get my Fane done. I’m quite pleased with the green marble effect.
  17. Thanks very much! Here’s the recipe for the skin: (this is over a chaos black spray undercoat) - Dryad Bark all over  - Druchii Violet Wash all over - Dryad Bark again all over, except the recesses - Mix Gorthor Brown and Dryad Bark (30:70 ratio), and apply over muscles on raised areas. - Mix Gorthor Brown and Dryad Bark (50:50), again apply to raised areas but only on the very tops of the muscles and the most prominent areas (e.g knees, shoulders, tops of heads), leaving some of the previous mix showing. Think about where the light would hit if shining from above - e.g if a daemonette has a bent leg with a calf muscle facing towards the sky, use this mix on the calf muscle.  - Apply a final thin line highlight of Gorthor Brown around the very edges (e.g brow-line, along the bridge of the nose, ankle bones etc.). - if the contrast is too high, blend it out with a final glaze of 50:50 Druchii Violet and Lahmian Medium. - Use a final spot-highlight of Cadian Fleshtone very sparingly on any really sharp or prominant edges, or any nipples. For the characters I probably included a couple more stages with different ratios of Gorthor Brown and Dryad Bark in the middle. Just play it by ear. Here’s a close-up so you can see how much of each highlight layer I’ve used: 
  18. Thanks. I’m eventually gonna add something extra to the bases but I’m not sure what yet. I’m looking into getting some pink/purple resin amethyst crystals maybe... Here’s the latest addition - The contorted epitome:
  19. No problem. 😁 let me know how it goes.
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