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  1. Don't forget you can get the trait to re-roll wounds for pestilence shooting as well
  2. So following on from my heat 1 summary report, I have begun thinking about what I would do and change about my army. One of the things I felt I really lack was stuff to do at range turn 1/2, with most of our spells limited to only 13" and the ralting guns also only 12" range. When my opponents made me go first (I had 12 drops, I never get to choose ๐Ÿ˜› ) I found that I often did not have much to do other than position myself round the board. This was an issue I didn't have before our battle tome as I had PWM instead of the ratling guns who could provide me with long range damage effective against most unit, also don't need line of sight (handy vs trees and hiding support heroes). Obviously with the loss of the mortar from the rules I cant put them back in, however the Plague claw catapult is a more buffed up, albeit more expensive, version of the mortar now. So will be giving them a go in the list, almost had them in my GT list in the first place but decided to try the ralting guns instead. On the subject of ratling guns, they were very effective in many of my game. I did find though getting them in position and range to shoot was harder than I would of liked. Main issue being the would shoot and wipe out a target. then have to spend a whole turn getting in range of another target to be effective. Also often 3 was actually overkill but does give you back up for when 1 blows up. The plague monks and the clanrats performed the roles as you may expect. Have 4 40 man block made trying up and slowing down units very easy. The 20 man units was nice to have around and hold objectives with/teleport through the gnawhole. Not sure if I need it though. The Grey seer was great at stopping the guys running away with robes, but magic wise was often to short range to do anything effective (didn't cast plague once). I would probably swap plague out for skitterleap and was a major mistake not having it in my list imo. The Bell did better than I thought it would, the battle shock combined with the seer meant that my army pretty much never took a battle shock test in the whole weekend. the effect of the bell itself were variable. -1 to hit being the most useful and +1 cast/unbind. Most of the other results were a bit meaningless in the end though. Gutter runners were either pointless or incredibly useful. The ability to clear gnaw holes of chaff unit proved to be their most useful role and just to put pressure on opponents objective was useful. But then some games they didn't have much to do and just die and run too easy. Lastly the vermin lord warbringer, was somewhat underwhelming, his combat prowess isn't what it used to be which is a bummer. the command trait is still handy but requires him to be well positioned and getting it on multiple units can be difficult unless he is functioning as a solely support character in your line. Death frenzy is good but difficult to cast without buffs. I would probably prefer the Deciever for a combat role in the future and skitterleap. Although warpseer would be good as it is more survivable if not it loses a bit of combat punch but not much. will post a revised list up later
  3. So I have returned back through the gnaw hole after my own trip to Heat 1 with the list I posted up a few days ago, for those of you who missed it here is it again: Warlock engineer, overseer of destruction Grey Seer, Snoutgrovel robes, Plague Screaming Bell, Howling warpgale Vermin lord warbringer X3 X40 clanrats x20 clanrats x40 plague monks, twin blades x3 rattling guns x10 gutter runners Gonna do a quick summary of my games and then a reflection on my list and what I may change going forward. Game one I was playing Russ Veal with a scream bomb FEC blisterkin army at shifting objectives. Turns out playing a Masters player at a game I hadn't played much since September is not a great preparation for game 1. I deployed most of my army reasnobly far back so as not to get wiped off the board first turn. This meant he took the objectives early but I hadn't taken any harm before my turn. I moved up and did some serious damage with the ratling guns but crucially forgot about running with my units until I it was too late (really not played AoS for a while). I then failed charges with my plague monks and warbringer meaning I could finish of some of the units like I had planned. I managed to get the double turn but due to me forgetting to run in the prior turn couldn't get on the objectives/charge with most of my units. In his go he then screamed about 100 rats of the table in 1 go and after losing the next turn roll of I couldn't reover from their. In summary if I had of played this game at the end of the event it may have gone a lot better for me but learned how brutal the rattlings guns can be. game 2 played a really nice guy called Matthew with a great looking legion of Nagash army with Nefarrata, 2 big scaries of zombie dragons, 40 skellies, x2 units of 5 wolves and a necromancer. We were playing places of arcane power, he took first turn an immediately moved his 2 dragons and necromancer on to the objectives. I take 2 off him by the end of turn 2 with the verminlord and ratling guns wiping out one of the zombie dragon and the screaming bell and clanrats taking the other off the necromancer. meanwhile some plague monks and gutter runner where trying to kill the other zombie dragon who had the 3+ ignore modifiers save. End of turn 3 saw me take out the other zombie dragon once a clanrat unit joined the fray and take that objective, however my screaming bell that was on full wounds at the time got wounded by nefferatta and then rolled a 6 and dies instantly. We ran out of time a turn later with it unlikely anyone was going to shift either off the objectives. I ended uo losing 11-10 although would have most likely won it if we had 1 more turn. Great game, cool army. Got one of my most sporting and best army votes. Game 3 was against josh with trees, with Ariel, drycha, the named treeman, treeman ancient and some dryads and funkier looking dryads. We were playing the startstrike (?). First turn his drycha popped up behind me and killed 36 plague monks with he shooting attack which was horrific, but the ratling guns turned around a blew her off the board in return. I positioned stuff round the board with my superior numbers and quantity of units. Irritatingly all the objective landed in the middle where his units where. The rest of the game was spent trying to keep his army contained while getting enough number on the objectives to deny him points and win me points. Was a close game but saw through with the win in the end. Josh got my other best army and most sporting vote. Later learned him and Matt from my other game had actually came down together. Day 2 opened with a game against storm casts in the better part of valour. His list had the big guy on dragon, a tooty horn guy, another hero or 2 who did some buffs, 20 sequitors, 10evocators, gryph hound. Felt good about the game going into it as I had a good numbers advantage, I managed however to miss the part about burning objectives and so what I though would be a easy turn 2 where I just moved and collected his objectives turned into a game of just defending 2 of my objectives (he managed to burn 1 of mine, not realise that he could). I managed to hold out then inflict massive damage on his sequitors and evocators (don't see all the fuss about these guys with skaven). At the end of the game ended up seeing out the win in relative comfort. Last game was also against trees with a similar list to last time, can remember the scenario but it was 4 objectives, 2 in the middle worth 2, home one worth 1 and enemy one worth 4. I had learnt my lesson from last game and managed to stop ariel and drycha doing much damage. In the end my superior numbers got me through in relative ease despite losing all of the roll offs. Overall once I remembered how to play this game again and got used to the army thought I worked quite well. I felt like I am missing some long range fire power that I used to get from the mortars so will probably jig it around to get a catapult or 2 in their. Ratling guns were more impressive than I thought they would be as well. The warbringer was somewhat underwhelming, may have used him badly but never really got much benefit out of him beyond his stats as a vermin lord. So may just put the warpseer in next just for the survivability. Although didn't really need command points much throughout the whole event. Will probably go into more detail and a revised list later, but in the end finished 37th and qualified for the final if I want to go so have many more month to practice and refine.
  4. So played my first game since the new book against beasts of chaos at shifting objectives (I think that's what it's called) Got a resounding win by the end of turn 3. Nearly everything in the list performed. Darling guns with the buffs are ace. Screaming bell was more useful than I thought it would be. Clanrats do what clanrats do best still. Only things was plague monks never made it to combat so never got to try them out ๐Ÿ˜‚ . The little buff to gutter runner throwing stars makes a nice difference for more reliable damage at range as well. Short range of spells can be a pain as well sometimes but beyond turn 1 think it's fine. Overall army works really well, I think I need some practice using gnawholes but should come with more games easy enough.
  5. not knowing if I am actually Thanquol or not ๐Ÿ˜œ
  6. so many funny little options you could do, for me its pretty much x40 clanrats and then 300pts of whatever hero/gimmick you like. Could even go for a plague priest and a hellpit or screech vermin king and summon more rats haha. I personally though would probably just go for more clanrats and a warlord (possible broodhorror mounted and 20 clanrats).
  7. its either a screen unit to protect against alpha strike style armies without having to sacrifice a whole unit of 40, or just to go after/hold objectives really. As a skaven I feel kinda insecure without at least 200 rats hanging around ๐Ÿ˜œ
  8. the only reason I haven't is because I like having 13 units ๐Ÿ˜› but I completely agree with you on it probably being better
  9. So got an event this weekend and finally decided upon my list (may have something to do with the amount of units ). Not sure on the spells though yet thinking probably 2 out of Skitterleap, Plague and warpgale. Warbringer Grey seer, snoutgrovel robes Screaming bell Warlock engineer, x40 clanrats x40 clanrats x40 clanrats x20 clanrats x10 gutter runners x40 plague monks ratling gun ratling gun ratling gun on a side note all the realm rules with be used at the weekend as well so will have those spells and stuff availble
  10. doesn't really matter if they overlap, as long as everyone is covered. Also means you can lose one without as much impact.
  11. Been theory hammering some lists out one I came up with is along the lines of: Thanquol Warbringer Warpseer x3x40 clanrats x2x40 Plague monks Pretty simple, plaguemonks I think are gonna be incredibly good this addition, were already good in my opinion now get the +1's to hit and wound, plus the get a 6+ save now which is nice. All for the same points Warpseer is ace for his command ability and with his command point on a 3+, masterclan spending command points for free on a 5+ and thanquols command ability, should mean have CP's to spare. The 3 heroes can add a bit of punch and a lot of good magic as well. Gnawholes can be handy but not thinking to much about them yet really as I see them more situational than anything. Traits and artefacts not sure what to go on yet without seeing the book in person for sure, but liked the sound of the immunity to battleshock wholly within 18" one I heard. Not sure how much I would need it the warpseer but mean the whole army should be immune. If anyone has a list of the traits/artefacts would be good although may have to wait til the book comes out. An alternative I have come up with includes some plague claw catapults as I was a big fan of the mortars before they have gone on a prolonged leave of absence (I used 4 in my old list). Issue I a finding is the 160pts is a pain to fit in with everything else I want. Screaming Bell x2 plague furnace x2 PCC x2 x40 plague monks x3 x40 clanrats Less magic but do have prayers and some ranged threat. Trait and artefact wise not really sure.
  12. I currently use 4 mortars in my army, I think they are amazing or meh (which is just about perfect for skaven). I don't think they need any rules changes to be viable and really would be sad if they didn't make it into the new book.
  13. Not really on twitter so only know what I have read here, but generally found the topic quite interesting having played in ETCs for other systems. The selection process comes across as very informal to me (which doesn't always mean bad though). The one thing I will say is that despite reading the above posts, I still don't really know what I would have to do to qualify for the ETC team as a new player if I wanted to. Which I think is really important to make it an accessible goal for newbies to understand. For example if I know that by finishing in the top X of the national ranking I would be offered a place in the ETC team, then that could provide my motivation for a years worth of events and a clear competitive goal. At the moment talk of gaining international experience and the like just seems like so may theoretical hoops to jump through, and that a new competitive player would have to commit to a lot of traveling and money to play at event with no clear idea if they would even qualifying them. just my thoughts, I am fairly new to competitive AoS so coming at this from an outsiders point to f view really but hope its helpful at least
  14. It depends on the player really, moving models doesn't actually take much time in my experience. Movement phases are usually delayed more by decision making than anything else, once I have made a decision of where to move a unit it will take only 30secs tops to move the rest of the 40 man unit. Its no worse than armies with other overlong phases. Getting models out of cases and back in, that takes time though.
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