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  1. Thanks so much for all the inputs - you guys have been absolutely great! @AlphaKennyThing im going to print out your pointers and rules summary - it is so super helpful! thanks alot mate! I sincerly hope that i will convert him to your ranks - if not, it has not been your fault - all your info has been amazing Jon
  2. Thank you very much AlphaKennyThing - no doubt that the Battletome is first on the "to-buy" list.. But i first need to get him hooked Jon
  3. If he should have some easy battle traits to remember, what would those be? Oh, and thanks so much for the input!
  4. Oh, and as a sidenote - we will only be playing with the core rules + warscroll cards. So we wont have access to LoN battletome, allegiance abilities and so on. Jon
  5. Hello there! I have been a lurker on this forum for quite some time, and now i really need your help. I am a fairly new AoS SCE player (please dont kill me!) and i would really like to introduce my old WHFB buddy to the game. He has a big (like really big!) Vampire Counts force that he is really attached to, so i was planning to make a 1000pts list for him to try the game with - using some of his old units. So what i would like your awesome gentlemens help with, is making a nice, simple 1000 list, which is representative of AoS 2.0 and GA:Death. I know this is perhaps an impossible task, but i know next to nothing about Death myself in AoS Regarding models he has almost every VC unit in existence - 100+ Skellies, 100+ Zombies, 50+ Ghouls, Zombie Dragon, Vampires on foot and on horse, Black Coach, spirithosts, etc etc. What he doesnt have, is the newer units like Nagash, Mortachs, Morghasts and so on. I really hope you can help me Cheers, Jon
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