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  1. I've not seen this anywhere but here. Is it true? What else do we know?!
  2. I bought shares that are up 50% so I've been a happy camper. I'm not really an expert (though I do hold a significant amount of shares in other companies or funds that I keep track of) and there's a few things that stand out. It occurs to me that most things trade at a P/E that's super high based on expected growth. That means, to me, that most stocks are valued based on perception rather than just a solid, undervalued companies, that will still only make you money when someone else values it higher than you do. Even if GW shows healthy profits, I just don't know if volume will be there to make a huge crazy run (like BYND) . 1. Since I am US based, every transaction incurs a 50$ trade fee so I only want to buy in large increments of 10,000$+. Most retail investors, including me, want to buy small amounts monthly to average their dollar cost 2. Such low volume being traded means all the jumps up (or down) happen at once...so people might be scared off by what would be perceived volatility 3. Relatively high share prices also price out some value investors or just GW fanboys who can pick up more models for the money Here's hoping that the GW keeps going strong!
  3. Etsy- I got printed trays from someone called Mack the Maker and he will probably print 3d print different formations if needed. I ordered some and the material is very similar in look and feel to the GW bases so it's exactly what I wanted. I had him make me a custom sized Dread Saurian base, with the same bevel edge and...slope? of the official GW bases as well. Turned out great!
  4. So much depends on how you intend to play the game. What do you NEED? Just models really, because the rules are free and the warscrolls are free. What do you need to play in most groups I've seen? Models, Battletome, General's Handbook What can you use if you are really into it? Models, Battletome, General's Handbook, Malign Sorcery Start Collecting is similar. It's always a good value compared to buying the models individually, but whether or not the units are what you want varies. Depending on the army it's useful toward a competitive list, or it's totally not (seraphon), but that again only matters based on how you want to play it.
  5. I was just reading about the protoaxite fossils and in it's time period (like 400 million years ago) it was a giant 25 foot tall mushroom that towered over the lowly plants of the time. Maybe they're mad about the plants overtaking them.
  6. I must be a really perfect person because I like playing the good guys! Out of chaos though, I also like Tzeench. Not for even close to the same reasons you do, but I like their bright colors and the crazy faces of the pink, blue, and brimstone horrors. Pink horrors are actually cute to me, much like the saurus and cold ones (often described as "derpy") and goblins/squigs that I have so, so many of.
  7. I do! I teach the game a lot and often when doing so I try to finagle non-nerd friends into playing, which means keeping it to warscrolls and core rules only. After about 25 such games, I have found that I actually prefer it that way, although I'd add in allegiance abilities to help keep the armies having that little additional flavor. Battalion rules, artifacts, and command traits apparently add more complexity than I'm into, even though that's how I played the first 8 months of my AoS life. Nobody I know uses realm or terrain features anyway (although many regulars take the best artifacts from realms that they can). It's hard to go back to all that convolution; I find myself playing simple games with my wife and non-gamestore friends more and more frequently and playing the experienced people less and less.
  8. Have you painted everything yourself? Even if not, still very cool. But if so, this is a lifetime achievement award! I've made good progress towards 5,000 points of gitz but it still seems like 2 more years of painting!
  9. You get to pick one command "trait" (with some restrictions based on the book) for your general. You get one artifact for free that you can put on any applicable hero. You can get another artifact for each battalion you take in your list. Spell lore is in your battletome. What you can run together is in your battletome. Sounds like you need ....the BATTLETOME!
  10. I've only had a chance to play one game with them so far, but it wasn't easy to keep huge units of stuff wholly within 12" of the loonshire, because it has to be a few inches into your own deployment zone. At least for my game, I couldn't afford to sit back and get shot away so I had to move things up into his face ASAP. As for the squig herd, I don't mind them running off and doing mortal wounds- it's far preferable to them dying in combat where you don't get the 4+ MWs. Anyway, back to that game I mentioned, once I GOT in oh man they look good. It's hard to move 120 grots up a board quickly but I had almost every opposing unit all netted up and -1 to hit with two max units of grots spread out pretty well.
  11. Not as if we were humans in the realms, but what if the models were alive and still their model size. AND their motives/basic behavior was how it is in the game. So khorne dudes are yelling at you and challenging you to meet them in combat, pink horrors throw little tiny fireballs at you when you come downstairs to the kitchen, but the stormcast would try to protect you unless you succumbed to the evil of tzeench's call. I have a lot of armies, mostly seraphon though, so I'd be glad they can protect me pretty well. But they'd have to scare off the nasty squigs with their huge mouths to bite you with, hordes of goblins, tons of speedy slannesh seekers, and more. Archaon or the dread saurian have a decent potential to hurt you, but at the same time you could probably smack them away with a tennis racket. The scariest to me, might be skaven pestilens and their penchant for poisioning your milk at night. Felwater troggoths puking smelly fish guts all over your cabinet- yuck.
  12. I have posted pictures of my terrain somewhere before but in case you (or others) haven't seen it I think it does a good job of adding tactical decision making. Because it has stepped platforms to all bluffs, mesas, whatever the word is, I have experimented with a house rule that you can't climb over more than 2" of terrain (anything higher than 2" is impassable without FLYING) and you have to go around to the path to get up. It's been AWESOME and has added a ton to the game. I bought these from a seller online (terrainify) and to get them pre-painted and flocked, yes it's expensive, but they also have options for buying 3D print files or painting and flocking your own. I have decided I will paint my own models, but life's too short to paint terrain! I have also ordered the pre-painted version of hagglethorn hollow and if you haven't seen that- check it out https://hagglethorn-hollow.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders! A lot of what I'm seeing wishlisted is being made by them. I'll show that off when it gets here (allegedly 9/19).
  13. I drew these tokens for my seraphon army early on- I have a short description of what they do on the other side. I've now used them in so many games I easily remember. The first set were on some glossy dots I bought of amazon and they sucked to work with but it's all I had. I found some NON-glossy from the same company and I think you'll agree that the second set (the constellations) is much better, because they actually hold the ink.
  14. This will be my list for my first game using these fellas. Let me know if I'm missing anything obvious (I have the entire line up other than spiders) Allegiance: Gloomspite Gitz LEADERS Skragrott, The Loonking (220) - General Fungoid Cave-Shaman (90) Loonboss (70) UNITS 60 x Stabbas (360) - Pokin Spears & Moon Shields 60 x Stabbas (360) - Pokin Spears & Moon Shields 6 x Squig Herd (70) 10 x Boingrot Bounderz (200) 5 x Loonsmasha Fanatics (140) 5 x Loonsmasha Fanatics (140) 5 x Sneaky Snufflers (70) Can this be 6 now? BEHEMOTHS Mangler Squigs (240) ENDLESS SPELLS Aethervoid Pendulum (40) TOTAL: 2000/2000 EXTRA COMMAND POINTS: 0 WOUNDS: 199
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