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  1. I've seen a fair bit of love for Flesh Hounds lately--why do people like them? (Besides the beautiful new plastic models!) Is it just cheap screening wounds?
  2. Lovely, cheers to you and Grimrock! Here is what I'm working on: Leader: Bloodsecrator (+1 attack seems to be for all Khorne so can pump up the Bloodletters or Bloodthirsters) Slaughterpriest Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage (General with Thermal Rider Cloak for maximizing threat range) Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster Battleline: Flesh Hounds ×5 Flesh Hounds ×5 Bloodletter ×30 Other: Bloodcrushers ×6 (to get the d3 MW on the charge) Wrath-Axe prayer Tyrants of Blood (new name!) battalion Reapers of Vengeance (Under no illusions about picking Sigmar back up and being even decent, watching battle reports and looking through my battletome to get experience in the meantime but can't wait to get my Bloodthirsters back out there!)
  3. Hey, hope everyone is staying safe, using this quarantine to get back into Sigmar (left right before Khorne got the updated battletome, ironically). Picked up the battletome and want to get back in. I LOVE the Khorne Daemon models, but don't want to take many mortals if I don't have to. Looking over recent conversations in this thread, it seems most competitive lists are built around blocks of mortals getting buffed to have tons of extra attacks. Can a list focused around any of the Daemons (either big like multiple Bloodthirsters, or smaller ones like Bloodletters and Bloodcrushers) be great? I saw that the Bloodletter billion mortal wounds strategy got nerfed from where it used to be. What kind of synergies and general ideas should I be focusing on for a Daemons based list?
  4. I think it's pretty absurd that you can kill artillery crew members instead of the crew and the machine having a collective pool of wounds... a very poor design decisiom especially when Warplightning Cannons are way stronger and have to be killed as one model Oh well, anyone running a heavy Ironweld Arsenal army is going to be cool in my eyes regardless of how they do!
  5. No one knows their own faction's tricks, what makes it work on the battlefield, and how to counter it than the people that play it. For example, as a competitive Slaanesh player, I would say things I hate to see are: * Lots of 1 wound screening models * Shooting like the Stormcast Ballistas that can put out of a horrifying amount of shots at close range. Volume of attacks matters much more than quality of attacks because we have mediocre saves and no ability to stack defensive bonuses like Order lists can do (outside of maybe 1 Pretenders KoS in the list that can be built rather tanky) * Deployment far enough back off the line that I can't reliably get turn 1 charges What are some specific pieces of advice you would give to someone playing against your own faction? Can be as broad or detailed as you want Cheers!
  6. Anyone tried using a Rogue Idol with their Spiderfang force? At 400 points he's pricey but seems like a great fit. He gives +1 to casting rolls and +1 to bravery to all Grot units so he can buff all of our units. And is a nice beatstick to either tank damage or punish the opponent for focusing down our Arachnaroks instead I also think it's excellent in the Rule of Cool category, can't wait to put some webs all over those boulders
  7. From your description of behavior, you did things exactly right--don't sweat it! It's also a tiny sample size--if someone is the friendliest player in the world, but runs into one person in a bad mood, they're not going to win best sport. I think Sportsmanship scores in tournaments are absurd, even though I view being a good sport as very important. Largely because of the reasons you mentioned, people feel good after winning and bad after losing and attribute this feeling to their opponent's behavior. And people can use it vindictively to get back at opponents that beat them, especially when they are supposed to submit their sportsmanship scores shortly after the game ends It's also too subjective. For example, if someone is constantly asking to go back and re-do spells or abilities from a previous phase they forgot, I'll consider them a bad sport for coming unprepared and ruining the flow of the game. And they'll call me a bad sport if at any point I say "that's enough, I want to be nice but it messes up the flow of the game to keep going back so no more". Because we have different criteria to judge being a good or bad sport.
  8. Interesting comment! I noticed you lumped Spiderfang Grots in with the Greenskinz--what's your reasoning for that? I've only ever seen Spiderfang lumped into Moonclan. (I say with fear, having 1500 points of Spiderfang...)
  9. I know some of the big 40K tournaments provide their own dice at the final tables, this would have to be done at every table for big money tournaments
  10. Why do you say this? Variance is an important part of the game and if anyone can't accept that then they shouldn't play. I had to learn this myself as a poker player, haha There are so many rules balanced around random things that trying to remove randomness yourself will most likely just leave everyone confused and with a ruleset that makes an already leaky ruleset even less balanced. For example, I know Thanquol can do 2D6 mortal wounds every shooting phase. That is very different tactically than someone that can do 7 or 8 MW every shooting phase, even though just giving him 7.5 MW of shooting damage every turn represents how much damage he should do on average That being said, overall this tournament is an interesting idea and I'll be eagerly awaiting updates on its progress!
  11. You joke, but I actually did pick up 40K because I wanted a shooting focused game to balance out AoS (and wanted another army to spread Nurgle's blessings with...) @Hannibal do the Free Peoples appeal to you? Some really cool shooting synergies and can make very powerful gunlines
  12. Love the models and the fluff! You've got an interesting force going and I wish them luck as they bring devastation to the realms
  13. Those Sylvaneth are brilliant! Looking forward to seeing more of your work around here, and welcome to TGA
  14. I feel a lot of the pet peeves listed here are partially the fault of the people upset for not saying anything. I find in general wargamers (I mean this with no offense, there is nothing wrong with different types of personalities) are more likely to lack the social skills or confidence needed to confront someone firmly so they let themselves get run over. If you suspect someone is bending the rules, or touching people's minis, or proxying too many models, or whatever--what's the difficulty in saying firmly "You shouldn't do [that activity they are doing] because it makes the gaming experience worse for me?" Once played a match against someone who annoyed me by using ridiculous proxies. I told him it made the game unejoyable for me, and even though I liked him he wouldn't play again if he proxied more than one model. I communicated my need clearly, and he didn't do it again. And if he had, I wouldn't have played with him again and let him know why. So I'd say one of my biggest gaming pet peeves are people that build resentment instead of making their boundaries clear and enforcing them. If someone spends one game touching your minis, or re-measuring everything you do, etc then that's on them. If it happens again, that's on you. Especially because a lot of the people committing these violations might lack an understanding of social interactions (like the Ork players yelling WAAAGH all game). Pull him aside after the game and let him know it got on some people's nerves. They don't want to be annoying any more than you want them to
  15. I agree with Marc that the winners deserve the focus and I will say nothing further in this thread. Congrats to everyone who participated and everyone have a good day.
  16. Easy: Use one of those super common 5 Thanquol/Boneripper lists. Is there even any other way to play the Skaven besides a super elite low-model count army? @Oneyahbrilliant board! Can I ask how you got the red "river" texture and color? I love how your colors for the board are both very detailed but also very distinct and strong.
  17. WOW! Always liked the Dwarves but this is really how they deserve to be seen--defenders of their halls.
  18. What a disheartening reaction to my comment. I've spent many months on here welcoming new players, providing support to people sharing their minis, giving advice about under-loved factions like some Skaven clans and Spiderfang Grots. I try to be a very positive person in my local community, encouraging new hobbyists and always up for a game with mates looking for one. Then I leave a comment where I say I love the game but am frustrated at how (in my opinion) shallow it is tactically--and suddenly in some people's eyes I'm just some random troll trying to ruin the forums. Let's be more respectful towards differing opinions please, after all we are all here because we love the game. EDIT: Shortened to keep the focus more on the winners of the GT, and I'll make a separate thread later for anyone who is interested in discussing tactics and game mechanics
  19. Listen, I love Age of Sigmar but both AoS and 40K in general come down very little to tactics. They just aren't well-developed enough game systems to have chess-like moves deciding the outcome. A game system like Infinity is much better if you want tactics to make a big difference. I don't like it--but AoS is mostly comes down to lists and then variance. A top tier tournament list will stomp a random fluffy list if both players have remotely similar skill. Most skill comes down to keeping guys moving forward while staying within the most overlapping buffs, and abusing a few game mechanics like pile-in tips and tricks. It actually frustrates me about AoS, I turn to chess and poker if I want the feeling of "Oh that was clever!" during the game.
  20. When we get our battletome, it is extremely likely we will get a Gnawhole model similar to the Beastmen's new Braystone model. We could have some really cool mechanic (because if there is one thing GW loves recently, it is spelling spell models) that takes into account how random their location can be. RIFT IN REALITY: This Endless Spell has a casting value of 4. If successfully cast, you and your opponent roll off. Whomever wins is allowed to place the Gnawhole model anywhere on the board at least 9" away from any other models. At the end of every Hero phase where the Gnawhole remains on the board, roll a D6. On a 5 or 6, the controlling player is allowed to place a unit of 20 Clanrats wholly within 13" of the Gnawhole. Note: If this spell is cast with a 13+, you can summon a Verminlord instead of a unit of Clanrats whenever you roll a 5 or 6. This would be very thematic of the Skaven. You could do anything from have it placed in a corner and do nothing all game, to swarming dozens of Clanrats all over a key objective all game
  21. Wait, is that not how it's played right now? I owe my local gaming group an apology for consistently turn 1 tabling their armies with my 2 Snotling Pumpwagon with several dozen command point list... All joking aside, the rules team just seems disconnected from the reality of play. How many times have we seen them release an ability that everyone is instantly like "Uh, this is game breaking since it's stackable"? And of course 6 months later its FAQed to not be stackable. It's not even super convulated situations that happen once in a blue moon that slip through. It's just stuff that two good players would notice over a single game. I simply don't understand how such glaring rules questions slip through sometimes. Bleh.
  22. I don't play Seraphon but just was looking at the warscrolls and thinking about how I would play them if I ever pull the trigger and actually get them haha... and wow the Ancient Warlord command ability of a Carnosaur rider seems good enough to base an army around It seems incredibly strong with a huge range, take a handful of heroes and have them solo entire armies together--what am I missing? I looked for an FAQ but see nothing that says it can't stack
  23. This thread is awesome, really exciting to read such a well done battle report! I'll admit I never played Bretonnia myself, but it warms my heart to see fans like the original poster who keep the love for the faction alive. I know someone who still plays Tomb Kings in AoS and he has as much fun with AoS as anyone I knkw. Wish I had some actual strategy advice... but rock on my Bretonnian dudes and dudettes, and good luck in all of your future battles!
  24. Welcome to AoS! Khorne always welcomes back any players that can get more blood flowing again with open arms
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