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  1. Lord_Skrolk

    Marble Stormcast Liberators

    Beautiful models, go with it!
  2. Lord_Skrolk

    Building a Skaven Army: Clan Pestilens

    No problem, I was worried people would read my comment as mean when honestly we should be happy we have a battleline unit that is crazy good offensively either way haha. I did a bunch of math on various opponents and buffs with the Monks and both of their loadouts when I first started AoS, if I remember I'll upload it when I get home tonight or tomorrow
  3. Lord_Skrolk

    Building a Skaven Army: Clan Pestilens

    Seems like in any forum where Pestilens lists are discussed, the discussion becomes completely focused on whether to use two blades or blade+stave on the Monks haha Fellow rat men of unusual size, it really doesn't matter. The mathematical difference is slight and its so unpredictable whether or not you'll get the buff on that specific unit, whether the Verminlord gets sniped early, how many Monks are still alive in that unit, etc that just really go with what you want. Those Monks are nasty either way If you're looking for someone to tell you "Consensus is definitely bring paired blades" or vise versa, then it's not going to happen like that
  4. Lord_Skrolk

    BLACKOUT - Results, Feedback & Lists

    Thank you so much for assembling this! You're a saint for dealing with all that crappy handwriting So glad to see mixed Skaven finish 11th! Providing more motivation to keep trying to craft my Skaven list competitively. Everyone will bow-kneel down to the Great Horned Rat, yes-yes!
  5. Lord_Skrolk

    Building a Skaven Army: Clan Moulder

    Loving this series, spent a lot of time theoryhammering latelt and you're opening my eyes to new units Those Wolf Rats look sneaky good, and you could probably do some nice Dire Wolves conversions to save money and avoid resin. Seems like Plague Priests are a core of a lot of comp Skaven lists for those Wound buffs
  6. Lord_Skrolk

    Mixed Order: when Ulric meets Grimnir

    That's such a cool army idea! Your minis do a great job capturing the spirit of the "wolf" Would be a really beautiful and thematic battle if your army faced the Beastclaw Raiders
  7. Lord_Skrolk

    Skaven Elites: Premier Skaven Troop Choices

    Great writeup! Stormvermin are in a weird spot where big blocks of 40 are disgustingly brutal, but then you've got 25% of your entire army's points tied up in a single unit of infantry that die way too quickly I think if you run Stormvermin, you have to bring Thanquol for that 5+ feel no pain save. But then you've got basically half of your total points in two units... that just feels like too much They're brutal in theory and as you said, great movement shenanigans for such elite infantry. Just hard to figure out in practice!
  8. Lord_Skrolk

    AoS 2 - Clan Pestilens Discussion

    Warp Lightning Cannons are awesome, especially for frying those golden tuna cans that are really popular these days If you're trying to decide between moving to Nurgle allegiance vs mixed Skaven, here are a collection of relevant points. I'm not going to recommend one or the other, just present a bunch of info you may or may not know so you can make an informed decision: Nurgle is very competitive these days, but almost all competitive Nurgle lists are based around Blightkings battalions and don't include much, if any, Pestilens Thanquol is brutal (basically the only "broken" thing the Skaven have available is a Verminlord Deceiver+Thanquol combo to deep strike him into killing several enemy heroes on the first turn), and if you stay with Pestilens allegiance a fine ally although he takes up all your ally slot. Pestilens allegiance abilities arent any better than generic Chaos abilities, so if you want a lot of non-Pestilens Skaven stuff just run allegiance Chaos. Only benefit of Pestilens allegiance really is battleline Plague Monks/Censer Bearers. Note that you'll need 3 units of Clanrats to fill battleline.
  9. Lord_Skrolk

    Chaos Soup recommendations

    Guide to making Chaos Soup: 1 Gallon of Blood Broth A handful of thinly sliced rat tails 1/2 pound of lobster, diced finely and while the lobster was still alive A teaspoon of magic powder Use Gnarlmaw leaves as garnish Pour everything into a bowl and stir together with Archaon. Enjoy!
  10. Love your idea! Beats my idea of coughing on my opponent to get into the Clan Pestilens mindset Such a great point! It's cool to think of how many people that might have otherwise believed they have no artistic talent have grown into skilled painters through tabletop games
  11. If someone 100% only cares about competition and power gaming, it seems like such a weird choice to pick AoS I love AoS, but... the rules are very poor at times and don't always hold up to competitive scrutiny and GW models are very expensive compared to other game companies. And GW always buffs new models and nerfs old ones eventually so they can ****** competitive player's wallets around. I'm very competitive, I get it, but for me I express that through things like playing a ton of poker and AoS is the relaxation so it seems foreign to me. But hey you do you, if you have fun then what other people think doesn't matter
  12. Lord_Skrolk

    Call to Arms Wellington Recap

    Thanks so much for writing this up! Skaven seem way underrepresented in tourney scenes so any write up like this can go a long way towards motivating Skaven players to get out there and feel like they can play some fun matches I've been intrigued by the damage potential of Plague Censer Bearers but they always seem to get focus fired down immediately when I play--will have to experiment with the Plaguesmog Congregation and seeing if it's worth the point cost to keep the Furnace and PCB's alive as they cross the board
  13. Lord_Skrolk

    Tournament Realm Rules

    There seems a very simple solution to the whole "some realms are totally unwinnable for some factions" issue that still keeps a lot of randomness Before the match, each player is allowed to cross off one realm from the list. Then they roll until one of the realms that neither player nixed comes up. If your faction is completely crippled by one realm, you can avoid it. But you still play in a variety of realms and have unexpected changes to the battle. Thoughts?
  14. Lord_Skrolk

    Hi there

    Darkling Covens, Brayherd, and Legion of Azgorh are all underrated and fun armies. Welcome and glad to have you here!
  15. Lord_Skrolk

    BLACKOUT - Results, Feedback & Lists

    I see a lot of allegiance Chaos lists. Were any of them Skaven focused? The most competitive way to run Skaven is probably Skaven soup under Chaos allegiance so it's always hard to tell whether Skaven are actually being used at most tournaments