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Image Comments posted by makeshifts

  1. IMG_5161.JPG


    @Double Misfire ?? Thank you dude! I’m absolutely doing that, and all thanks to your intro to firestorm I’ll be building towards having a dispossessed army, a Living city army and an ironbark army from the mix of models I’ve been buying. 

    Even if you don’t start up some soil bois you’re in luck because @Brad Gamma has designed pretty much the same conversion so we’ll both be able to see it as glorious as it can be, I can’t wait to see his paint job. 

  2. IMG_5161.JPG


    @Warboss Gorbolg Thank you very much. It’s not specifically for the firestorm campaign, I learned I could use the allegiance for the living city in matched play so I’m building an army up with that theme. Honestly though I’m just having a blast doing these and making up fluff. 

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