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  1. Thanks, Vallejo game colour dark green and army painter angel green with a green tone wash.
  2. Convert something you like the look of.
  3. Thanks man, the cities book has got me thinking more and more about these guys, so neglected! Main runelord conversion is only really added branchwych bits. Sylvaneth start collecting leaves sooo many good bits over.
  4. Stunning stuff, really enjoying reading through and look forward to more.
  5. @sometimesminis only after @Arnied3 tagged you did I realize it was you and you liked them! Thank you for fleshing out your concepts and inspiring me to go down this path. Hoping to get some more done on them soon if I can stop hobby hopping about! edit: your blog is awesome, I’ve tried to tag it everywhere I post.
  6. Yeah for sure, works very well. Here's a link with three nice sets of wings if you wanna go down that route.
  7. I would go with Drycha over those two. Edit: Looks like others have done it already: imgur album Blog post
  8. I like the idea of it being mixed, with some on rocks and some not, if you choose to make those leaders / command so be it, but I wouldn't be that strict. As long as the bases without match whatever is around the rocks, I think it will add a very dynamic feel.
  9. I bought the Nurgle half of Blightwar for £25!! & some Putrid Blightkings (my favourite kit purchase by far). With the left over Blightking parts and a dirt cheap chaos knight squad purchase I managed to make myself: The Harbinger of Decay, who has found his way to the fertile glens of Ghyran while spreading his rot in search of the Goddess Nicnevin (re-base coming soon).
  10. @Brad Gamma @Kokoshi Thanks both. I think my technique, distance, over-zealousness for coverage might be the main factors. I'll try some of the tips with some brands you've said. My pal has just bought a cheap compressor and kit for this very reason, I'll have a bash on his and see how I get on but I think it's defiantly the way to go.
  11. @Brad Gamma Thanks! Wondering if you could chime in on a suspicion of mine, do you reckon I'm over priming / using too low a quality primer? I'm thinking the above (and other mini's) are getting detail clogged badly. I'm using generic ebay grey primer, but I think I should move onto at least Army Painter or Citadel.
  12. @Brad Gamma By far my favorite thing seeing Gharuki Duardin updates! Stunning job as always, I don't care if it sounds gushy, the combo of bits together with your painting skill is a perfect storm.
  13. Wutroth Warriors, Domnall a' Draoidh's Honour Guard, savage, wild and unrelenting in their protection of the Glen of Ossian's cave and it's inhabitants.
  14. A small kitbash to help pull together my duardin and sylvaneth living city.
  15. I've slowly been buying up some great dwarf models myself when the ones I really like come on the ever rotating 50% off sales. They are fantastic.
  16. very, very cool. Is that some Scibor Miniatures bases the Drake command are perched on?
  17. Really really digging the weathered mix of metallics and texture strokes. Gorgeous scheme.
  18. @Ragnar Alpaca from a reddit post: "It's a horn of some kind, but the little trigger device in his other hand suggests it could double up as another drake gun. Musician models count as having the same weapons as the rest of their unit anyway, but it's a nice touch"
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