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  1. Hey guys, Finally coming to give AoS a crack after leaving my beloved high elves in a box for the last however many years since the Old World died. I know they're going to struggle a bit with the new factions, but I don't want to start buying new things until I know I like the ruleset. It's a pure high elf army, using the Order keyword. I haven't added any of the relics etc, mainly because I don't know what the best ones would be, but I figure my Annointed would be the general. Allegiance: OrderLeadersSeawarden on Foot (100)Anointed (80)Loremaster (100)Battleline30 x Highborn Spearmen (240)5 x Reavers (160)5 x Reavers (160)Units20 x Highborn Archers (200)20 x Phoenix Guard (320)20 x Swordmasters (360)BehemothsFrostheart Phoenix (240)Total: 1960 / 2000Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 137 Figure the spears and archers hold towards the home objectives, with reavers, infantry and frostheart move up towards the enemy. Think I've got a good mix of choppy and shooty, and some decent speed as well, though I'm not sure I have enough monsters, but I would love some feedback. I'm not going to be facing a tournament with this, purely just local dudes out for garage games. Thanks in advance everyone!
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