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  1. Tjena jag kommer! Jan S Olsson - Kollegiet för bättre spelande
  2. Edit: For command trait I figure staunch defender, artefact Staff of focus and mount trait Steel pinions. Arcanum general and got the artefacts. Maybe drop battlemage, exchange geminids for spellportal and add a unit of Prosecs or Libs. I think I'd rather have a second incantor than a battlemage though. Most of their unique stuff is featured in the realmspells. Barely got any response on fb so I'm reposting this here. Let me know what you think! "Looking at how I want to build my Stormcast list, I wanna play around with allies and have some shooting. Phoenix is lovely model, good unit, battlemage has some nifty extra abilities. Plan is to bubblewrap with sequitors, most things will probably wanna huddle close to that. Decimators dropped on a objective or close to blob unit, they're quite sacrifical but will be a pain to kill. Buff phoenix, spam spells, go to town. What do you reckon of this list, what would you do different?"
  3. Perhaps you guys are right, which is a shame. I feel like all of October has been 40k and if Blackstone is such a big release it takes up most of the remaining year I'm really let down. Feels like AoS is taking a major backseat. Makes sense since 40k is so much bigger. Well whenever it shows up I'm excited for it!
  4. So what do we think, Wrath and Rapture up on this Sunday's "next week" article?
  5. Doe! Yeah that's right my bad, good thing I haven't missed out on anything then!
  6. Noticed both Host of Slaanesh battleforce and Hammerhal, Avilgard and Tempest eye are gone from store. Too bad I was thinking about picking up the host of Slaanesh one. Hope we get a new one!
  7. These prices are beyond ridicolous and doesn't nearly match any earlier releases, I really wonder what the h*ll they were thinking...
  8. izirath

    Warcon 2018

    Då måste ni ju posta topp 5 listorna också, åtminstone respektives!
  9. Here you go, finally found em! And a freeguild guard on 25 mm base for sizing.
  10. I have both HE dragon and Balrog wings separate from their models, I could post a comparison photo for you?
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