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  1. He beat me in the last round, it was something like. celestant on dracoth (extra range breath) prime heraldor castellant Relictor 10 judicators in one unit 2x5 liberators 4 fulminators in one unit. im sure I'm missing something else but I can't remember it.
  2. Hey man, that was Matt Robertson with dread wood as he borrowed my army. liam took double dryad sisters of the thorn.
  3. I started it, dm me your number and name and I'll add you in.
  4. I'm sure we will have a lot of his insights when we record the show on the GT final.
  5. I'll try and get a post up later, I'm sure one of the guys will be able to tell you what my list is though. ive been playing it all year and it hasn't changed I played chris myhil (5th) game 6 and lost which took me off the podium. so I can go through his list as I don't think he posts on here and it was a little bit renegade.
  6. I'm glad you enjoyed playing with it, I was tempted to drop the heraldor for a loremaster. lets you make the venator a boss in the list and allows you to mitagate the chances of whiffing with the Drake. as a personal thing I'd never drop the Relictor, his healing ability and -1 to hit prayer is amazing. not to mention lightning chariot as getting the castellant in range for he lantern buff can be hard if you are pushing the Drake forward. I've always found I have to take stock and consider the next turn in each hero phase and teleport the castellant to the best position to buff the Drake next turn. Obviosuly this is all just my opinion, mix it up and try some stuff out man
  7. Hey, You could technically take tempestors in the place of the fulminators but it changes the dynamic of the list dramatically. I feel the list becomes more defensive with tempestors making units -1 to hit. In my head you would have to play the Relictor more aggressive also to maximise your chance for the extra -1 to hit from the lightning storm. It could work though it would depend on your playstyle? it also means the Drake needs to do even more heavy lifting in the list and sometimes he just can't cut it. Celestant on dracoth could work, he can be pretty aggressive and is only a couple of wounds less than a unit of fulminators. Again the dynamic of list would change as you would need to lose a character for him to fit. The fulminators work so well in my opinion due to the shooting resilience like you have mentioned. In the current shooting meta the 1+ re rolling 1's when in range of the Drake for staunch defender is great. You don't have to worry about Any non mortal wound shooting! As most shooting out their is only rend 1. They also work well because they can deal with things the Drake can't. I generally setup a counter charge of fulminators after the stardrake charges and fights something. Normally the fulminators are 6" away so I can mortal wound the target before the Drake fights it, if it needs help the fulminators go in on usually on my chance for the double turn. This allows me to 6"shoot fight then if I get the turn do the double mortal wound breath before the enemy can hit me back. The fulminators and their breath, specifically the double breath is the only thing in the list that can deal with high armour tanky models. E.g. Treelord ancient with 2+ ignore rend 1/Star Drake in the mirror/ the new mawcrusher build that ignores rend 1. So for the way I play I can't not have two, they are just consistent. My opponents are normally scared to death of them too! Again this is just my experiences and the way I play them I don't think there is a right or wrong answer. Hope that helps? I will get round to doing a full break down of how I play the list, I might suggest doing a podcast on it too. Thanks
  8. Hey man, if I get chance later I'll sit down and write how I play it. a lot of the way I play is down to knowing what the Drake can and can't fight. this comes from experience I'm on 208 games with SCE now and I've been playing this list on and off since warlords. im happy to answer any questions you might have though
  9. @Requizen I think the SD worked well for me because it doesn't just effect the drake, I used it to combo with fulminators. which gives the fulminators a 1+ against shooting re rolling 1's and negates the first rend of a shot. yes it will die to mass MW output, but most big monsters in the game also die to that. In fact anything does! I've been playing around these types of armies for a while now and have learnt how to minimise what they can do against me. Just by checking ranges constantly and getting lucky when I need it. I also found that the SD coupled with the castellant buff allows you to heal wounds back really quickly if you are fighting grunts. adding 2 to your armour save is great! and like @Nicohas said the mirror shield is a hard counter to most gunline lists when combo'd with the high armour save most things can't shift the drake. unfortunatley if you play Skyre or multiple stormfiends/WLC you either play the drake deep and trust in rain of stars or accept it's gonna die and play the mission. ?
  10. He only used that list once due to the non painting requirements with tournament pack.
  11. It is mate, everymonday at the hatherly cricket club. Swing by we are friendly bunch.
  12. Nah Mike posted My list from heat 2. Russ used a variation of the same at tomorrow burns. He used the aetherstirke/star drake combo at the Cheltenham Warchiefs one dayer.
  13. I'll start off with a disclaimer, I hate doubles events! But Andy and Gary have pretty much changed my mind, I'll try and attend anything they run in the future. The event ran super smooth, venue was great, ample parking 5 minute walk away and prize support was amazing. The best in alliance trophys are some of the nicest I've seen. Thanks to my partner Laurie and my opponents. Apart from T-bag and Russ, they can snack a D.
  14. We cover this in the Facehammer episode we recorded on Monday. I guess I'll put some goals up bet too. 1) Get to the masters, having attended last year and narrowly missing it this year after a string of bad finishes. My goal for 2017 is to be consistently more competitive 2) Paint an army from a different grand alliance, I have no idea what yet but I think it's about time I change it up. 3) Play more games, I am on 154 games of AoS this year. 138 of them with Stormcast so it sounds crazy that I want to play more, but I do! 4) Improve at the hobby, so get better at painting techniques that I struggle with. And also focus more and improve on the table. I guess that will do for now... Hopefully these are all things I can work towards.
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